Desperatly seeking edible food in Mcallen, Texas

by Biker Foodie 17 years ago

Hi, Last month I spent a few days in McAllen, Texas and will be returning there in a about 1 week and would love to know if ther are any good places to eat in McAllen as all that I came across we...

Looking for BBQ - The REAL stuff - Around McAllen, TX

by BriNal 8 years ago

I'm a musician on tour, looking for the real deal Texas BBQ around the McAllen, Texas area. Help a guy out. I've got a van full of hungry musicians!

Christmas Eve / Christmas in McAllen area

by Ytinas 9 years ago

Any suggestions for a Christmas Eve dinner in McAllen area? Looking for a place that is kinda dressy/formal. Chain restaurants, notsomuch. Also looking for a nice Christmas Day breakfast or brun...

BBQ in McAllen

by Rosiepigs 10 years ago

I'll be in McAllen for a week in October and am wondering where I can get some authentic BBQ. Am I wrong that McAllen isn't the epicenter of Texas BBQ? Can I still get good BBQ around McAllen? T...

Help Needed - Entertaining Clients in McAllen, TX - where to go? (neither I nor them are locals)

by deckebr 10 years ago

Traveling to McAllen later this week and will be entertaining clients from Midwest. I too am from the Midwest and will be visiting McAllen for the first time... and without a tour guide I need som...

Just moved McAllen, looking for some real Szechuan style chinese dishes.

by robbie6805 11 years ago

Just moved McAllen, looking for some real Szechuan style chinese dishes. Szechuan DanDan Noodle $4.99 229. 炝黄瓜 Szechuan Style Cucumber $4.99 Soup 汤类 315. 青菜豆腐汤 To...

In search of restaurants between mcallen and harlingen, tx

by julesy 11 years ago

I relocated to the valley a few months ago. My partner and I tend to cook at home, but I love restaurants and have not had the good fortune of finding anything but tex-mex and bbq in the area. I ...

while visiting McAllen on business

by bornie 11 years ago

I found a dining gem at Taste of India, on Ware Ave.. Family operated, I had the roasted eggplant which came with rice and ordered a garlic naan.. Absolutely fantastic.. The dishes served up to ...

been to Pelican in McAllen yet?

by leigh58 13 years ago

has anyone been here since they finally opened? seems like i`ve been watching them working on the thing for years, just wondering if its worth the time?

McAllen and Edinburg, Texas?

by hellfrick 12 years ago

Hi. Soon I'm going to McAllen and Edinburg, Texas. I'm only going to be there three days on business. Does anybody have any recommendations for exciting and unique places to eat? (I favor American ...

Great steak in McAllen

by matt.mclarney 13 years ago

Try the Santa Fe Steak House in McAllen! I finished my meal there about 2 hours ago, and have been feeling honeymoonish toward the restaurant since. I owe these feelings to a fantastic atmosphere ...

Looking for Chowish Eats in Hildago or McAllen, TX

by DetectDave 13 years ago

I'll be in Hildago for work 4 days next week and was hoping someone could steer me to some reasonable casual chow in or around Hildago or McAllen, TX. Thanks in advance for your help.

McAllen - Rissoto

by OETex 14 years ago

I was in McAllen on business with some co-workers and had dinner at Rissoto Restaurant. The meal was excellent, I had the Steak Diane (the menu had a different but similar name) and it was one of ...

On the road 'tween McAllen & S.A.

by dan f. 15 years ago

We'll be driving between McAllen and San Antonio next week (Sunday, actually) & wondered whether there's anything really good along the way (Tex-Mex, BBQ, chicken-fried steak, you name it). Will pr...

is this place good? McAllen

by {Pablo} 15 years ago

Maria Bonita's?

McAllen Texas, dinner?

by {Pablo} 15 years ago

Anyone know where to at in McAllen Texas? Dinner ideas appreciated.

Good Tex-Mex in McAllen or valley region

by Rockintom 16 years ago

Winter Texan looking for good Tex-Mex in the valley. Not looking for fancy.....just good reasonably price food. Great enchiladas a plus. Thanks!

Good Chinese in McAllen or vicinity

by Rockintom 16 years ago

We are in the valley as winter Texans. Looking for good chinese. No buffets please. Doesn't need to high end - just good food! Thanks.

[LRGV] RFI: Brownsville, McAllen, Weslaco, Pharr

by Scott 17 years ago

I'll be in the lower Rio Grande valley next weekend. I'm hoping for barbacoa at Johnny's in Pharr and Vera's in Brownsville. But if anyone knows of any other great or distinctive food offerings i...