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Best Fishmonger/ Fish Share in Medford/Arlington/Somerville?

by VintageMolly 7 years ago

We've been quite happily getting our fish via the Cape Cod Fish Share for the last couple of years, but they have disappeared and appear to have gone belly up in spectacular fashion (but that's a s...

Praise for West Medford's Bistro 5 From Devra First

by pemma 7 years ago

An old standby holds up well. http://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/food-dining/2014/10/07/after-years-bistro-west-medford-still-neighborhood-standby/HDkanZWrE32uRuCO0N9m0I/story.html

Nappi's Medford

by Slimshady1261 7 years ago

I Know its not Prezza but a decent restaurant They will make you whatever you want Last night had the striped bass in a lemon sauce over fusilli that was delicious

Moving to Medford . . . What are the local haunts?

by VintageMolly 7 years ago

We're moving to Medford (West Medford-ish) soon, and I'd love to hear about what's good and local. We've already been to Tenoch and Chung Ki Wa, and Chili Garden is on our soon list. Would love r...

Tenoch - Medford square

by marcreichman 10 years ago

Had a great meal at Tenoch, the new taqueria tonight. I got a carnitas torta which was busting at the seams and was a great balance of not dry meat, heavy handed amounts of queso fresco and chipotl...

Tenoch Taqueria in Medford now open Sundays and for Breakfast

by UnclePH 8 years ago

We stopped in for Breakfast last Sunday and had some great food. The Huaraches are addictive. Who doesn't love a thick corn tortilla covered with chorizo and mashed potatoes? Co-owner Alvaro ha...

Sourdough bread - Medford / Somerville / Arlington?

by nyc_to_ma 8 years ago

I am gluten intolerant, but apparently sourdough bread is often tolerated by people with celiac / gluten intolerance. I miss real bread enough that I'm willing to give it a try. Do any bakerie...

Tamper Cafe in Medford near Tufts now open, first impressions

by klocwerk 8 years ago

Hey all, long time lurker, just signed up finally. The old Boloco near my house (Boston Ave. and Curtis st., Medford) was recently replaced by Tamper Cafe (website apparently not yet active). My ...

Bistro 5 in West Medford

by UnclePH 9 years ago

Had a first visit to Bistro 5 in West Medford last night and really I can't say enough good things about it. We had the 5 Course Chef's Tasting Menu. Before the meal we shared a small plate of...

Tenoch Mexican in Medford: One Year Anniversary Celebration

by UnclePH 9 years ago

Just an FYI to any who are familiar with the amazing, Tenoch Mexican Taqueria in Medford, this Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2 they will be celebrating their one year anniversary of being in ...

Dim Sum Cafe in Medford

by UnclePH 9 years ago

Has anyone noticed the Dim Sum Cafe being worked on for opening in Medford on the Fellsway West? I can find no information about it. Curious if anyone knows any info about it.

Cambridge, Medford, Somerville - Cheap and Craveable

by luciaannek 8 years ago

Hello! My friend and I are visiting the Cambridge, Medford, Somerville area thinking that we might move there over the summer. We're looking to find a replacement for our current "crave" spots; th...

Kabob Corner Medford

by UnclePH 9 years ago

Had dinner at Kabob Corner this evening. Anyone else been there? It was our first time there. Definitely a mixed bag of results. Nice veggie samosas and great bread basket. Hubby had the Chicken ...

TENOCH Mexican in Medford Sq.

by opinionatedchef 9 years ago

Spurred on by ferrari and doc, we did Tenoch take -out last night. I checked the FB specials-of-the-wk. , and was thrilled to see Rajas (rags) with roasted fresh poblano peppers, mixed w/ corn, che...

North of Boston, Medford, Malden and/or Cambridge/Somerville (Davis) for Girls Night?

by jhanaw 9 years ago

Hi, Looking for a good restaurant to meet up with a group of ladies tomorrow night. Not super noisy so we can talk and catch up, Trying to keep it local-ish (Melrose is the center of where we al...

Medford Square Oyster Bar Coming Soon

by almansa 9 years ago

Anybody know anything about this? I drove by last night and got a glimpse of a sign promising an oyster bar in Medford.

Captain Boston Fish Market in Medford?

by opinionatedchef 10 years ago

My search for this brought up a positive mention from 10/10 by itaunas. Any recent comments? Communication still difficult there? Do they carry skate and some of the diversity found at Courthouse?...

Heirloom Coffee in Medford (Vietnamese coffees)--any experiences?

by emannths 10 years ago

I noticed that one of the Groupons today is for Heirloom Coffees, a Vietnamese coffee retailer. Outside of Cafe du Monde and the occasional order of coffee at Vietnamese restaurants, I know nothin...

Salvatore's in Medford?

by Swankalicious 10 years ago

Drove by Salvatore's last night and wondered if the food was any good. We Swanks are big-time red sauce fans, and prices at our local spot (La Buona Vita) have crept steadily up. Would you Hounds r...