Snappy Patty's West Medford: An early report

by UnclePH 7 years ago

We stopped into Snappy Patty's this past Friday evening. It was only their second day after opening their doors so I'm offering this very early report with more to come after additional visits. ...

Fruition Vegan Kitchen in West Medford - Anyone been?

by zigzag17 4 years ago

If anyone has tried it, please comment with dish recs.

Chowhound Siren - Golden Garden is now open in Malden!

by VintageMolly 5 years ago

Golden Garden in Belmont is a long running favorite of ours, but we visit much less frequently since we moved to Medford a couple of years ago. It turns out, they've come to us! They're now softl...

Lunch with a larger group of moms and infants?

by gltsoi 5 years ago

ready for a challenge? Name me a restaurant that: 1. Is large enough to accommodate a large group of moms, their infants/strollers/car seats 2. Has ample parking (in light of all the snow) ...

Quicky Between Tufts and MIT

by Ziggy41 5 years ago

Looking for quick but delicious bite for lunch. Pizza, falafel, seafood if possible (preferred), anything really I have about 90 minutes between 1 to 2:30 that includes driving TIA

Breakfast in Meford/Malden/Melrose

by Splendid Spatula 5 years ago

Hi Hounds, We've got a gawdawfully early hockey game at the Flynn Rink in Medford on Sunday. Does anyone have any suggestions for breakfast spots (for after!) in the general area? Thanks

Wine half bottles - retail?

by radicaleinward 5 years ago

Starting to do fairly frequent tastings for work reasons - anyone know of any particular places that have a good selection of half bottles? Downtown or Camberville/Medford area all good.

Real Gusto, Medford

by Aromatherapy 6 years ago

Based on a grand sampling of 2 pizzas, this is one of my new favorite spots. What I'd call an Italian knife-and-fork style, with great crust and toppings with pure, vivid flavors. Decent wines by t...

Chicken and Rice Guys in Medford Sq.- Lamb Question

by opinionatedchef 5 years ago

In case anyone else is 'late to the take' on this place, we have really enjoyed both the chicken and the lamb/beef versions of this simple menu. The meats are very flavorful and moist on their own...

Tacos at Tenoch, Medford Sq. and Taco Loco, East Somerville

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

Last Taco Loco CH thread I found was 2008, but the Globe's recent feature put it on the docket for late lunch yesterday. Steak on the Tacos- was flavorful but chopped tiny, and not a lot of it. T...

It's a Hair Salon...No, it's an all-white Hair Salon...No, it's a PIZZA Salon! : Italia di Gusto, Medford Sq.

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

Even with the Eater and Yelp pieces, I had no idea what I was walking into tonight. But now I do know , so I'm CH posting like I always do. I don't have much energy to write a very detailed acc...

Tamper (Medford MA) now serving dinner (Mexican)

by stiv99 6 years ago

Tamper Cafe (Boston Ave @ Winthrop St in Medford) has starting serving dinner from 6-9 pm (I think, contact them to confirm the hours). The food is some version of Mexican cuisine that is unfamil...

Nijiya in Medford

by sheila 7 years ago

Has anyone been to Nijiya in Medford? They got mixed reviews in Yelp so want to see what are the take of the readers here.

Bismarck pastries from Medford bakery

by arlene29 8 years ago

Does anyone remember the bismarck pastries that the bakery in Medford sold, at least through the late 70's/early 80's. I know they were filled with jam and whipped cream, but I don't remember them...

Chili Garden in Medford Sq. - Inconsistent?

by JT 16 years ago

Friends took me to Chili Garden for Sichuan a couple of months ago and it was fantastic. Lots of sichuan standards (dry hot chicken, chili fish, etc.) plus a couple of new treats for me including ...

New Falafel Joint in Somerville/Medford

by reddaj 7 years ago

Has anyone noticed this along Broadway Ave in Winter Hill of Somerville? Wondering if they have a website or social media presence. Its quite near where I live so excited about their opening for ...

decent delivery options: Somerville/Medford/Tufts

by vanna f.k.a. babette 15 years ago

Hounds, My doctor has put me on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy. Can those of you who dial up lunch and dinner in the Somerville/Medford/Tufts help me start a stockpile of takeout idea...

pizza in Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, Malden -- where to go?

by hiddenboston 15 years ago

I keep reading about Armando's. Are there any pizza places in these four towns that meet or beat their pizza? Is Leone's in Somerville as good? Or Pisa Pizza in Malden? Any others?

Good American Chinese in Somerville/Cambridge/Medford?

by shanabur329 7 years ago

Recently, Dragon Garden in Davis Sq, my old go-to closed up, so I'm looking for a new good delivery American Chinese place. My main criterion is that they have good egg drop soup, which to me means...

Fred's Franks- New home in Medford- NOW OPEN !!!

by hhookk 7 years ago

Below is the email Carl sent out on Saturday. Shnurble me please :-) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fred's Franks September 20,2014 Dear Valued Custom...