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Get organized. Give your best meal planning tips, and find out how other Chowhounds organize their meals from recipe planning to grocery shopping.

How To Meal Prep On a Budget

Tired of circling the Whole Foods hot bar on your lunch break? More importantly, isn’t your wallet tired? There’s only one way to solve this first world problem and it’s made up of two words: meal prep...

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Breakfast and Lunch suggestions for a group of women

by herby 5 years ago

I am organizing a day of quilting for my guild for about 18 women. They will come for a day (9am - 4pm) to put together a quilt for the show from the blocks that they have already made. The venue h...

Help with menu planning--hosting a BBQ with 15-30+ guests

by nothingswrong 5 years ago

You know the drill: Looking for a cohesive menu that can largely be prepped ahead of time (day before would be ideal). It will be just me prepping and cooking (except my man will be at the grill...

32 Hungry Boys

by VosFan 5 years ago

In three weeks, I have 32 young men coming to my house for dinner. This will be their final dinner at the end of a two day conference. Their meals for day 1 will be a fast food lunch, and Philly ch...

what's a good side for coq au vin?

by Wendy Lai 18 years ago

I'm making some coq au vin this weekend and wonder what I should serve as sides?

Husband Coming from 3 months stay in China; What to cook .

by Sandwich_Sister 5 years ago

My husband has been off working in Beijing for almost 3 months and gets home Feb 18th for 2 weeks, then will be back in China for another 3 months. Since he's only hear for 2 weeks before he goes b...

Need help with my menu..

by AshleyCas 5 years ago

I'm making a nice dinner for my Husband for Valentines day. We're HUGE raw oyster fans, so I've ordered a bunch from Island Creek Oysters. I know my husband will most likely get pretty full off t...

Need Ideas for My Menu for Two

by TXMandy 5 years ago

Hubby and I aren't fans of going out to restaurants for Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, etc. That said, I always look forward to preparing us something a little different on those nights. I'm no...

How do you put together a menu plan, if you do?

by ennuisans 5 years ago

In my case, I'm an older adult living with my retired parents, and part of what I do is try to cook for them. But of course everyone at our age has pretty firm ideas of what we want to eat, and the...

When do you plan dinner?

by Puffin3 5 years ago

My morning routine is make my tea then spend an hour or so in front of the 'Leopard'. A stop at CH is always a must. This is when I start thinking about what to make for dinner. Over time I've s...

What are your home cooking goals for 2015?

by Frizzle 5 years ago

The bustle of the holiday season has gone - and refrigerators are finally free of leftovers. Do you have any home cooking food goals for 2015? A cuisine you wish to learn about? A dish or techn...

Menu suggestion for macaroni and cheese main dish

by milklady 6 years ago

I am doing a big dinner (75-100 people) and macaroni and cheese (Martha Stewart recipe, I've made it many times) is going to be the main dish. The remainder of the menu will be: challah bread...

Need help for Christmas menu

by moccy 5 years ago

Dear all, I need some suggestions on Christmas lunch menu. My housemates and I have agreed on the some menu but we still need some inputs for mains and dessert: Appetizer - Egg benedict with sm...

Christmas Dinner: in charge of turkey and ham and mashed potato -- but traveling 5 hours to get there, arriving just 2 hours before scheduled dinner time

by cookinglisa 5 years ago

Need your suggestions and thoughts please. My family travels 250 miles (4 hours) to my sister's house for Christmas dinner for 18 - 20 people every year -- and we (my two sisters and I) rotate...

Suggest a soup (or side) for this menu.

by white light 5 years ago

Planning the xmas even meal and I feel like I need to add something. I was thinking a soup but am open to a side as well. Bonus if it's gluten-free and/or make a head. Thanks! -Roasted beet a...

Is my Christmas Eve menu too orange?

by kitben 5 years ago

Hi, would love your critique of what I'm planning to serve on Christmas Eve. Seems a little too orange and in need of something green, but am pretty tired of green bean casserole and at a loss for ...

Xmas Eve menu with a standing rib roast.....serve with rolls for sandwiches?

by jules127 5 years ago

I am doing things a little differently this Christmas Eve, I have decided to serve heavy appetizers in lieu of a sit down meal. I was thinking that I would still like to have some sort of roast fo...

Butternut squash on the side, but what's the main dish?

by glutton 13 years ago

I am cooking for my mother-in-law tonight. We don't want a big, fancy meal because she'll have just flown in from overseas and I'll just be home from work, so we're looking for something quick to ...

Average Grocery Bill-for 2

by mmuch 12 years ago

Looking for a consensus. What's your average MONTHLY grocery bill for 2 people. -Please note if you're an occasional Whole Foods shopper or any other significant items that could rack up your bill...

When you grocery shop, do you buy...

by lilmomma 9 years ago

some chicken, some fish, some pork, some red meat? In other words do you try to plan different protein sources for each meal? How do you grocery shop? How do you meal plan? I used to buy just w...

Can I freeze pulled pork?

by Kauainut 9 years ago

I'm due to give birth to our first child in a few weeks and I am cooking and freezing some meals in advance. Can I freeze pulled pork? If so, should I freeze it in any remaining cooking liquid o...

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