Our S'mores Bars Are Basically Summertime Christmas Brittle

S'mores bars are a perfect potluck dessert, especially during summer—and an ideal choice for any Labor Day celebration. While it's not quite no-bake, our best s'mores bar recipe is absolutely worth...

Paris Sweet Shops/ Desserts

by dallarose23 3 years ago

I'm taking a trip to Paris in the fall and am seeking recommendations on the following: - Best shops for marshmallows - Favorite chocolate shops - Best place to have il flottante - Best place...

Defeated by the Marshmallow Recipe...AGAIN!

by yenna 11 years ago

Typically when I encounter an issue baking or cooking, I can search these boards and find a solution. Tonight, after a third unsuccessful attempt at making my own marshmallows, I have been driven t...

Help me fix some loose rice crispy treats....

by JudiAU 6 years ago

I don't even like rice crispy treats but they sell well at bake sales and I am running a snack table tomorrow at school. So I decided to tinker with a fast money maker for the table. I tried these ...

Baking Help! Quantities Confusion

by karigriffith678 4 years ago

So, I want to make these S'mores bars for my Kentucky Derby Party on Saturday. I'm confused by the recipe quantities for the Marshmallow Diplomat Cream. - Heavy cream - 2 # (is that 2 POUNDS? 3...

Searching high and low for Peeps

by garhone 14 years ago

Hi, Anybody know where in Toronto I can buy the marshmellow Peeps? I used to be able to find them in drugstores, especially around Easter. I've looked in some of the Shoppers in my area (Willowd...

Marshmallow, or marshmallow topping for cake?

by Scott_R 5 years ago

I'm regularly tasked with making a gluten-free (because of people with celiac disease) chocolate dessert. A bunch of times I've made Shirley Corridor's excellent flourless chocolate cake from "Bak...

Homemade Marshmallow Questions

by nofunlatte 5 years ago

One of my culinary resolutions is to make homemade marshmallows (probably because I love the way they look and the challenge seems like fun--I don't actually eat marshmallows!) Anyway, I've been pe...

Kosher marshmallows at Trader Joe's

by EmpireState 5 years ago

I saw kosher/pareve marshmallows at Trader Joe's today. I believe that they are under the supervision of KSA (I didn't buy them so I am not 100 percent sure ...)

Homemade marshmallows help (specifically gelatin)

by tepidmonkie 6 years ago

Tried making marshmallows...the smell of the gelatin was gag-worthy while it was blooming. When the sugar and gelatin was being whipped into marshmallow cream, I could still smell it (much fainter...

Where can I buy these cute marshmallows?

by shawnca 7 years ago

I read this story the other day and was attracted by this idea. My little girl's birthday is around the corner, so I want to present her this cute marshmallows? Anyone know where can I buy these?

Campfire marshmallows in DC/MoCo

by Chocolatechipkt 6 years ago

Does anyone know where Campfire brand marshmallows can be bought in DC and/or Montgomery County? I'm baking for someone with allergies, and these don't have suspect "natural flavors." Thanks in adv...

bags of marshmallows

by tweetie 7 years ago

I guess I thought I would make more fudge for the holidays but didn't and so I've got 4 bags of commercial marshmallows and need ideas beyond rocky road fill in the blank! thanks.

Rice Krispy Treats without marshmallows?

by punkin712 14 years ago

Does anybody have a recipe for Rice Krispy treats made without marshmallows? I've seen a peanut butter version that uses corn syrup, but nothing for the standard version. I'm a vegetarian and v...

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