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LIWAN KITCHEN, Sheppard east of Midland – Authentic, traditional and delicious Cantonese comfort food! (long initial review)

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 2 months ago

To begin with, I would like to express my appreciation to ex-hound 'Ray' for recommending this obscure, Scarborough neighborhood, ‘pseudo-hole-in-the-wall’, Cantonese gem to me. After tonight’s mou...

Yunnan by Potomac in Alexandria - Report

by Steve 21 days ago

Tried three small plates plus one big bowl of noodles at this new spot for Yunnanese cuisine. Many of the dishes are named after specific towns in the Yunnan Province. The small plates were a d...

Lucky Buns, Burgers in DC - Report

by Steve 11 days ago

This paragraph from Washingtonian lured me into Lucky Buns in Adams Morgan: "We know, we know: Who doesn’t serve a snazzy burger these days? Still, chef Alex McCoy crafts our ideal—a juice-dripp...

Chi-Star, Richmond Hill (Leslie & East Pierce) - Stellar, well executed, authentic Cantonese fare, worthy of multiple visits!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 8 days ago

For those of you Cantonese food lovers whose hearts were broken by the closing of Judy's cuisine and Maple Yip.......Rejoice!! There's Richmond Hill's 'Chi-Star' to the rescue! The dinner I had ton...

Having breakfast on Long Island

by Scott_R 9 years ago

About once a week, I go out for breakfast. For me this means more than scrambled eggs on a roll or a donut. I like to find interesting creations that I can sit and relax with (and I don't have muc...

FRILU, Thornhill - A most enjoyable, intriguing and adventurous tasting menu with strong Nordic and Japanese influence! (Long Review)

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 month ago

In a culinary desert that is Thornhill, places that offer slightly more sophisticated fine dining are practically non-existence. As such, when a new kid on the block appeared out of this void, it i...

Shun (n = 1)

by Andy T. 15 days ago

Throwback heaven, the embodiment of beauty combined with technical perfection. I'm sure Tejal Rao would find it "yawny" and "dull", but I'll steal some of her other adjectives to describe Alain Ve...

Vibrant food & nightlife at Alvin & Friends, New Rochelle...

by gutreactions 22 days ago

It was a lovely late summer evening when we stopped into Alvin & Friends on Memorial Highway in downtown New Rochelle. The place was popping at around 8 p.m., and we took seats in the bar/lounge. T...

Shiso Tree, J-Town, Markham - a quick update - Still good but overall taste profile is less enticing and quality has gone slightly downhill?!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 24 days ago

Went for a casual, comfort food dinner at this old favorite Japan/Italian fusion place of mine. My dining partner, a dear old visiting out-of-town college friends of 48 years! Overall, our pasta...

Satay Sate, Scarborough (Sheppard & Victoria Park) - Sadly, food at this new location is good but not as great as before

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 22 days ago

When they first opened up this Indonesian Street food place at their North York location a few years back. Their food, especially the Satays, Beef Randang and coconut rice were really good and enti...

Minis Latin Fusion opens softly in New Rochelle...

by gutreactions 26 days ago

Nicole Pirraglia-Pipalo of City Island has opened Minis Latin Fusion at 237 Main Street, New Rochelle, in a charming refurbished space that had formally operated as Fratelli's. She is joined by tal...

NAKAMORI, Brimley & Eglington East – Cozy neighborhood gem, serving up some delicious modern Japanese fusion food

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 2 months ago

Twice within a short span of over a week, I decided to pay a hefty premium on gasoline cost and venture afar from Richmond Hill in order to pursue some delicious food. This time, my pick was the Ja...

Big Burger & Salad at North End Tavern, New Rochelle...

by gutreactions 10 months ago

We were in the mood for a tavern-type meal and decided to visit 2-year-old North End Tavern in the Quaker Ridge section of New Rochelle. I had not been since their opening days, and I had heard the...

Kuya Ja's Lechon Belly in Rockville - Report

by Steve 10 months ago

This is a small counter-service space that specializes in 6-hour roasted pork. The skin comes out hard, fatty, golden, and crackling. Beware of sharp edges. The meat is thick and succulent. Thi...

Way Station (Fairfax)

by Malcolm Ruthven 5 months ago

Way Station in Fairfax recently started serving lunch, and I stopped in today for my first visit. I had their Pulled Pork sandwich ($12) and I thought it was as good as pulled pork sandwiches get. ...

Spring Squash Blossoms at Le Sirene, Larchmont...

by gutreactions 5 months ago

Last night, the zucchini flowers were stuffed with an herbed ricotta and pancetta mix and lightly fried. Totally delicious! This gem of a restaurant has been charming my palate for several years no...

Burgers Park, North York - Tasty burgers that's worth a special drive to seek out!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 month ago

With so many house-made, gourmet burger places opening up around town. It would take a very special and tasty product to lure me into making a special drive to seek it out? After hearing so many go...

A tale of two Balboa Sandwiches...

by gutreactions 1 month ago

Do any of you remember the Balboa Sandwich? A tasty combination of roast beef, melted Swiss, garlic dressing on a garlic roll or wedge. The origins: some argue it started in Philly, while others sa...

BBQ on the Island

by Gastronomos 2 years ago

After a couple of really, really bad meals at two local (local to me that is) bbq type joints, I am still convinced that this Islands inhabitants do not know how to make and serve bbq. At all. I...

Bob's Shanghai in Rockville- Report

by Steve 6 years ago

Three Chowhounds gathered for an impormptu lunch at this new place which is theoretically an oupost of a taiwanese chain, famed for their dumplings. It has no new signage, just the old sign for Bo...