Need a meal in Mesa? Ask Chowhounds for restaurant and bar recommendations. Tell us where you like to eat and discuss new and old spots in town.

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Report: ABQ/Mesa Verde/Chama/Santa Fe

by DLAOKC 13 years ago

Thanks to all fellow Chowhounders for tips - my husband thought I found all these places by myself! Saturday dinner: Albuquerque - made a trip down memory lane and returned to Sadie's for dinne...

Sake Tini - Mesa

by HomeCookKirsten 13 years ago

Anyone been in yet? It just opened within the past month. It's in the same shopping center as Oregano's and Dragonfly. They did a nice job on decor - it seems to be trying to be a cool, Scottsda...

Review: Dragonfly Vietnamese Kitchen - Mesa

by Firenza00 13 years ago

I really enjoy Vietnamese food, but it's not one of Tara's favorites. She's had some bad experiences and generally can't find much she likes on the menus. I was in a noodlely mood yesterday, so s...

Mesa - Best Fish Tacos??

by scorpioscuba 13 years ago

I'm getting ready to go down to San Carlos, Mexico for a diving trip in a couple weeks and my first stop is always to get some Fish Tacos at my favorite place, Bananas. I'm craving them now though ...

Places in Mesa, AZ

by bjpeters 13 years ago

I am new to Chow and new to this board! I am so excited, I love phoenix and I love to eat! This is perfect. I live in Mesa, but I am only there to sleep. I work in Tempe and do most of my recreatio...

late night mesa eats?

by ccl1111 13 years ago

any late night recommendations for food, coffee, anything ch near val vista & mckellips? we play volleyball there 2x a week & always end up at barro's pizza at gilbert & brown (1 light south o...

Review: Benjarong Thai Restaurant - Mesa, AZ (w/ photos!)

Seth Chadwick
by Seth Chadwick 13 years ago

While doing various restaurant reviews, I always keep a keen eye out for the places that people give props to for a variety of reasons, from the food to the service to the value. I have a theory th...

Lunch suggestions in Mesa @ McDowell & Higley

by smokechop 13 years ago

A female friend of mine will be in the area around 11:00 and needs suggestions for lunch. If the place serves wine or marquerita's with good food that is even better. she had no price range so ...

PHX: Ever heard of Bak'd in Mesa?

by tastyjon 13 years ago

It's a catering company that also runs a dining room on Main St. in Mesa. Only the dining room isn't open to walk-ins. But should you book a seating, you are offered an entree from 6-8 main dis...

Organ Stop Pizza (Mesa, Az)

by armanaz 14 years ago

Rating: ★★★½☆ We had some out of town guests who are into music and we took them to Organ Stop Pizza for an evening of food and entertainment. The restaurant is built around the largest Wurlitze...

Blue Adobe, Mesa - good save

by Snackish 14 years ago

I had a tragic meal at the Blue Adobe in Mesa today. It was one of those meals where the kitchen/server just can't get it right. It was like the stars were misaligned or something. After a long,...

Brunello - Mesa

by ziggylu 14 years ago

I drive by this place(Dobson/Baseline) frequently on my way to work and in my constant quest for the cheap, neighborhood Italian joint have been wanting to give it a try. So off we went to try. O...

Posh Nosh, Mesa AZ is a winner!

by Sherri 14 years ago

Anyone trying to find something chowish to eat in downtown Mesa AZ has had a difficult time. Some chains and completely forgettable food has been the norm with just a couple of exceptions. Howeve...

One week in E. Tempe/W. Mesa - lunch?

by mamamia 14 years ago

A friend of mine, let's call her, oh I don't know....lama lia, is leaving her current place of employment for bigger and better things. She works in the E. Tempe/W. Mesa area and is looking for a ...

Bread in Mesa Arizona

by Tripper 14 years ago

Are there any good bread shops or bakeries in Mesa? I know there are quite a few in Phoenix and Scottsdale but wanted something closer to my parents house if possible. If not...could you suggest ...

What the Jester Had For Dinner: Flaming Kabob Cuisine, Mesa AZ

JK Grence the Cosmic Jester
by JK Grence the Cosmic Jester 14 years ago

One thing that a great many Phoenicians bemoan is the endless strip malls filled with nothing but dismal chain restaurant fare as far as the eye can see. It certainly does seem like shopping center...

Review: K-Rico - Mesa

by amkirkland 14 years ago

"The other white meat" is the tagline that ruined the fine reputation of pork. Oh sure, it probably was the best thing to ever happen to pork's sales, but that's just not what it is. Pork is like t...

Seafood Market Restaurant (Mesa, AZ) .. moved again!

by Bazel 14 years ago

Ok – so this place has moved around. For many years it was behind the now defunct Bobby McGee’s on the NWC of Alma School and Southern. Then either the lease expired or they chose to leave the fadi...

Kid Friendly Places in Mesa?

by cnagey 14 years ago

I'm looking for restaurants in Mesa that are fun and kid-friendly, as near as possible to the 202 and Recker. Any suggestions are appreciated!