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McDonald's Happy Meal Cookies

by mbCrispyBits 6 years ago

McDonald's stopped serving their happy meal cookies and the animal cracker-like cookies that were sold separately in ...


hidthecookies commented 2 months ago

McDonald's has revived deep fried pies

by gfr1111 9 months ago

Back in the seventies McDonald's created the most incredibly unhealthy and delicious hand held pies. These were pie ...


JRC14 commented 8 months ago

McDonald's Iced Coffee ?

by Bigtigger 10 years ago

Was at McDonald's the other day and had already ordered my usual large Diet Coke when I noticed the new iced coffee o...


Dave9939 commented 8 months ago

McDonald's Sweet Tea -- Not as Sweet?

by alkapal 10 years ago

Should I panic? I haven't had this tea in about two months. Just got some today, and it tasted less sweet, and more...


Caseysmom1 commented 8 months ago

Five Guys Burgers Vs McDonald's

by sanchezkk 9 months ago

I live in Southern Indiana. I wanted to know the pros and cons of Five Guys Burgers Vs McDonald's. What do you guys...

masha bousha commented 9 months ago

What's the difference between a Big Mac and the Bob's Big Boy Classic burger?

by ipsedixit 8 years ago

This recent thread on the Los Angeles board on a recent opening of a Bob's Big Boy


Big N Fat commented 10 months ago

The Founder Trailer: Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc

by patsully 2 years ago

Keaton's been the lead in the last two Best Picture winners. We'll see if he can get three in a row.


syrup09 commented 10 months ago

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McDonald's test marketing snow crab sando

by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

The Merc reviews the $8.99 snow crab sandwich that McD's is currently testing at four South Bay locations in San Jose...

McDonald's Ice Tea -- What brand is it?

by alkapal 4 years ago

Do you know what brand of tea McDonald's uses for its iced tea? (Or what type of tea they use?) I really like the c...


K_Daddy73 commented 1 year ago

McDonalds' Breakfast Bagel Sandwiches - Where can they be found??

by DarkRose 7 years ago

Does anyone know which markets are still selling the Steak, Egg and Cheese bagels at breakfast? Or why they aren't of...


itshollandaisesauce commented 1 year ago

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Chain Reaction II: How Top Restaurants Rate on Reducing Use of Antibiotics in Their Meat Supply

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"...Now, the results of this year’s report (PDF) are in, and there has been some improvement: nine of the 25 fast-foo...

How are McDonalds hamburgers cooked

by cstumiller 5 years ago

I know they are in holding bins prior to serving but do they arrive at the location pre-cooked? Where does the r...

BiscuitBoy commented 1 year ago

No more orange drink at Mcdonalds :(

by epfx 8 years ago

Well corporate stupidity wins out again . Mcdonalds in Canada has stop serving their orange drink. As you all know th...

masha bousha commented 1 year ago

McDonalds quarter pounder vs. double cheeseburger

by Lindseyup67 9 years ago

I recently decided to forego my usual $1.00 double cheeseburger purchase and order a quarter pounder w/ cheese instea...


cujokay commented 1 year ago

Favorite McDonalds Item

by jracpa 2 years ago

Want to get a thread started for positive thoughts on McDonalds menu items. Please keep comments on topic.

njmarshall55 commented 1 year ago

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Olympic athletes are gorging themselves on free McDonald’s

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"...It also happens to be free, at least for athletes and coaches. The orders can get prodigious. You see weightlifte...

McDonald’s kept its promise to use fewer antibiotics

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

". . . The spring of 2015 was a tipping point for corporate pledges: Around that time, just about every U.S. food com...

hill food commented 1 year ago

McDonald's back to deep frying their Apple pies!

by iheartcooking 2 years ago

At least it seems like it.... My boss brought me two today as apology for being really late (weird but okay!) and th...


clausy commented 1 year ago

McD's lobster roll, just don't

by masha bousha 1 year ago

Why? Why did I think I should spend $8.99 on a cold lobster roll from McD's recently? Well, I was hungry and had so...


masha commented 1 year ago