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Nick's Pizza, Medford

by hiddenboston 16 years ago

The place looks like an ordinary sub shop, but Nick's has some fantastic pizza. We had their hamburg pizza after tennis at Tufts last night, and it was excellent. We usually get pepperoni pizza the...

Bistro 5, Medford, Farmers Market Tasting Night

by curiousbaker 16 years ago

I was privileged to be taken to the Bistro 5 Farmers' Market Tasting Dinner Monday night, and it was amazing. Almost everything used in the meal was organic and local. For example, the produce ...

wanted: great chinese in arlington, lexington, medford

by hungrygrrl 16 years ago

looking for tasty chinese meal for tonight. ambience not required. have been to shangrila in belmont thanks to chowhound and to chile garden in medford. any other suggestions??? thanks!

Friday moquequa special, Oasis, S. Medford

by Aromatherapy 16 years ago

Huge bubbling bowlful of fish stew, plus extremely tasty black beans, & rice, a bargain at $9 ($11 w/shrimp) if you can deal with the at least 2 portions worth (I have a pile of leftovers in the fr...

Danish Pastry House - Hillside Neighborhood, Medford

by Eat Well 16 years ago

I too live in the neighborhood and have been painfully waiting for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! The card shop just sat there as we debated what would fill the void when it closed down. Pub - no, Meffah is ...

Bistro 5 in Medford?

by Paula 16 years ago

Has anyone been here? How did you like it? It is right in my neighborhood but I have not gone yet. I haven't really heard anything one way or the other.

Fish Market in Medford or north off 93

by AmbahRules 16 years ago

Looking for a quality place to buy fresh fish in or around Medford or somewhere off 93 between Andover and Medford. I like Whole foods in Cambridge, but they are not on my way home from work, so I...

the Danish Pastry House in Medford...

by stiv 16 years ago

...opened for business this morning. it is located at the corner of Boston Ave and Winthrop Streets. Besides a wonderful array of pastries and breads, they are also carrying Harrell's ice cream.

Hungry Herb's in Medford?

by fatty patty 16 years ago

I remember a sub shop called Hungry Herb's in Medford or maybe Malden, I think on rt 16, it was on a main street....Is it still there? they Had great steak tip subs with a decent variety.

Danish Pastry House expands to Medford

by MaineRed 16 years ago

I am eagerly awaiting the grand opening. The signs in the window just say "coming soon" with no date. The inside looks great -- a rundown old stationary store used to be there -- hard wood floors a...

Chung Ki Wa in Medford

by 4chowpups 16 years ago

This was my second visit to Chung Ki Wa, Japanese/Korean restaurant in Medford Square. After watching the gigantic flakes frentically dropping outside my window, being holed up for another day was...

Need recs: Medford near Tufts

by famdoc 17 years ago

Will be spending an evening and most of the next day at Tufts. Need dinner and lunch recs. thanx.

Korean/Japanese Restaurant in Medford

by 4chowpups 17 years ago

Has anyone been to the Korean/Japanese restaurant in Medford Sq.? It is down the street a bit from Chilli Garden. I am thinking about taking my 4 young chowpups there for MY birthday, I already h...

A bit disappointed by Bob's in Medford

by Dave M.P. 17 years ago

Got takeout from Bob's in Medford today, the Italian cold cut subs were fine, I think in order to make them outstanding you need to specifically ask for more toppings (i.e. olive oil, vinegar, pepp...

Pho in Medford/Everett area

by tallulah 17 years ago

Anyone know a good spot for Pho in Medford/Everett area? I've spotted a couple of little spots, but wonder if anyone has any recommendations?

Oxtails at Oasis and other Medford/S'ville eats

by Aromatherapy 17 years ago

Oasis: Finally got to the Tuesday oxtail special. No surprises, no disappointments, just a tasty homestyle stew with potato chunks. You can get this as part of the small $4/lb buffet or as a genero...

Hungry Herbs in Medford

by Alces Alces Shirasi 17 years ago

Anyone know what happened to Hungry Herbs on Salem St. in Medford? It was a great spot to grab an atery clogging steak tips sandwich, but it appeared to have closed down last time I drove by. Are...

mexican bakery? medford?

by bluebird 17 years ago

i am wondering if anyone knows of mexican bakeries around boston? i heard that there may be some in medford. does anyone have specifics? thank you kindly.

Top 5 restaurants in the cambridge/medford/boston area?

by Sarah 17 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me their top 5 restaurants in the Cambridge/Medford/Boston city area? (closest to where I live and I am scared to drive too far) I was just wondering beca...

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