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Nine Days in (and around) Merida

by erica 2 years ago

I rented a house in Merida for 9 nights in early January. Now that the time has come to look at airline tickets, I am wondering if this is too long a time to stay in the city, and whether or not I...

Merida Restaurants and Food

by naick_berden 2 years ago

Hello fellow foodies! We just spent an awesome couple of days in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and we LOVED the food. We are a couple travelling for 6 months in Latin America and we share our ...

Food Recs for Merida, MX?

by SliceOWonder 4 years ago

Heading to Merida, Mexico next month. Any food recommendations for that area?

Merida recs

by Al Ehrhardt 7 years ago

We will be in Merida for several days in November with three or four dinners. We are arriving Friday evening and staying in Centro. Our flight lands in Merida at ~ 6:30pm. Any suggestions for a ...

Merida Mexico - looking for great, inexpensive, authentic, non-touristy local food

by Cookiemaker 6 years ago

Will be visiting the Yucatan in early April and want some real great food. No tourist traps, no fine dining, just the great, fresh, natural stuff the locals eat. Willing to travel within the area t...

Toasted bean dish in Merida

by Sumper 7 years ago

My wife ate a dish at a restaurant in Merida that she truly loved. It was a chicken breast on a bed of small oval shaped beans that we're crunchy. We've duplicated the chicken but can't figure wh...

Yucatan 2014 (Merida, Valladolid, Izamal, Playa del Carmen)

by DeBrazza 7 years ago

Aight, it's time I give back to you folks who have helped immensely in my questing for all things delicious. I've explored the Yucatan over the last few months, and have found a number of places...

Eatinerary for Yucatan and Quintana Roo, Mexico (Merida, Valladolid, Chichen Itza, Motul + Tulum)

by eatdrinknbmerry 7 years ago

* This posting is an addition to DeBrazza’s solid posting on the Yucatan written last month. We unfortunately didn’t get to eat much of what was recommended because either we didn't have time or th...


by DiningDiva 10 years ago

Currently on the ground in Merida and somewhat disappointed in the food. However, we had a stellar meal last night at a fairly new place called Local 3. Wonderfully creative drinks including som...

Planning a trip to Valladolid, Merida, Campeche & Tulum. Anyone have any recommendations?

by NatashaH 9 years ago

Hi, We're off to the Yucatan next month, staying in Valladolid, Merida, Campeche and Tulum. We're only just beginning to catch on to good Mexican food here in the UK and I really want to explore...

Merida with kids?

by Maya 7 years ago

We'll be in Merida for 4 days with 2 preschoolers who are good and seasoned Mexico travelers. Any thoughts on specific chow that might be appropriate?

Rehearsal Dinner in downtown Merida?

by AndrewLogan 8 years ago

My fiance and I are getting married in Fall 2014 in Merida at a nearby hacienda and we would like to have a rehearsal dinner for our guests in downtown Merida (to introduce them to the city, see th...


by rockpile 9 years ago

I just received a request from friends who are in Merida for a few weeks. Even though they know that I have never been to Merida, they know that I am always touting Chowhound as my source for res...

Merida? Worth the trip or not?

by FoodExpression 10 years ago

Le wife and I are going to Playa del Carmen on Thursday of this week and are only staying for 3 nights. We are adventurous and are considering taking a trip for one night to Merida to experience th...

Merida - your thoughts?

by Geoff 9 years ago

Greetings all. Will be in Merida (first visit) later this month and could use some advice. Not a lot of current info on this board; there are also some comments from a few years ago. We’re stayi...

Bars/restaurants to enjoy great wine in Merida and Veracruz?

by trevorlinc 10 years ago

My wife and I are headed to said towns in a couple of weeks. We love Mexico but are typically disappointed by the available wines. After scouring Chowhound threads, it seems that may be changing:...

Local 3 in Merida

by DiningDiva 10 years ago

We had exhausted the (not terrific) restaurant options around our hotel (Casa del Balam) and were casting about for something new when someone picked up Yucatan Today and read the review of Local 3...

Dining Update for Merida and Surrounding Areas in Yucatan

by postcardsfromsanantonio 11 years ago

Every trip we make, we depend on other people's food reviews. I always pledge I will come back and leave extensive feedback on Chowhound. But those good intentions get buried quickly under work w...

Merida Trip Report

by redbecca 11 years ago

I was in Merida for six days from Dec 23-29, ate some good food, some bad. I hope people contribute more reviews because I found it hard to get good info on places to eat especially in walking dist...