Meat Thermometer

Salmonella & Foodborne Illnesses Are Spiking: Here's How to Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself from a foodborne illness like salmonella or E. coli at your summer BBQ should be of high priority, but what are the best ways to keep pork and poultry bacteria-free and safe to eat...

Thermapen on sale!

by justbeingpolite 4 months ago

They're selling the Mk4 for $69! I think it's being discontinued. Anyone know what's coming next?

Mercury-free oven thermometer

by bloodboy 10 months ago

I need to purchase a deep fry/candy thermometer and an oven thermometer for my niece (grill thermometer too, but I don't see that listed below). Initially, I was looking at these two items from the...

Meat Thermometer Made in the USA?

by foodaphillyated 1 year ago

Hi everyone! Just wanted to see if anyone out there knew of an accurate and quick reading digital meat thermometer made/manufactured in the USA? I've been doing my research before purchasing one an...

I Need a Probe Thermometer

by seefoo 2 years ago

i assume Thermoworks? i like the look and cost of the DOT version. my last probe thermometer, i think i threw over the fence (i'm joking). it failed me miserably. i have an older TW instant...

Control Freak Induction Cooking System

by westes 4 years ago

I am surprised that no one has authored a post to review the Breville Polyscience Control Freak single-plate commercial induction plate. Aside from being designed for heavy use in a commercial ki...

Thermometer batteries

by Lushlife 3 years ago

I've bought 2 different ( Taylor and an NSF Update International) digital instant read thermometers. The seem to work initially but then don't within a few months. I checked the batteries --sure en...

Digital Thermometer With Large Numerals, ISO

by zackly 3 years ago

I bought this thermometer from Amazon last year and it worked fine except the numerals are too small for me to read without glasses. I ended up giving it to a friend who was cooking dinner for his ...

11 pound sirloin roast

by Trixey 4 years ago

I have never cooked a roast this big and would like to prepare it for the holidays. How long and at what temperature would you cook such a large piece of meat so that it isn't dry and over done. I'...

Cooking at higher temps bad for your health?

by newbiefor1 4 years ago

What Temperatures are we talking about here? I never burn my food but I like to bake chicken at 400 and up and I like to cook my steaks on high heat on the grill and.. I like to use my broiler... ...

Has anyone tried the Pro-Surface Thermapen? Is it really better than using an infrared thermometer?

by Kurokocchi 6 years ago

Noticed this on Thermapen's website and wasn't sure if it was any good. A lot of my cookware is tinned copper so it would be nice to know how close I am getting to the tin's melting point. Infrared...

Forgot to turn crockpot on all night

by Chelle8888 4 years ago

At 7:00 in the evening, when putting all the veggies, spices and so forth in my crockpot, I had it on warm with a Roast in it. It was filled to the top, and everything was covered to the top with ...

Best Way to Measure Oil Temperature

by mark617 4 years ago

First of all, hello. Long time lurker who is just getting around to asking a question, as most of my questions are asked and answered here without my intervention. I picked up a Thermapen MK4 th...

How to clean a Thermopop Thermometer?

by mmiranda418 4 years ago

Hello! I just purchased a Thermopop thermometer and used it for the first time while cooking plain chicken breasts in the oven. The instructions for cleaning the thermopop are very vague - f...

Best Cooking Thermometer

by laredo 5 years ago

Is the best instant-read thermometer the new Thermapen? What is the best probe with wire thermometer? Which of the two types do you recommend, or does one need both? I rarely cook roasts a...

Opinion needed regarding use of oven probe

by 71ailmar 5 years ago

So I have a fairly new Kitchenaid in-wall oven (2 years old, both conventional and convection cooking)...it has the jack in the oven side wall where you plug in the oven supplied food/temp probe. I...

Javelin instant read

tim irvine
by tim irvine 5 years ago

Anyone out there used one and want to offer feedback? Looks good. Seen one in action and it appeared to be quick. Like the price compared with Thermapen.

Cooking thermometer & Wine chiller

by bigboss 5 years ago

I have just got a cooking thermometer for meat it works good and i bought via the amazon . it helps me to test the best temperature for the meet and it keeps the food healthier. $10.99 Cooking T...

How to use a meat thermometer?

by classacts 12 years ago

Hello, I purchased a meat thermometer which is the type with a round face about 2 inches in diameter similar to this one: http://bit.ly/GTq56 I first used it when cooking chicken legs in the ove...

Is it me or my meat thermometer?

by JMJD 12 years ago

I have a sort of new Oxo Instant Read thermometer. I don't do a lot of cooking that requires a meat thermometer but when there's a temp in a recipe, or when I made pork for the first time recently...

Help! Did I just ruin 13 lbs of corned beef?

by SFOfoSho 5 years ago

Hi everyone, I got lost reading some "science of corned beef" article about how cooking at low temperatures for a long time is ideal. I thought that I'd try it - putting some corned beef in the slo...