Best Marsala wine to use for cooking?

by MasterBaker 14 years ago

Does anyone have any opinions on the best Marsala wine to use for cooking? Thanks.

I would like to know what brand of Marsala wine you use for your Chicken Marsala?

by hungryinmanhattan 2 years ago

I love Chicken Marsala but am not familiar with Marsala and would appreciate any suggestion you could give me on your preferred Marsala wine for cooking this dish.

Chicken Marsala

by Wtg2Retire 4 years ago

It has been many years since I made Chicken Marsala. I can't recall what brand of Marsala or sweet or dry. Would you mind giving me your thought and recommendations concerning this, please.

Marsala Questions

by AliceS 15 years ago

I am about to make chicken marsala at home and therefore must purchase marsala. First of all, what would happen if I used regular white wine instead? Second, what purpose does marsala serve besid...

Marsala wine

by undesigned 8 years ago

I'm preparing chicken marsala for the first time. Where can I find marsala wine? Local supermarket? Does it matter what kind I use since I'm cooking with it? Any suggestions? TIA!

Chicken Marsala with Pasta?

by kjonyou 8 years ago

Stupid question here but I am making a Chicken Marsala for some foodie dinner guests tomorrow night and I am not sure about the side. I know pasta is very traditional with this dish but been u...

Marsala wine substitute?

by Ianto2000 9 years ago

I'm making a mushroom sauce per the recipe below to try over some fresh manicotti from a local Italian shop. I think it might be nice to preserve the fresh taste of the manicotti and the fresh ...

Substitute for Marsala?

by GSDlove 13 years ago

I would like to make this orzo tonight, but don't have Marsala and would prefer to not buy a bottle when this recipe only calls for a cup. Is there a suitable substitute? Thanks! http://www.f...

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