Meat Pies

Mincemeat Pie Is a Christmas Treat You Shouldn't Miss

If you're American, when you think of traditional Christmas food your head is likely filled with visions of ham, eggnog, and cookies, but there's a whole world of international Christmas dishes, from...

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meat pie?? where do they sell in midtown?

by jud 16 years ago

Is there any place in midtown where you can buy a regular australian type of meat pie? I know there is a place down in east village but that is too far for lunch.

African meat pie

by D.Gresh 16 years ago

I'm looking to make some meat pies to bring to a Nigeria-themed pot luck. The ones I'm thinking would be good would be like the ones I've had at the Bronx zoo in their "Africa" area-- they are squa...

Lasyone's Meat Pie Kitchen and Restaurant in Natchitoches Parish

by M. Pernall. 16 years ago

Does anyone know if this restaurant is still around serving up Nathitoches meat pies and smothered calves' liver's and the like?

portuguese meat pies in CT

by nancy 16 years ago

We used to have little meat-usually pork-pies from a bakery in Warwick, RI, when I was a kid. Found them in Mystic for a while, but I haven't seen them in years. I accidentally found Hadley's in ...

good old aussie meat pies?

by heyjude 16 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get a really authentic aussie/kiwi style meat pie in LA (preferable on the west side)? I have a bunch of mates who would all love to go out and enjoy a little bit of ...

Cornish Pasties

by Alison 16 years ago

Does anyone know where to purchase cornish pasties in the San Francisco area, or if there is such a place? Thanks!!

Cumbrae's Meat Pies

by Dukeofyork 16 years ago

I had the steak, guinness and stilton pie tonight with a glass of cab-sav and it was delightful. Nice crisp pastry, large chunks of tender beef, stilton surrounded by rich gravy... mmm. Un peu ch...

cornish pasties

by joe 16 years ago

does anyone know a good family recipie for cornish pasties , my moms is rather bland and uninspiring

[SEA] Any Cornish Pasties in Seattle?

by glenna 17 years ago

I didn't get any responses to my first post, so I thought I'd give it one more try. I have a coworker looking for a place to get Cornish Pasties in the Seattle area.

Meat Pies

by jimbo 17 years ago

Where can I purchase a good meatpie or what restaurant serves such ? Love all types and not afraid to experiment. Thanks.

[SEA] Cornish Pasties

by glenna 17 years ago

One of my coworkers asked me if there's anywhere in the Seattle area that has Cornish pasties. I don't know of any. Anyone?

Australian or NZ Meat Pies?

by Pete Turner 17 years ago

Is there anywhere in San Francisco where one can get a real meat pie? (Mince and Cheese preferably)

Cornish Pasties in Toronto

by DJ 17 years ago

Hi everyone, I've spent a bit of time in the U.K. over the last couple of years, and grew to love cornish pasties. I haven't been over in a while, and could really use a pasty fix. Does anyone ...

Pasties in the UP

by Sid 20 years ago

I posted this message on the Midwest Board but I haven't received much response so I thought I would post it here and on the GT board as well. I will be in the Ironwood/Bessemer area of the UP o...

Pasties in UP Michigan

by Becky 18 years ago

Can anyone recommend a great place to find pasties in Michigan's Upper Peninsula? I'd like to avoid the usual tourist traps. THANKS!!


by Kamaji 17 years ago

Does anyone have any good recipes for pasties? My parents used to make them when I was younger, and I might be able to get them to find the recipe, but I thought I'd ask others if they have any i...

Cornish Pasties

by Boots 17 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find Cornish Pasties in the city? Specifically, I'm looking for the gigantic ones like they make in Michigan's U.P. There's a British place on Hudson that makes them Co...

Homemade pasties at Dylan's

by Joan Kureczka 18 years ago

Dylan's is a neighborhood, Welsh bar at Folsum and 19th. Very friendly local, that like Edinburgh Castle provides some cultural stuff tied to Wales (a Dylan Thomas celebration and St. David's Day a...

Pasties in DC area?

by SeanOfTheHillPeople 18 years ago

I have a massive craving for the local delicacy from the Upper Pennisula of Michigan, the Pasty. For the uninformed, the pasty is basically a meat and veggie empanada that originated in Cornwall. ...

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