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KronnerBurger [San Francisco]

by mariacarmen 8 years ago

Just had an amazing cheeseburger at Kronnerburger, which is part of the Bruno's space in the Mission. Seriously delicious. Messy, juicy, incredibly flavorful. We had the cheeseburger, which is c...

Belford Bistro (Belford NJ)

val ann c
by val ann c 14 years ago

I was delighted to see an elegant bistro open up in Campbell’s Junction, Belford. We went on a Thursday evening. There were several tables occupied. The place was about 25% full. There was only one...

Verbena on Polk, SF

by Fine 8 years ago

Being a fan of Berkeley's Gather, I long looked forward to the SF outpost. Believe me, I wanted to love it. I suppose it was slightly unfair to expect a Gather replica, but at least my unconscio...

Actinolite: earnest or pretentious?

by FrankD 7 years ago

Party of eight last night, all of us at Actinolite for the first time. Cozy and pleasant room, but almost studied in its variety of unfinished and finished surfaces. Even though we were, when w...

Night Market in harvard square

by coookie 7 years ago

a friend and i were heading to orinoco when we stumbled past this place. it's in the old tamarind bay spot and in fact the replacement of that sign is what caught our eye from the street. turns o...

Totally subjective: Little Jewel vs. Orleans and York Po-Boys

by Moomin 7 years ago

So, I make NO claims to authority on matters concerning the cuisine of the Mississippi Delta... but I had meetings downtown and in in Inglewood within a few hours of each other this week... so... I...

yet another review of Per Se

by pubb 6 years ago

The SO and I were going to be in NYC so we decided to splurge on dinner at Per Se. Neither of us have ever eaten at a three-star restaurant and we decided to go for it. Making reservations was tric...

Hola Arepa

by gildeddawn 7 years ago

Just went for the first time last night, and thought it deserved a thread of its own. (Some mentions in other threads, I know, but I didn't find anything comprehensive.) We loved it! The food wa...

Cool and Refreshing! The Outstanding Soba Noodles of Ichimian (Honten) [Review] w/ Pics!

by exilekiss 13 years ago

(Formatted with All Pictures here: http://exilekiss.blogspot.com/2008/08/cool-and-refreshing-outstanding-soba.html) Soba Noodles can be an acquired taste. It is far less popular than its Ramen...

The GTA guide to Colombian empanadas (really, really long)

by TorontoJo 10 years ago

8 'hounds spent 6 hours on Saturday driving around Greater Toronto looking for the best Colombian empanadas. Colombian empanadas have shells made from corn meal, are filled exclusively with a beef...

Shunji Japanese Cuisine Now Open for Lunch, Fantastic Lunch Sushi Specials: A Chowhound Exclusive (for a few hours at least...)

by PeterCC 8 years ago

Since I'm at work and don't have time to compose a full post on my blog beforehand, and since being a Chowhound is (sometimes) about breaking news that the community might be interested in, I thoug...

Sunnin Lebanese - I won't be going back

by banquisha 15 years ago

I used to go to this place all the time and always have had the same server... a very friendly chubby man. However tonight, I had THE WORST experience ever and promise that I will never be going ...

Lacha Somtum's "Super Spicy Fish Curry"- WOW, I'm in love!

by jdwdeville 7 years ago

Based on a conversation on this board I tried Lacha Somtum last night. First impressions were not looking good- the place was... clean... and groups of teenagers were eating platters that involved ...

Les Comptoirs du Medoc in the 9th: Best meal of 2015 (so far, but the year is young).

John Talbott
by John Talbott 7 years ago

OK: let's try again. Today I had (we three had) the best meal so far this year at Les Comptoirs du Medoc in the 9th which has been open a couple of weeks, just behind Galeries Lafayette (whose new...

Maneelap Srimongkoun Restaurant -- New Lao Food Option in the Excelsior [San Francisco]

by soupçon 8 years ago

My quest for new and exotic noodles today took me to Maneelap Srimongkoun Restaurant in the Outer Mission/Excelsior district. It opened on New Year's Day. It was developed by sisters-in-law, one ...

Al's Place, San Francisco

by tjinsf 7 years ago

I don't usually recommend a place until I've been there a few times but even having only dined here twice I am so excited about the food at Al's Place. This is the place to take your favorite veget...

Windy's month of lunches 2008 [San Francisco]

by Windy 13 years ago

Imagine my frustration returning to the Financial District two years later only one block from where I last ate! I've been downtown on and off this year, and am now settled in at Market and Fre...

' Fantasy Eatery ' - Moved from Scarborough to Richmond Hill - Food still Good!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 7 years ago

To foodie fans of Fantasy Eatery who reside north of the GTA....Rejoice! Their Scarborough flag ship restaurant has recently relocated up north to Richmond Hill! ( Unit16, 10909 Yonge Street, Richm...

Mio Posto (Saratoga Springs)

by financialdistrictresident 9 years ago

Had dinner at Mio Posto (in the former Lanci, 8 Tables, Sangwych location) recently. Warm, fresh bread and a white bean dip arrived after a tasting of risotto and ramps. I had chicken livers wi...

Skipjack in Newark DE

by sal_acid 8 years ago

A new place in the Shops at Louviers, at the old location of Johnsons Grille, and a few other equally forgettable places. Its run by the ex-chef at Krazy Kats so the guy knows how to cook. Ther...

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