Marrow Bones


Acceptable Dog Bones?

by zackly 8 months ago

I recently bought some roasted dog bones from one of the large online pet product retailers. I was gently chastised by the rescue group I got my dog from that cooked bones are dangerous due to poss...

Beef Bone Broth

by saxie 3 years ago

I started a post soliciting ideas for commercial beef bone broths since my apartment family had issues with the odor of cooking my own. I tried a few, but they didn't do the trick and were unrealis...

Where to find a beef pelvic bone for broth?

by tangoking 2 years ago

I want to make a rich and creamy sipping broth, and mid-femur bones just don't have what it takes. I want to make broth from the biggest bone of the animal: the pelvic bone. Where can I find a b...

Marrow left in bones after stock making?

by lisaleira 4 years ago

Hi chow puppies! I have been sick and recommended to eat marrow. I have never done that so I made beef stock from big marrow bones. Nuked at high pressure in instapot for 90 min. Very rich brot...

Help, bland broth using marrow bones

by foodiefromfl 13 years ago

I attempted to make a Vietnamese Pho using marrow bones. I initially brought the bones to a boil, discarded the water and rinsed the bones as the recipe required. Then I added fresh water and all...

Bone Broth/Veggie/Lentil/Meat Stew is Awful :( Why?

by lisaleira 5 years ago

Hi Chowies, I seek your wisdom. I put so many good ingredients (at least so I thought) in a stew in my pressure cooker and it tastes so awful. It's not the first time it's happened and it's fru...

Cheap source for marrow bones?

by glenviewjeff 6 years ago

Anyone know of a cheap local source for marrow bones? Where I've been looking, they've been about $6/lb., which seems really high to me.

Veal Marrow Bones

by DolceFarNiente 7 years ago

I can easily get beef marrow bones but seem to be having trouble locating vela marrow bones. Does anyone know where I might find them. I am in Ft.Lauderdale and Smitty's does not carry them.

Venison loin, marrow bones, chard, collard greens, etc.

by bloodboy 7 years ago

I have the above in the title and the following as well: parsnips, summer squash, green beans, cucumber as well as some spices and herbs like garlic, fish sauce, soy sauce, tallow/lard/duc...

Marrow Bones

by Nanzi 8 years ago

I found them, froze them, and now how do I fix them? Hubby has had them as a child but we never did in our house. I had a taste in Aruba, and it was great. I need total instructions and recipe. Tha...

Is there an online source for buying soup and marrow bones?

by Kosmonaut 8 years ago

I've been looking for an online source for buying bones for soup & roasting for marrow, and having them delivered to me. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Refreezing Marrow Bones

by Canthespam 8 years ago

Two days ago I bought some frozen marrow bones to make soup today. I bought extras to freeze. Inadvertently all of them were put in the fridge instead of the freezer. I will be using half of t...

Beef Marrow Bones

by Bada Bing 8 years ago

I just found a little pack of 6 or so beef bones cut crosswise into about 1"/2cm thickness. I thought I'd try prepping them so as to use the marrow as a spread on crusty bread. But I'm new to thi...

Wine pairing recommendation for A. Bourdain's marrow bone last meal

by ed fontleroy 9 years ago

Hi. Can anyone recommend what kind of wine (not looking for obscure labels, but varietals and characteristics) they would pair with roasted bone marrow, spread on baguette with a lemon, parsley, ca...

marrow bones - price and defrosting?

by tc2012 9 years ago

Do you need to defrost the marrow bones before roasting? Also, how much do you pay for them in the bay area? I just went to Whole Foods and they're $5.99/lb. Did I get shanked?

marrow bones in east TN

by manchester8 9 years ago

Where can i get good marrow bones for roasting in or near Bristol,TN or Va;Johnson City,TN;or Kingsport,TN?

Marrow bones...

by popvulture 9 years ago

I keep seeing things on TV and reading recipes about marrow bones. I haven't had them in a few years (last time was Prune in NY - insanely good), and was thinking about trying to roast some on my o...

Marrow bone cooking times?

by Michelly 10 years ago

I finally got some marrow bones, but while Bon Appetit suggests roasting them at 450 for 10-15 minutes, while 'The Joy of Cooking' says to roast them at 300 for one hour! Obviously, there will b...

made stock with marrow bones - now what?

by Aimee 10 years ago

The stock is great. The bones are still full of marrow. Do I scoop it out and put in soup? Or do something else with it?