Six Places to Travel for Healthy Getaways

Have you ever finished a trip, only to find yourself needing a vacation from that vacation? Between endless hours of sightseeing and indulging in extravagant meals (not to mention the cocktails!), traveling...

Where to eat and best Luau in Honolulu and Maui?

by josephml1 2 years ago

Hi, I need your advice about where to eat most go, dont miss and a good choice for a Luau with children. I will be in Honolulu, Kaui, Maui, and hilo a day on each Place. On a cruise ship. W...

chocolate chip cookies in Lahaina

by emily 18 years ago

When I was kid in the 1980s, we used to visit Maui a few times a year and one of the food treats that stood out for me were chocolate chip cookies. These cookies came from a bakery located on the f...

Price of Limes in Maui

by MaryCath 1 year ago

I want to be making Mai Tais in Maui and I am curious about the price of limes near Lahaina. I can use pineapple juice but my favorite recipe calls for limes. Can anyone tell me the price and best ...

Maui 7 Night Trip Report

by sarahbeths 2 years ago

Aloha Mixed Plate: My sense of AMP before we went was that his was a casual eatery serving basic but quintessential Hawaiian fare, moderately priced. I knew that they were near the beach, popular,...

Maui Special Occassion Dinner With Views for 2019

by sarahbeths 2 years ago

Hi Everyone, I've been researching our splurge anniversary dinner on Maui on many sites. The Chowhound discussions are mostly older for Maui recs. We'll be on a babymoon and celebrating our wedding...

Prima visits Maui, Kauai and Oahu

by prima 2 years ago

Thanks to all the current and past Chowhounds who helped me plan this trip. I'll post some favourites. I had written a long post that went missing before I hit post, so I'll add information in pie...

Feedback on plan for family returning to Maui but based on the West side for 1st time

by smiles33 3 years ago

Aloha, Maui chowhounds! My family of 4 is returning to Maui in February, one of our favorite vacation sites, but staying on the west side this year instead of in Wailea. Our favorite condo in Waile...

Restaurants/Food Trucks/Food Stands Hana Area of Maui?

by cobpdx 3 years ago

Not much here on Hana - especially recently. We will be staying for a few nights in Hana and are looking for recommendations around Hana (and PAST Hana). Mostly interested in food stand or food t...

Maui Trip Report (October 2017)

by Andrea_ 4 years ago

I visited Maui with my fiancé for a few days last month. We stayed in a vacation condo in Ekolu Village in Kihei/Wailea, across the parkway from Monkeypod Kitchen. Thanks to u/Kathryn and u/Smil...

Restaurant recommendation - Maui, Honolulu, Melbourne and Tasmania

by pmyok 3 years ago

Good Afternoon - my husband and I are celebrating our anniversary in November and we decided to go to Hawaii and Australia. - Hawaii (Kapalua & Wailea - Maui and Honolulu, Oahu) - Australia ...

Looking for a Maui Recommendation

by rog2867 3 years ago

I have read a lot of the info here but none really answers my question. I need the Best Maui Restaurant with Great View preferable outside seating and has many non fish entrees. Looking to have o...

Looking for Restaurant Recommendations in Maui

by foodieto123 3 years ago

Hello fellow foodies, we are very excited to be visiting Hawaii in March. Staying in Wailea area but ok to drive for about 30 min for an experience meal. Ideally looking for outdoor seating and ama...

Maui Restaurants for a Foodie

by JSWnyc 4 years ago

I'm headed to Maui for a week in January with my husband and 2 year old (she'll eat anything, so I'm not concerned about that). I've been to Maui before, years ago, and felt that the food at the "u...

Sept. 2017 Maui Trip Report - 5th family trip!

by smiles33 4 years ago

My four past trip reports are all on here somewhere, but this trip we REALLY knocked it out of the ballpark. DH and I remarked that every meal was fantastic! HUGE thanks go to Kathryn, whose pr...

Maui trip report: June 2017

by BenjaminSimon 4 years ago

Just returned from a wonderful week in Maui, so wanted to report back, and thank the many previous reports for helping us along the way! Here's where we ate: Geste Shrimp truck - Awesome first s...

Maui Restaurant Suggestions

by tishkb 4 years ago

Will be in Maui for the first time this May. We will be there for two weeks and I was pleased to see that most Maui foodies had positive reviews for the Restautant at the Hotel Wailea, as this will...

Best casual/low-key food on the west side of Maui?

by lovesCheese 4 years ago

My husband and I will be on the west side of Maui (scuba trip) in two weeks. We live in LA and have access to a lot of high-end restaurants so we'd like to eat at smaller/more casual places in Maui...

Disappointed by Chef Sheldon Simeon's Tin Roof

by smiles33 5 years ago

We had lunch at Chef Sheldon Simeon's Tin Roof yesterday and made the drive back to Kahului specifically to try it. We loved Star Noodle (and still go every trip), tried Migrant in Wailea (but were...

Maui - The Places We Go Back To

by DriverPhil 4 years ago

Wailuku A Saigon Cafe - 1792 Main St. – Hours: Daily 10:00am-8:00pm - excellent Vietnamese, quirky wait staff. Moderate prices. Bamboo Grille 1063 Lower Main St. Ste C-226 - extremely tricky t...