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Help! I need to send a really nice fruit basket to the Stoneham/Medford area

by catsmeow 10 years ago

I read an older thread that recommended Harry and David, but I need it to get there by the end of the week. I want to send a basket with whole pieces of fruit with some candy, crackers, jam, etc. ...

Blue Fuji Any Good? Medford Japanese/Chinese

by opinionatedchef 10 years ago

Are combo Japanese/Chinese places every really good for both cuisines?Just curious.Today rcv'd a flyer for this new place. Cantonese and Szechuan and sushi. Maybe 1 of the three will be worthwhile?

Cuccidati (Italian Fig Cookies) in Medford

by lipoff 10 years ago

I had to go Medford yesterday morning, and so stopped at Bob's Italian Food Store for lunch. Along with an okay veal cutlet sandwich, and some frozen pasta to take home for later, I got a box of s...

Business Dinner in Medford/Arlington/North Cambridge?

by Jana 10 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for a place with good food for a business dinner in the West Medford, Arlington or North Cambridge area (could be Winchester as well). Some place that will allow for quiet conversat...

Five Guys Burgers coming to Station Landing in Medford

by alsaman 11 years ago

I drive by Station Landing everyday on my way to work and lo and behold today I saw a sign on one of the store fronts that said Five Guys Burgers!! Their website confirms that it will be "opening s...

Medford/Somerville area cupcake/cookie delivery

Annie S.
by Annie S. 10 years ago

My sister is studying for finals at Tufts this week and I would like to have something sweet delivered she can share with her dormies. I'm in San Francisco and thoroughly unfamiliar with options. ...

Group dinner near-ish to Tufts? Places in Medford I'm forgetting about?

Dave MP
by Dave MP 11 years ago

I'm looking for suggestions of places for a good group dinner, near Tufts, for a Saturday night (april 16). We'd be eating early (5 or 5:30) and would be out by 7:45, so even a place that gets busy...

Seeking brunch venue in Somerville, Medford, Cambridge

by london_lisa 11 years ago

for a 'quasi wedding shower'. It will be a 20-ish person affair for friends of a 30-something couple having a destination wedding. This brunch will be for folks who cannot make the destination we...

Salvatore's Medford Square

by pemma 11 years ago

Someone asked for a report on this new restaurant in the October openings and closings thread, but I thought I'd put it here so more people can see it. This place is part of the 3-location local ch...

Specialty grocery stores in Medford/Somerville?

by kirbybirdie 11 years ago

I know of Pemberton Farms, the Japanese supermarket in Medford Square, and Dave's Fresh Pasta near Davis. Are there any other notable grocery stops in the area? ----- Dave's Fresh Pasta 81 Holland...

Bella Ravioli, Medford: Silky Fresh Pasta Unlike Any Other

by opinionatedchef 11 years ago

Much like the current discussion about Sophia's amazing silky rich creamy yoghurt ("yoghurt unlike any other") I thought some CHs might like to know about Bella Ravioli, a fresh pasta Medford insti...

Ebisuya Japanese Market in Medford

by robertlf 12 years ago

Stopped by the "Kotobukiya" replacement store today in Medford. They are FAR from open. They have a few shelves in the store and it looks like months of work to me before they can open. The good...

Bob's, Medford

by cubbie 11 years ago

So, having already been won over by their cold cuts (and this is probably very old news), the butcher shop does fantastic burger meat. ($3.49 a lb for 85%, nice red color, strands of really tasty l...

Medford restaurants?

by robertlf 11 years ago

Other than Chung Ki Wa, Chili Garden, Bob's and Modern Pastry, what else is good in the Medford area? ----- Chung Ki Wa 27 Riverside Ave, Medford, MA 02155 Modern Pastry 20 Salem St, Medford, MA

Lunch at Chilli Garden [Medford]

by GretchenS 11 years ago

A friend and I had lunch at Chilli Garden today. Their lunch menu has one side of standard Chinese fare and the other side Sichuan lunch specialties. We got a giant bowl of their outstanding wont...

Steak House To Open In Medford Square

by pemma 13 years ago

A steak house-type restaurant is scheduled to open in Medford Square this winter. According to an article in the local paper (link below), the restaurant, to be called "55 High" will be "casual, ye...

Danish Pastry House -Medford

by surferbettygal 12 years ago

Was watching the purple gloved show this morning and the topic was brunch. Their hidden jewel was The Danish Pastry House in Medford. Decided to give it a try since it's only 1 mile away. When...

Italian recs in Medford?

by CookieLee 12 years ago

I often drive by some Italian restaurants in Medford, on my way to and from Davis SQ in Somerville. Has anyone dined there recently and have some recs? Thanks!

Adam's Pizza, Medford

by Aromatherapy 12 years ago

I checked out this new place the other night, trying their signature Adam's pizza (artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, Spanish onions, feta, garlic). Nice crust, toppings were good quality but c...