Meat Thermometer

Salmonella & Foodborne Illnesses Are Spiking: Here's How to Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself from a foodborne illness like salmonella or E. coli at your summer BBQ should be of high priority, but what are the best ways to keep pork and poultry bacteria-free and safe to eat...

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Beware of thermometers with probe: unreliable models !

by KissesFromParis 9 years ago

Hello, After one month of usage, my thermometer with probe started to give random results. I was very surprised as it did work very well for the month I owned it. So I looked at user feedbac...

Infrared Thermometer Gun: Emissivity math question

by DLovsky 6 years ago

If I have an IR gun pre-set to 1.00 emissivity, but the material I point it to has been rated to 0.60 emissivity, can I deduct that a 300 reading would translate to a 500 temperature? That if I n...

New Thermapen Mk4

by aziline 6 years ago

Auto-rotating screen (hold it in right/left hand or straight up), backlight and motion sensing wake/sleep mode. I can no longer resist! http://thermoworks.com/products/thermapen/?utm_source=Nl-2...

Thermapen: Where to get the best price?

by walker 11 years ago

I'd like to get a thermapen but don't want to pay $90 plus for it. Any ideas?

How Many Thermometers Do You Have for Food and Cooking?

by kaleokahu 6 years ago

As I was reaching for my IR gun recently, I was struck that I had more thermometers than I thought. I had to paw through the following: 1. Instant-read digital probe (Thermapen knockoff); 2. ...

wondering where I can buy an IR thermometer in Toronto in person?

by Idas 6 years ago

HI, looking to see if I can get my hands on an instant read non-contact thermometer locally (Toronto) (I'm desperately curious about my oven temperatures). Any model recommendations to get or avo...

meat thermometer - instant vs leave-in

by troukhad 6 years ago

Hi, trying to remove all the guessing from steak cooking and looking to get one of the thermometers. Which one i should get - instant or leave-in (pros, cons,..)? I was thinking leave-in so...

Meat Thermometer Question

by greeneyes80 6 years ago

I hope this isn't a silly question...I just purchased a meat thermometer as I am always cooking chicken breasts and always overcooking them. My question is....when you turn on the thermometer (I h...

Is Thremapen the only option?

by tominphoenix 7 years ago

Is there a reasonable and effective alternative to the pricy Thermapen?

Can I use a meat thermometer instead of a candy thermometer?

by banksm137 6 years ago

I'm trying to make caramel frosting for a cake (using only sugar, corn syrup, milk, heavy cream, vanilla and butter) but do not have a candy thermometer. I'm supposed to cook the caramelized sugar...

Did Santa bring you any new cooking devices, gadgets, etc?

by Njchicaa 6 years ago

My husband finally caught the clue and bought me the 7 quart round Le Creuset French Oven. I am SOOOO excited about this! My sister bought my husband a new digital probe thermometer with remote...

Meat thermometer mayhem...

by sweet100s 7 years ago

Meat thermometer mayhem... At the end of this story is the question: Why would my Polder meat thermometer suddenly stopped working? Context: Thanksgiving mayhem occurred when I discovered ...

Instant-Read Meat Thermometer Help

by ciml14 7 years ago

I am having trouble assessing the temperature of meats when they come off a pan that's been covered. Whenever I take my thermometer to a piece of chicken, or beef, and it's been in a pan with a...

Recommendation for accurate meat thermometer?

by kimbers324 7 years ago

I am paranoid about chicken and fish being fully cooked when I take it out of the oven. I have the kind of thermometer that changes color but I prefer something that shows a temperature reading, an...

Digital Meat Thermometer

by MjDematteis 7 years ago

Which is the most effective? don't want one with a cord.

Truly wireless meat thermometer

by Gualtier Malde 8 years ago

I have a combination convection/microwave oven. Whether being used with combination, or convection only, a large metal rack is used, so probably a thermometer probe would be tolerated as well. Si...

Sexist meat thermometer

by greygarious 8 years ago

http://www.purpleclover.com/money/694-sexist-ads/item/taylor/ This Taylor ad was among a collection of (some food-oriented) 1950's magazine ads that appeared today on the AOL home page. I was ...

Instant Read Digital Thermometer used on Americas Test Kitchen

by JoanNYC 9 years ago

I love the thermometer that they use for everything from testing oil, roasts, etc etc, seems to be the same on they use all the time. If anyone knows which one this is I would love to know. Tha...

Meat Thermometer

by shopgirl 8 years ago

Okay, I've had several, and this year's turkey was raw and had to go back in!!! I don't mind spending the money, so what's the best meat thermometer out there? I have one for candy making, an...

Need help placing meat thermometer in chicken

by robertbobb 9 years ago

Please bear with me as I am very new to this. I've been trying to bake chicken using a meat thermometer. I have tried breast, thigh, and drumstick, all with bones in. I have a leave-in-the-oven the...