Meat Grinders

Meat Grinder Advice, Please

by ninrn 6 months ago

I'd like to buy a meat grinder and have some questions I hope some of you can answer. We will be using the grinder mo...

ninrn commented 6 months ago

Help with beef tenderloin leftovers

by mrjones15 8 months ago

A couple months ago I took my first attempt at slaying a whole beef tenderloin. I ended up cutting the filet mignon o...

outRIAAge commented 8 months ago

Best Appliance for Making Nut Butter?

by Seitan 7 years ago

After trying to make good nut butter (almond, peanut, and hazelnut) in my Vita Mix blender as well as my Champion Ju...


joewilder commented 8 months ago

Can one grinder do it all?

by RealMenJulienne 5 years ago

Hello, I'm looking for an ideal grinder which may or may not exist. I'm picturing something which can grind anything ...


Muncheeeee commented 11 months ago

Meat Grinder Noob = Tips and Tricks

by chefwong 11 months ago

Got me a 3/4 LEM grinder delivered on Saturday. In all fairness, I just washed it, threw it in the freezer, started c...


chefwong commented 11 months ago

Hog butchery at home?

by Viro13 12 months ago

Not sure if i am posting in the correct place, but i am looking to buy a pig and butcher it at home. Our kitchen h...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 12 months ago

KitchenAid grinder attachment vs. Champion Juicer?

by tubman 1 year ago

I've been treated to a friend's frozen banana "ice cream" which comes out beautifully from his Champion Juicer ( http...


ferret commented 1 year ago

Kitchen Aid Meat Grinder -- Gray Ooze

by walker 6 years ago

I finally used my meat grinder (for Asian chicken patties with semi frozen breasts) and a gray ooze was coming out of...


mfinnerty commented 1 year ago

Kitchenaid Food Grinder attachment does not seem to fit my machine

by JoanNYC 6 years ago

Been wanting this for quite some time. However, I have the original Kitchenaid stand mixer.. model K5A. This has be...


aishauddin commented 2 years ago

What's a good mix for grinding ?

by brevardbelly 6 years ago

What would be some good types of meat for grinding for a 80-20 or 70-30 hamburger ? Chuck steak in my neck of the woo...

scubadoo97 commented 2 years ago

Meat Grinder Recs?

by eight_inch_pestle 7 years ago

Title pretty much says it all: looking to start making some of my own sausages, and am in the market for a meat grind...


setrakian2014 commented 2 years ago

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