10 Brilliant New Ways to Use a Melon Baller

Have a melon baller that's just taking up drawer space? These new ways to use a melon baller might make you appreciate it again—and will definitely prove it's not a one trick pony. This common wisdom...

Hot, yummy homemade soup for a cold Canadian Fall day

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 month ago

With weather turning colder each day. Here's a recipe idea for a delicious and hearty, traditional Cantonese home-style soup to battle the environment. Mullard Duck, Peking Duck Wings, Prosciutt...

Anyone seen Casaba melon for sale in SF Bay Area?

by chocolatetartguy 3 months ago

I know it is late in the season but have not seen my favorite melon since I started looking in mid August at Monterey Market/Whole Foods. Anyone seen them?

Dulcinea Tuscan melons at Safeway

by tre2012 5 months ago

I love the Dulcinea brand melons - more expensive, yes; but they pick at a higher brix level than big commercial growers and it makes a difference! Their lovely Tuscan melons are back in stock at S...

Where to find torpedo melons in Toronto?

by ilinda 1 year ago

I am wondering if anyone has found where to buy Torpedo melons in Toronto. They look like rugby footballs, large, long and oval, but with a yellow-green skin similar to a cantaloupe. They have ligh...

Marilyn Miller Certified Farmers Market | Tuesday morning, Redding

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Such a sweet midweek market . . couldn't leave Redding without shopping at one of the certified farmers markets. They'd been shut down for more than a week during the Carr Fire (August 2018) and e...

Sharlyn Melons from Cipponeri Family Farms | Turlock & Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

For four weekends in a row, I've been buying the Sharlyn melons grown by Cipponeri of Turlock at the Saturday morning farmers market in Old Town Salinas. The usual price has been $4 apiece though o...

Late Harvest Crane Melons @ Hector's Honey

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

At Wednesday morning's farmers market in Santa Rosa, I was shocked to see Crane melons at the Hector's Honey booth. Cranes are typically a late season melon, but not into December! I was told these...

Heirloom Expo and Crane Melons 2015

by Andrew H 6 years ago

Today, Thursday the 10th is the last day of the Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa. They will be open till 8 tonight so you can still make it if you are in the north bay. In one word: Fantastic! Jere...

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

by StriperGuy 6 years ago

Okay for you hounds who don't regularly hit farmers markets / farm stands, and like summer fruit GO TODAY. Over the last two weeks I have been eating MA donut peaches, white peaches, yellow peaches...

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