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We Tried the KFC Donut Sandwich So You Don’t Have To

KFC is no stranger to stunt sandwiching. But the Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts Sandwich, the fast food favorite’s latest creation, is its most gluttonous offering since the Double Down. The combination...

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L.A. Taco's Taco Madness 2015 (A Photo Story)

by TheOffalo 5 years ago

[From http://theoffalo.com/2015/04/taco-madness-2015/.] L.A. Taco's "Taco Madness 2015" took place on Sunday. Unlike the previous two years' events, which took place at Grand Park and had free...

Lunch at Italic

by slowcoooked 5 years ago

There's good here: the proscuitto san danielle was my first taste of that sweet nectar of cured pig. I'm pretty sure it's the nicest version I've tried and it better be for 18 bucks a serving. Th...

Chowdown Lunch Report: Farewell to Capp's Corner in SF's North Beach

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Yesterday four 'hounds enjoyed what will likely be our last lunch at Capp's Corner before it closes forever on April 19. And as it turned out, this was a first, as well as last, time for each of us...

La Table d'Eugene

by mangeur 8 years ago

Better than ever! Will post more detail later, but last night's dinner at Eugene was Maillard at his best: dorade ravioli, scallops on buttery carrot puree, lievrr royale, monte blanc, pineapple c...

Szechwan Chilli (San Jose) chowdown report

Peter Yee
by Peter Yee 5 years ago

Five Chowhounds (well, 4 hounds and 1 friend of a hound) met for an exploratory chowdown at the recently opened Szechwan Chilli (that's the English name on the front of the restaurant) in San Jose ...

Jardin des Plumes, Giverny -- tranquility after the crowds in Monet's Gardens

Jake Dear
by Jake Dear 5 years ago

We took the train from Saint Lazare to Vernon, transferring with at least 60 other tourists to buses for Giverny. The gardens were even more impressive than we anticipated, but the crowds -- waves...

Great Burger at O'Connell's -- Best in StL?

by nosh 5 years ago

Saturday afternoon, and first stop was Olympia's just up McCausland from my mom's place and I'd heard good things about their gyro. But Cards game was on TV and when I asked if one could show me t...

Ribelle Outstanding

by bakerboyz 5 years ago

Planned to meet my daughter around 8:15 last night for a last minute dinner at Barcelona in Brookline. I arrived before my daughter, the restaurant was packed, there was a short wait for a table an...

Fremont Diner Report (Sonoma)

Civil Bear
by Civil Bear 6 years ago

Had a chance to stop by Fremont Diner on my way in to Napa this morning. I really like their morning menu of low country shrimp & grits, chiliquilies with smoked pork, biscuits & gravy (a DOM tripl...

Oh, Marcus, Why?

by brooklynsabra 5 years ago

So I am a Marcus Samuelsson fan from way back to his Aquavit days. In recent years, I have really liked his persona on The Taste and have long wanted to try his restaurant, Red Rooster up in Harle...

Paris A to Z. Four new places - A Noste, Le BAT, Ellsworth, Zebulon

by jock 5 years ago

First new place is Ellsworth. Open less than two weeks by Braydon and Laura from Verjus. Theme is small plates. Really good wine list. The food was, in a word, Fantastic! Service was friendly ...

Worst curries tasted in the GTA?!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 5 years ago

I am one of those who would like to give small businesses a chance - Live and let live! However, my 'Kashmiri Food' experience at 'Masala Mahal', a food stall at First Markham place's food court...

Porte 12 ,Paris

by pierre 5 years ago

We dined at this new restaurant yesterday.It seats about 25 people. Open kitchen with 4 busy cooks in a tiny space.Excellent service through 3 people.We opted for the 8 course degustation menus(60...

Dinner: Doris Metropolitan, 3/30

by zin1953 5 years ago

Why isn't there an apostrophe? It's not "Doris," as in "Day"; it's "Dori's," as in "belonging to Dori." Whatever . . . For our last dinner in NOLA, we checked in here. A funny thing happened...

Brasserie NO

by black_lab 5 years ago

I've enjoyed dinners at Brasserie Jo in the past and even recommended it. We just had the hotel breakfast from hell there though. We thought it would be a good place to meet out of friends stayin...


by SarahInMinneapolis 6 years ago

Helloooo, Heyday! May we not say “goodbye” for a very long time. You, Heyday (collectively, all of you involved) are exactly what we have been looking for, for a very long time. A neighbor...

Killer Meal at Wichcraft satellite at Lincoln Center

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 5 years ago

I've had nothing but bad experiences with crappy little satellite concessions bearing famous upscale brand names selling egregiously overpriced "on-the-go" offerings. Never works. It's always a suc...

Szechuan Impression, A Photo Story

by TheOffalo 5 years ago

[From http://theoffalo.com/2015/04/szechuan-impression/.] Sichuan cuisine has been on a hot streak (pun intended) in the San Gabriel Valley in the past few years. Chengdu Taste in Alhambra is ...

Excellent lunch today at Haldi in Curry Hill -- Hemant Mathur's new Kolkata-themed restaurant

by buttertart 5 years ago

Finally, a place that specializes in Kolkata cooking, which my sister-in-law from there raves about. Bengali, Jewish, and Marwari cuisines. Veg lunch 2 courses $12, meat $15. I had luchis (white f...

Bombay Club now in Burlington

by greygarious 6 years ago

This outpost from the same owners as the former Harvard Sq place of the same name, among others, has opened at 184 Cambridge St., replacing The Mughals after less than 1-1/2 yrs. Only two other ta...

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