Six Places to Travel for Healthy Getaways

Have you ever finished a trip, only to find yourself needing a vacation from that vacation? Between endless hours of sightseeing and indulging in extravagant meals (not to mention the cocktails!), traveling...

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Maui 2016 Trip Report

by smiles33 4 years ago

We took our fourth family trip to Maui (my 6th total) for a week right before Christmas. We brought my in-laws so there were 7 of us, which meant we got to try lots of appetizers! Since we stay in ...

Final sugar cane harvest in Hawaii

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

The cane harvest on December 12 at Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co.'s Maui plantation and haul to Puunene Mill was the last gasp of Hawaii's sugar cane industry. http://mauinow.com/2016/12/12/hcs...

Wailea Maui Trip Report

by Jul2000 5 years ago

We are foodies who spent one week at a Wailea resort in Maui. Our advice is to go off resort and to eat local seafood. Lots of restaurants get outstanding local fish. The resorts offer the same qua...

2015 Maui Trip Report (Long)

by kathryn 5 years ago

BREAKFAST  Kihei Caffe, Kihei: Went for breakfast nearly every day. My husband is a creature of habit and stuck to the surfer sandwich (on ciabatta with eggs, bacon, avocado, and tomato), while ...

Any recent suggestions for fine dining in South Maui?

by ben54 5 years ago

Looking for some recent thoughts on fine dining in South Maui. Any type of food, what would be the one restaurant you would eat at, if you could only pick one? Thanks!

Lahaina vs Kihei

by Goober 16 years ago

Hi there, I'm trying to decide whether to stay longer in Lahaina or Kihei for a 2 week total trip. I realize they're not that far from each other. However, once I stay in one part of Maui, I woul...

Kauai and Maui restaurants

by rg121279 5 years ago

Hello- my husband and I will be in Maui and Kauai over xmas. I will be pregnant then and need to be careful about the food i eat (no street food or raw fish). We are thinking of in Kauai: tradewind...

Maui and Kauai trip report

by hyperbowler 5 years ago

We spent a few days in Maui. Lots of good food, but some hitches, even with an exhaustive list of tips https://www.evernote.com/shard/s2/sh/b29a4277-6848-4180-904d-0c0a4e3e0b9e/f8f37c303adb3d21 fro...

Maui--Mill House? Spago a rip off or worth it?

by meganinlosfeliz 5 years ago

Hi, leaving for Maui tomorrow and will be in Wailea for a week in a condo. Our 3rd time in recent years so I have eaten at many of the places on our list (Monkeypod, Koiso, Morimoto), but am consi...

Cotija cheese in Maui?

by MaryCath 5 years ago

Does anyone know if you can buy cotija cheese in Maui? I want to make so e Mexican style grilled corn.

Burger Shack's Ultimate Bikini Burger

by Mlchur 5 years ago

Not too long ago, I took a weekend vacation to Maui. My main goal that weekend was to do as little as possible. I wanted to forget all about work, due dates for articles, culinary projects, and coo...

Maui Report

by thranduil 6 years ago

Hadn't been back to Maui in nearly a decade. This time we had a 3-year old keiki, so we decided to stick around Ka'anapali to be near the ocean and pool. Really enjoyed Da Kitchen, ate a lot of pok...

Above average espresso in Wailea or Kihei?

by meganinlosfeliz 5 years ago

Hi, currently in Maui staying in Wailea. Our plan was to drive to Memphis Belle for morning coffee (we both are espresso drinkers) each day. We went our first day, and found out that it changed o...

Maui- Best local food- Kaanapali

by cpak 5 years ago

Hi, My family and I will be traveling to Maui for the first time. We will be staying in kaanapali. We have a 1 year old so we want to stay in the area, but also experience good local food. Can anyo...

Advice-Maui (Wailea) Restaurant suggestions

by Property manager 5 years ago

We are going to Maui (Four Seasons) in the next few weeks for a week. Open for restaurant suggestions. Looking for places within 15 minute drive , like creative food, fun/nice atmosphere. Co...

Maui on a Sunday night

by Suzie4399 5 years ago

Hi all, We arrive to Maui at 9pm tomorrow (Sunday) night... Probably won't be able to arrive to a restaurant until around 10pm. Anything open in around Maalaea/Kihei that is notable? Thanks in ad...

Fine Dinner Rec for Vegetarians?

by rcpatt1206 5 years ago

Hi all, Wow! It's been YEARS since I've been on Chowhound, but I return on a mission to help find a really nice dinner spot for my upcoming vacation. I am visiting my sister, who recently moved ...

Shopping for good food and supplies on Maui - Advice for visiting condo cooks?

by Travelwren 9 years ago

We'll be staying in a Wailea condo in March and with five good cooks along are interested in creating some memorable meals together. We're very interested in local, seasonal foods and specialities...

5 day South Maui September Trip Report

by smiles33 6 years ago

We just had our third family trip to Maui, staying in Wailea again, so we hit many of our favorites but also relied on CH reports to try a few new places. Almost all the restaurants we hit were ...

Thanksgiving on Maui - looking for where the locals eat

by anigmag 6 years ago

Never been to Hawaii. My husband and I avoid commercial/chain places that serve up factory food. I picked up some good ideas, but still need suggestions for a luau, Due to some rotten knees, we ...