Memorial Day

Time for a barbecue! Memorial Day is full of cookouts and cold drinks--get advice from Chowhounds on party tips, recipe ideas, and holiday food and restaurant specials.

15 Deliciously Non-Traditional Burger Recipes to Jazz Up Your 4th of July BBQ

Summer is a time for the three B’s: barbecue, beer, and burgers. They're also great the rest of the year, even if you do take the cooking and eating part inside. And while anyone can buy a few frozen...

Anyone try Kingsford Ribs?

by gutreactions 9 days ago

Kingsford, the BBQ people, have a line of semi-prepared foods in markets now. While on a shopping trip to Shop Rite Market in Westchester County, N.Y., we picked up a full rack of their pork ribs f...

Side dish ideas for a BBQ?

by kristen3 1 year ago

I've been invited to a friend's Memorial Day cookout. My friend asked me to bring "a side dish that's not a salad" (someone else has been asked to bring a salad). Do you think that salads that don'...

Hope this isn't requested to death, but need some ideas for BBQ side dishes for memorial day

by Firegoat 6 years ago

I'm invited to a BBQ. It is at a friend's farm that i've never been to, and about an hour drive for me. She is grilling meat and providing a salad and Sangria. I asked if I could bring anything and...

What To Do With Pickled Pork?

by Felliott 3 years ago

I am making red beans and rice for Memorial Day. I'm using Kenji's recipe for the red beans and rice, and Alton Brown's recipe for pickled pork. Being a life-long Yankee, I had never heard of p...

Long Island City

by mrsphud 2 years ago

We will be in the area Memorial Day Weekend for a memorial service. Looking for a few places for good food (deli, Ramen, Asian, diner) where our family group of various sizes (3-10) can eat and com...

Memorial Day Weekend Eats

by Cerise1 2 years ago

What's cooking? Any interesting salads, main dishes, libations or desserts? Anything unique/unusual planned? LOL, i.e. Twinkie Strawberry shortcakes (?) https://bitzngiggles.com/eas...

Entertaining a Guest From China

by zackly 3 years ago

I’m entertaining my buddy’s new girlfriend from Beijing China this weekend for a cookout. I’ve been told she has no dietary restrictions and “eats everything”. I’m planning on doing typical Americ...

Wharf late lunch

by eatgirl 3 years ago

Need to find a place somewhere between Marriott In the Wharf area and Alcatraz tours for a late lunch, say around 2:30pm, on Memorial Day. We prefer somewhere that takes reservations or that is eas...

Lunch @ Modern or Dinner @ Jean Georges

by alanadancer 4 years ago

My husband and I are headed to NYC for our annual visit. This falls around a wedding and we have limited dining options because it is Memorial Day. We can dine Monday night or Tuesday lunch. I ha...

Memorial Day fine dining in NYC

by alanadancer 4 years ago

Sad to hear EMP closed on Memorial Day. Any other suggestions that you know will be serving?

Help: Palm Springs Dinner Spots open Memorial Day Monday?

by mcmullek 5 years ago

Hello CA CHs! Scoured your board for Palm Springs recs, but most are 10+ years old and pertain more to the drive from LAX than PS proper. Thanks in advance for any help. We're looking into c...

Coming to Charleston for Memorial Day weekend, how is this itinerary?

by JulesTei 5 years ago

Hi all, NYC Chowhounder here, who is very excited to come sample Charleston cuisine. Here's what I have so far, let me know if we're missing anything or have too much of one kind of food? Fri...

Family meals in Bay Head/Point Pleasant

by motl 5 years ago

Friends, My family (wife and I and two kids aged 12 and 9) will be spending a few days in Bay Head around Memorial Day. Any suggestions for good, not terribly expensive or formal, non-touristy p...

Need a little help for in Asheville, NC on Memorial Day

by onrushpam 5 years ago

My sis and I will be visiting Biltmore on Memorial Day. We have tickets for house entry at noon. We have a 2 hours drive over from N. Georgia on I-40. I think we need to grab a bite before goin...

Memorial Day Luau at the Dutch

by kathryn 5 years ago

They hold this event every year; menu looks especially tasty this year with huli huli chicken, tuna poke, spam musubi, kalua pork, halo halo, malasadas, green tea butter mochi, etc. http://us4....

Appetizers for a Memorial Day BBQ for a crowd

by AMM2008 8 years ago

Hi, My family is hosting a Memorial Day party for a large amount of people (mostly work friends). I've asked that people bring their favorite dish if they like so the main course, sides and dess...

Orlando- Memorial Day Weekend

by tomatoe 5 years ago

Our family is taking a 4 day trip to Orlando. Can anyone recommend some great, inexpensive restaurants? We will mainly be spending our days at the Disney Parks but are staying offsite and will ha...

Getting Blue Bell ice cream back in stores by Memorial Day ‘ambitious’

by mcsheridan 5 years ago

Doesn't impact me personally, as I'm well out of their regional distribution area. I have fond memories of enjoying it on my last visit to Louisiana, though. Nice to see they are being methodica...

Recommendation in Cleveland, Memorial Day

by Quebecoise 5 years ago

Hi, I'm going to be in Cleveland for a graduation on Memorial Day, and am looking for a really good restaurant anywhere between Oberlin and Cleveland. BUT... a ton of them are CLOSED on Memorial Da...