Measuring Spoons

You Need These Basic Tools for Your New Kitchen If You Want to Eat Well

If you’ve recently graduated from college and you find yourself alone in your new kitchen, there are a few basic kitchen items that every new grad should have in their cabinets. You’ll definitely miss...

odd size measuring spoons why no 1/3 tsp

by qwerty78 12 years ago

hello all- any idea why there's never a 1/3 tsp included in sets? I ordered an odd sized set (which obviously i don't NEED but thought the 1/8 tsp and 2 tablespoon measure would be handy) but notic...

Beginners Questions About Measuring for Baking

by cgxy96 7 months ago

So I just started on my baking journey, with my first attempt being pita bread. Recipe calls for 1 cup of flour, which for my continence, I converted to 136 grams. My question is 1. So is it 13...

Highest quality measuring cups/spoons?

by 7nkWAR9lAPnmzKRlhYAD 1 year ago

I'm in the market for a very high quality set of measuring cups and spoons. Over the years, I've gone through so many plastic and metal ones, from bending to discoloration to increments peeling off...

Measuring Spoons - are there any on the market that aren't pure Chinese junk?

by omotosando 9 years ago

So based on all the good reviews at Amazon, I purchased the CIA Masters Collection Measuring Spoon Set http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000HV9HHY/ref=oh_o05_s00_i06_details It turns out that th...

Accurate Measuring Spoons

by JessEvans 5 years ago

I just figured out that neither of my two sets of measuring spoons is anything like accurate, at least for the tablespoon measure. One holds 9 grams of water and the other holds 18! A tablespoon me...

Measuring spoons and kitchen scale give different readings

by glify 5 years ago

I notice when I add teaspoons or tablespoons using my measuring spoons, there is a wide gap in readings. The spoon says 5g or 15g (I make sure the powder is flat, though I don't pack it down). The ...

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