Suspiro de Limeña Is a Sigh-Inducing Peruvian Pudding

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The Penny Ice Creamery | Aptos Village

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

The newest outpost of The Penny Ice Creamery opened about two months ago in Aptos Village, next to New Leaf Community Market. The shop has outdoor tables and benches, as well as a large expanse of ...

Deflated meringues---why?

by Purdys_99 8 years ago

Its strange. The first time I made meringues, they turned out perfect. However, all the attempts afterwards were either mediocre or complete failures. I seem to have the opposite effect where the m...

McKenzie's Lemon Meringue Pie

by sweetladyfavorite 11 years ago

Hi There! My husband and his family are all from New Orleans. My father-on-law is coming to visit and has requested that I make him a Lemon Meringue Pie. He always mentions McKenzie's, but I kn...

Meringues without piping bag/tips

by Japanecdote 5 years ago

I'd like to make some meringue cookies tomorrow, but I don't have a piping bag or star tip. I know I can just use a ziploc for the bag - any tips on making cute cookies without a star tip?

*August 2009 COTM* OTTOLENGHI: Bars, Biscuits; Meringues, Macaroons; Tarts

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 12 years ago

Our Chowhound August 2009 Cookbook of the Month is Ottolenghi: The Cookbook, by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi; and all online recipes by the authors. Please post your full-length recipe revie...

Making Lemon Meringue Pie ahead of time?

by lakjohnson 7 years ago

I want to bring a lemon meringue pie to a celebration on a work night, so I won't have time to do it earlier in the day. I want to make elements of it ahead of time and just do the final meringue b...

How Do I Make Chocolate Softer For Coating?

by TheEatingist 2 years ago

I'm making meringues that will be dipped in chocolate but there's too much difference between the hardness of the chocolate and the tenderness of the meringue. If you bite hard enough to get throug...

Silpat for Meringues?

by Marilayne 18 years ago

I am making some large meringues rings for a dessert, my question is can I use silpat instead of parchment paper? Will they come off cleanly?

Lemon Meringue Pie always comes out runny??

by acesveryhigh 9 years ago

I searched for an answer to this, but did not find anything. I am trying to find out why my lemon meringue pies always end up runny when I follow all the directions exactly? Am I not cooking long e...

Did my meringue fail?

by Brittanyjean1987 4 years ago

I am making David Lebovitz’s meringue from his lime meringue tart. The directions say to heat egg whites and sugar to 140 degrees on bain marie then whip until cooled and light and fluffy. I’m a bi...

Can frozen egg whites make a decent meringue?

by Phurstluv 10 years ago

Hi Everyone - I am making a strawberry pie, and need 9 egg yolks. So I figure I'll make another pie next week, with a meringue topping (lime & raspberry). Was wondering if I could use the egg...

Best way to get stiff peaks in egg whites

by Pwelsh4 4 years ago

Hello everyone, So I'm not sure about all of you but I have a hard time with meringue. Those stiff peaks are just a 1 in a million shot for me. I've done caster sugar and a hot simple syrup, hav...

Trouble whipping up italian meringue

by kkdcalgary 4 years ago

Dear All; I've been trying to make a macaron recipe with italian meringue, and I've followed several recipes with similar proportions/instructions and I always have trouble getting to hard peak ...

Can I eat this lime meringue pie?

by jeanbeank 4 years ago

I made this recipe http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/lemon-and-toasted-coconut-meringue-pie-106440 and used lime instead of lemon. I know I should have waited 4 hours to let the pie ...

Has anyone made Nigella's strawberry meringue cake?

by detroit_dining_diva 13 years ago

I tried to make Nigella Lawson's strawberry meringue cake yesterday and am stumped by what went wrong. It was a very strange recipe in that the batter was the consistency of wallpaper paste and the...

Meringue FAIL, SOS!!

by tc2012 5 years ago

I can't get stiff peaks, no matter what I try. I've scoured the internet and tried everything, nothing works. Anyone have any idea what's going on here? I don't have a stand mixer, just a handhe...

Egg for Meringue

by Bonniexx 4 years ago

Can I use the boxed egg white to make meringue successfully?

Meringue using refrigerated egg whites?

by hungryinmanhattan 4 years ago

Has anyone made their meringues with refrigerated containers of "100%" egg whites? I want to make a large batch of Italian Meringue and I thought I would try that.

Shelf life & stability questions for desserts

by pveil13 5 years ago

I actually have two separate questions & neither search has turned up an applicable answer. The more complicated of the two concerns pomegranate arils on (or in) a meringue "kiss". Will the arils...


by cremebrulee 13 years ago

Ok so I am making red velvet cupcakes for a birthday at work and I want to make a meringue frosting. BUT....... I have to make everything the night before. I have only made meringue frosting once ...