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Hellenic Snack Bar, Greenport

by Motosport 7 days ago

For some reason Monday on the North Fork is a challenge. Lots of places were closed. Some looked as they may not re...


erica commented 3 hours ago

Kroran Uyghur Cuisine

by DoctorChow 13 days ago

Kroran is a different kind of place, and probably the only Uyghur restaurant in San Diego. It’s a modestly-sized res...


KirkK commented 8 hours ago

Fava Pot, Brand New Egyptian in Falls Church

by Steve 9 months ago

Fava Pot is a handsome new place in Falls Church that sports a menu for casual eats as well as something more elegant...


MikeR commented 1 day ago

Chester's Smokehouse, Albany

by AmyH 3 years ago

We finally stopped in at the new Chester's Smokehouse in Albany (Watervliet Ave near the Co-op). What a great place! ...


AmyH commented 1 day ago

Shoji at 69 Leonard

by foodwhisperer 5 days ago

Went back to Shoji for an excellent meal. The omakase seemed to have more kaiseki dishes this time. The chef Derek Wi...


JTpearl commented 2 days ago

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Barba Bianca in Greenport, a ray of hope in a mediocre dining sphere

by erica 2 days ago

Every year, Greenport becomes more and more inundated with day trippers and Air B&B-ers, not to mention "gift" shops ...

X20 Xaviars on the Hudson still carries a flavorful wallop!

by gutreactions 5 days ago

Just a week earlier I ran into Chef/Restaurateur Peter X. Kelly at the raucous kick-off party for Westchester Magazin...


Ttrockwood commented 4 days ago

Left Bank - West Village

by rrems 13 days ago

I could only find two mentions of Left Bank on CH, and am surprised it is so under the radar. We tried it last nigh...


Hey19NYC commented 4 days ago

Langston Bar and Grill in NE DC

by Steve 10 days ago

After years of being curious aobut this place, I finally made it to Langston Bar after visitng Carne y Arena on Benn...


Steve commented 6 days ago

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Amano - decent if not worth a special trip

Dr. John
by Dr. John 6 days ago

We had a concert at the ACC, so we decided to try Amano in Union Station. It is a very casual space, with a take-out...

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Gola Osteria Ithaca, NY - A Heartbreaking Revisit

by ChefAmandaBaby 6 days ago

Having visited Gola Osteria on a few occasions, and always loving their food and service, we decided to book the grad...

Impossible Meat at Clover KND (Kendall Square, Cambridge MA)

by BostonBestEats 3 months ago

WHAT WOULD YOU GET: If falafel had sex with a meatball? There's been a lot of media coverage about Impossible Meat...


PeterHG commented 8 days ago

BC Spotted Prawns season peaking - Great value abound!

by Charles Yu 29 days ago

Had an excellent family dinner at 'Maple Yip' tonight. To my surprise they only charged $32 a pound for the live BC s...

Charles Yu

Charles Yu commented 9 days ago

Maison Blanche Rises Above the Crowd

by sarafinadh 1 month ago

Ok I couldn't resist, and the view at Maison Blanche and the terrace really are wonderful! MB was recommended by a...


maya1 commented 13 days ago

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Gaudir... Spanish Monday night pop up in East Harlem

by erica 14 days ago

I'd never been to a pop up restaurant before two friends suggested we visit last night. Just wanted to give a brie...


by sam1 2 months ago

i found myself with a table for 2 at frenchette 2 saturday nights ago and figured id share my thoughts here. obviousl...


sam1 commented 17 days ago

Heng Lay - Lowell

by Matt H 6 years ago

A Cambodian friend of mine took a few of us up to Lowell a couple weeks back to eat at Heng Lay. Really enjoyed our m...


treb commented 19 days ago

Karelia Kitchen

by StevietheFish 5 months ago

I hadn't been in a couple years, but last night a friend and I decided to go to Karelia Kitchen for a grazing dinner....


StevietheFish commented 20 days ago

Trabocco Review (Alameda)

by daveena 4 years ago

We had an uneven but promising first meal last night. The restaurant is glossy and modern, design-y in a way that is ...


tre2012 commented 22 days ago