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Zakkushi, my Toronto go-to Izakaya for a Yakitori/Yakiniku fix - An Overdue Re-Visit

by Charles Yu 6 hours ago

After returning from my recent ‘Food-Crawl’ holiday in Tokyo a couple of months ago. This week, I suddenly underw...

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by Shirang 1 day ago

I finally decided to try Cagen, mostly based on UES Mayor's old post(every place he puts on blast seems to be very go...

Daughter Thai in Montclair [Oakland]

by Sablehart 18 days ago

Had a great dinner at Daughter Thai in Oakland--got the 24-hour beef noodle soup recommended in Luke Tsai's review, a...


tre2012 commented 1 day ago

Gui Lin Mi Fen - Flushing

by Pookipichu 2 years ago

Gui Lin Mi Fen is a noodle shop that opened up on 40th Road in Flushing, across from the Main Street LIRR stop. ...


chefdekoven commented 2 days ago

Wan Chai Seafood in Flushing - Excellent

by Pookipichu 2 years ago

Wan Chai Seafood is a new Cantonese restaurant in Flushing, it's across the street from the handball park next to the...


chefdekoven commented 2 days ago

Reve Bistro - Lafayette

by SLRossi 6 months ago

Reve replaced the overpriced Chevallier. It is bistro through and through, right down to the classic uncomfortable c...


SLRossi commented 2 days ago

Rancho Nicasio Restaurant, Nicasio

by sandrachang 11 years ago

Went Sunday with hubby and 2 friends up to the Rancho Nicasio for lunch and check out where one of our friends had go...

Melanie Wong commented 3 days ago

Flor De Mayo, UWS

by vinouspleasure 6 days ago

We recently gave flor de mayo, a chino-latino at broadway and 101st another try. We'd been a couple of times for chin...


wasny commented 3 days ago

Orana (Adelaide)

by debbieann 2 years ago

WOW - ok when everyone says they want Australian food, this is where they should go, as long as they book a couple mo...

haynes commented 4 days ago

An outstanding new restaurant in Amsterdam

by princetonchowhound 11 months ago

Graham's Kitchen opened about eight weeks ago in Amsterdam. My husband and I were looking for the restaurant that ha...


IPcook commented 5 days ago

24 Hours in DC (Tail Up Goat, Le Diplomate)

by sam1 7 days ago

I come to DC every year or so to see family. I've been to most of the big restaurants in town but the recent(ish) cro...


sam1 commented 6 days ago

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by phee 7 days ago

I met a friend for lunch at Mishmash today, and had the best veggie burger of my life. I'm a carnivore, but I'm alwa...

Nanjing Bistro in Fairfax - Report

by Steve 2 years ago

Only open about a month, this may be the only place around to try out Nanjing Cuisine. I was happy to find out that ...


Foodgeek commented 9 days ago

Rome Trip Report (December 2016)

by shanshan 4 months ago

This is a trip report to the itinerary feedback post at (thanks to all for the help):

Multifoiled commented 10 days ago

East End (Alameda)

by Ruth Lafler 2 years ago

I'm starting a new thread because the old ones are out of date (some dating back to the pizza-only prior location). ...

Ruth Lafler commented 12 days ago


by hazelhurst 13 days ago

Ran out to the old shop on Friday because I'd been in the mood for Oyster stew and a friend was heading that directio...


hazelhurst commented 12 days ago

Fishhook Victoria-First Visit

by Sam Salmon 3 months ago

Usually I'm in Victoria after this place closes so a rare daytime visit meant I could try it out. Arrived early fo...

Sam Salmon commented 14 days ago

ChowFind! Lebanese at it's finest

by Sadistick 2 months ago

A ChowFind no doubt; Teta's Mediterranean Kitchen & Bakery - located at 4610 Dufferin Street #19B; serves up some of ...

prima commented 16 days ago

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Chadwick's Bay Ridge

by Motosport 20 days ago

Dinner Friday at Chadwick's was excellent. It's a busy place with fabulous service and a nice sedate ambience. Our ...

Branch Line, Watertown report - 11/15

by beetlebug 1 year ago

I met up with some friends at Branch Line in the Arsenal Complex. I was looking forward to catching up with friends a...


youngho commented 22 days ago