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Birthday Dinnner

by Rooodie 6 years ago

Hello, My birthday is coming up at the end of December and I would like recommendations on where to have my birthday dinner. Please keep in mind that there will be a large party, about 12-14 peo...

What's new in (downtown) Mesa?

by Bazel 12 years ago

Just started working in the downtown Mesa (Main St. and Center area) after a 10 year stint elsewhere. What’s new in the area I should know about? What’s good? Is Super Gyro still open (Universit...

Ranch Market to open new location in Mesa

by jkgourmet 13 years ago

Late April opening at Stapely and Southern. Thank goodness - it's a looong way downtown from Far East Mesa. Now, if it had another branch of Tradiciones, I'd be even more pleased.

Nice restaurant "midway" between E. Mesa and Litchfield Park?

by jkgourmet 13 years ago

Meeting a very old friend from back east for one long dinner. He's staying at the Wigwam, I live is FAR East Mesa, and I work in FAR North Scottsdale. We both have cars, but I'll be darned if I c...

Phx/Mesa Manna Cafe Gone?

by LisaAZ 13 years ago

Went by the other night and the place was dark. Looked empty as well but didn't want to get out in the rain to be sure. Anyone know where they've gone?

Sushi Kee (Mesa, AZ)

by Baxterita 13 years ago

I keep hearing from diff. people that Sushi Kee is good. I thought it was located on Warner in the Barro's plaza, but upon a quick search there is a Sushi Kee at Power and Main... Can a Chowie...

Mesa, AZ - Is Chef H still open?

by jkgourmet 13 years ago

I've been calling and getting no answer. Also, is there a table that would fit 8 (assuming they are still in business)?

(PHX) NEW! Far East Mesa - ZUSHI

by scorpioscuba 13 years ago

Within the last week or two a new restaurant, Zushi, has opened on the southwest corner of Power Rd. and McDowell. We are pretty starving for some good restaurants out this way and in the last few...

Disaster @ Dooby's in Mesa

by kazer4 13 years ago

Recently I attended a dinner party at Dooby's for which we had reservations. It was one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had and feel compelled to share. The service was unbelievable as ...

Best lunch in Mesa/Chandler/Tempe

by danieli10 13 years ago

I'm looking for good lunch recs for west Mesa, Chandler, southeast Tempe area. Some of my favs in this area are Lee's Sandwiches, Chase's Diner, Zipp's, and Cyclo.

Good business dinner in Mesa,AZ area

by remdog99 13 years ago

Looking for a decent resto in the Mesa area for a group of about 8-10 of us. I'd love some authentic southwestern or mexican cuisine, but am open to anything not too fancy but not family-oriented, ...

New - Giant Hamburgers / Mesa at Broadway and Lindsay

by Lolaclaire 13 years ago

Has anyone tried this place? A coworker tells me it is better than Culver's Butter Burgers and I do love a Butter Burger!!

Review: Bar Tepo - Dana Park, Mesa/Gilbert AZ

by ArizonaJim 13 years ago

My wife and I tried Bar Tepo in Dana Park this weekend - independent fine dining restaurants are pretty rare out here and had high hopes for this new place. Tucked into the corner of the new se...

Buying Shellfish around Chandler/Mesa/Tempe

by azturtle 13 years ago

I’m hosting a dinner party this weekend and want to try an indoor clambake. Any suggestions on where to buy reliable shellfish in the Chandler/Mesa/Tempe area? I’m hoping for a less expensive alt...

Flancer's - New E. Mesa location

by scorpioscuba 13 years ago

For all of the Flancer's fans out there, the new East Mesa location is now open! Its on the south west corner of Higley and McKellips. Just stopped int today to get a sandwich and salad to go. Qual...

Review: Mike Thai - Mesa, AZ (w/ photos!)

Seth Chadwick
by Seth Chadwick 13 years ago

So, after all my adventures with J. and a variety of friends, I thought it was time to spend some time with Dad who was going through Thai food withdrawal. He was insistent that I find some good or...

Mesa Art Center and Food?

by Yummye 14 years ago

Having read the admittedly unpromising restaurant suggestions of a few years ago, I am wondering if anyone, anywhere, has come up with a decent restaurant within an easy shot of the Mesa Art Center...

Mesa, AZ: Need casual catering and/or personal chef suggestions

by hungryinaz 13 years ago

I'm throwing a casual party for 20 and I will need to provide lunch and dinner but won't be able to do any cooking during the party. I'd like to get sandwiches for lunch, but I don't want to use Bl...