A Comprehensive Guide to Fried Chicken

While pork may be the most commonly consumed meat worldwide, it's chicken that's the most versatile. Fried chicken, our favorite variety (duh), comes in all types from all parts of the globeā€”and they...

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ISO Beef Ribs

by tubman 2 years ago

Any restaurants in the DMV (preferably Montgomery County) that feature them? Something I can pick up and eat with my hands if possible, but a braised short rib entree will suffice. TIA.

What's good in Rock Hall and Chestertown these days

by curioussheridan 2 years ago

We're looking for a couple of lunch and dinner places that focus on good food, whether seafood or not. Any ideas? As usual, I'll report back on anything interesting

Coffee bean sellers

by tinpanalley 2 years ago

I'm trying to find coffee bean and accessory sellers in the Silver Spring, Maryland or DC areas that sell sealed bag brands of imported coffees like Miscela d'Oro. I'm specifically looking for that...

Grilled Oyster Co near the Cathedral - Report

by Steve 2 years ago

This place looks new, and I was intrigued by their abundant Happy Hour offering and prices. They also have a location in Potomac, MD. I first went for a couple of fresh local oysters for $1 api...

Locally-Made Frozen Chinese Dumplings in MD/DC

by SnackyOnassis 2 years ago

Is there a resource in the area (preferably in MD) for good, locally produced frozen Chinese dumplings? There is a restaurant here in San Francisco (Kingdom of Dumpling) that has its own, separ...

Box Hill Pizza crab cakes

by Barbarella 2 years ago

I know it is a secret recipe but I would love to know how they make those glorious crab cakes. I am in NJ and not looking to make them anywhere but at home. Any idea? Can't figure it out.

Living the dream where Gablers used to be...

by SuzyV341 2 years ago

I moved into a home that was built where Gablers Crab Shack used to be. I'd love to pay homage to this nostalgic place by framing some photos or newspaper clippings of it. Does anyone have pictures?

Maryland blue crabs

by rareblue18 2 years ago

In need of recs for a reliable place that will ship crabs to Massachusetts

Maryland blue crabs

by rareblue18 2 years ago

In need of recs for reliable provider of Maryland blue crabs which can ship to Massachusetts.

Seeking private dining in Italian restaurant in DC area

by Deborah R. 2 years ago

Hello -- I'm planning an event and looking for an Italian restaurant that can accommodate a private party of 40-50 people. Flexible on location -- don't want downtown DC, but Bethesda-Rockville-...

Where to Eat? Ocean City, MD

by vacationer 2 years ago

Hi friends. I have been vacationing in OCMD for the past 3 or 4 years and sadly we always have the worst food. I like just about everything but on vacation I want seafood (of course) but wouldn't...

NC Hound needing some RECs for the Eastern Shore, VA/Ocean City, MD areas.

by picklelicious 3 years ago

I know this may be a long shot, but traveling up the Delmarva Peninsula in a couple/few days hoping to get some rockfish in the cooler, and will stay a couple nights in Ocean City, MD, and my buddy...

Green Peanuts/Boiled Peanuts in MD?????

by dre22era 10 years ago

Hi I am new to the board and also new to MD. Moved here last week. I am originally from Charleston SC and grew up eating boiled peanuts. Does anyone know of any location where I can purchase ...

Simply Savory Cafe

by bhug82 3 years ago

When on I-95 between Baltimore and Philadelphia and you're searching for the one meal to remember, the Elkton. Maryland exit will get you within reach of Simply Savory Cafe/Catering. For the locals...

Frederick, MD: Father's Day w/ 7 mo. baby. Where to go?

by JenJones24 3 years ago

Hi Guys, I'm looking for some Father's Day ideas for a trip to Frederick, MD with a 7 month old. We live in Kensington, MD -- it's an easy drive up there (45 min-1 hour) but we've never been. We...

Any tips for keeping chicken moist when grilling

by dwkayak 3 years ago

I am trying to recreate the moist succulent tasty chicken I would get decades ago on the eastern shore of MD from weekend Kiwanis Clubs and VFW stands. With diligent research, I've found a few reci...

Online grocery order food stamp pilot program

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

"This summer, Amazon will begin accepting food stamps to pay for online grocery orders as part of a pilot program along with six other companies. The two-year program by the U.S. Department of A...

Road Trip: D. C./Baltimore Portion

by rlcole4346 3 years ago

Day 14, 10/28-31: Washington DC: Another location where we onced lived. We spent our time primarily visiting old friends. We did go out for one memorable meal. Our friends suggested going to a subu...

Stores with goat milk products

by FoodieFan123 3 years ago

Are there any stores that specialize in goat milk products? I saw that Whole Foods only has goat yogurt. Trader Joe's has goat yogurt, goat milk, and a few goat cheese products. But are they are an...

Going for JUST the bread & butter

by KidsMom 3 years ago

Looking for a (ideally northern) Montgomery County restaurant with fantastic bread & butter. Yes there's a story behind it. No, i'm not going to share it :) Bakery, fine dining, anything in be...