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The Original Shamrock Shake Flavor May Shock You

This year, the McDonald's Shamrock Shake turns 50. Here's everything you need to know about the seasonal all-star, from its original flavor to how much sugar it contains. It's that time of year again...

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McDonald's Premium Iced Coffee

by D-NY 14 years ago

Saw the ads for this and popped in. $2.19 for their smallest size!! I turned around and walked out. Anyone try this? Is this better than Dunkin Donuts (since it is priced more)? Any idea why t...

McDonald's new Asian Salad - I'm loving it

by EPL 14 years ago

The latest in McDonald's premium salad offerings is a pure delight. The Asian Salad is wonderfully tasty, healthy, and visually exciting. The main ingredients are warm orange-glazed chicken breast,...

Italian town sinks McDonald's

by Fida 14 years ago

An old story, I guess, but a new article - McDonald's throws in the towel, unable to compete with good food. Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/01/12/international/europe/12italy.html

McDonalds to Serve Organic, Fair Trade Coffee...

by Gary Soup 14 years ago

...at least in New England. Are you listening, $tarbucks? Link: http://www.eisinc.com/release/storiesh/SCANLA.026.html

McDonald's Mozzerella Sticks

by Michele Cindy 15 years ago

Please don't give me a hard time about going to McDonald's but with 2 whiney kids at the end of a hot day, you do things you normally wouldn't do... Last night stopped into McDonald's due to the ab...

Best "fast food" options without actually eating at McDonald's?

by SK 15 years ago

So I got my Chowguide from Amazon last week and one of the items that got me thinking was the question about number of visits to McDonald's in the past decade. I go every once in a while if things ...

McDonalds Fruit and Walnut Salad.

by Krys 15 years ago

I was just getting a bottle of water, honestly, when I saw the new fruit salad. ItÂ’s ok and a good alternative to most of the menu. It would due nicely as a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner dish....

reservations at mcdonalds???

by Agent99 15 years ago

what is the deal with 'orchid room' at mcdonalds near wall st? any kitch value or just a waste of time?

McDonald's salt- Foodies beware

by Kevin 15 years ago

This is probably the most base post this board has ever received, and I'm glad to have been a part of it... :) Can anyone tell me where to get salt like the little packets in McDonalds? It's a ...

Unintentionally hilarious McDonald's ad

by Sarah W-R 16 years ago

There's a new print ad for McDonald's that I have seen recently in a couple of mainstream cooking magazines (Cooking Light eg) in which they tout the fact that the lettuce in their salads is "never...

Kwik Way on Lake Park may be replaced by McDonald's

by Pius Avocado III 16 years ago

I read over the weekend that the owner of Kwik Way is in negotiation to sell out to McDonald's. I suggest everybody go grab a corn dog while you still can; maybe the guy will change his mind. A ...

Upscale McDonald's?

by Gayla 16 years ago

Sounds like an oxymoron to me if I ever heard one. But I'm sitting there tonight watching the news on KNSD 7/39 and they're doing a piece on the remodel of the downtown (SD) McD to "capture" an "u...

Chinatown McDonalds Gone Missing

by Gary Soup 16 years ago

In a culinary blow to tourists, local kids and families, and knowledgeable free potty seekers, the big McDonalds at Grant and California vanished in the past week. Windows papered over, all signage...

Arugula Salad at McDonald's

by Gary Soup 16 years ago

My eyes and ears did a double take yesterday when a commercial popped up on TV about McD's new Arugula salad: "Yes, THAT McDonald's!" went the copy. Is this something that's just being test-marke...

A meatless McDonalds Classic Hamburger

by Jeff 17 years ago

If you crave a McDonalds hamburger but are a vegetarian or just want to cut calories, you must try this. My brother came up with this idea. I didn't believe him until I tried it. MEATLESS MCDONA...


by Bob 17 years ago

Which McDonalds in and around the Quarter has the best food? Will be there for a few days and hope to experience as many meals at these establishments as possible, but don't want to waste time and...

McDonald's Premium Salad Review (kinda long)

by Vanessa On The Town 17 years ago

So, shoot me. I work across the way from a McDonald's, and in my attempt to find lunch time bargains that are semi-healthy, I thought that I would guinea pig myself on one of McDonald's new salads...

McDonald's Tofu Sandwich

by Hiko Ikeda 17 years ago

A few minutes ago I found the following article in the Japan Times. Link: http://www.japantimes.com/cgi-bin/getarticle.pl5?nb20030416a6.htm

China -- McDonald's New Taro Pie & KFC's lao beijing roll

by shanghaidawei 17 years ago

I wonder what others think of McDonald's new Taro Pie? Myself I think its great -- better then their apple pie. Also, has anyone else tried KFC's new "Lao beijing Roll" its a wrap that sort of...

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