11 Essential Marinated & Grilled Chicken Recipes for Summer

You may think you don't need another grilled chicken recipe, but these are sure to change your mind with their flavorful marinades, easy prep, and ability to be both healthy and delicious! Chicken is...

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by Dolores78 4 years ago

Have angus beef to roast. Poked with knife then mixed oil, spices, meat tenderizer and worchertershire and rubbed on beef. Can I leave it on the counter for three hours? Just came out of refrige...

Must I refrigerate in order to marinate?

by NightMan 12 years ago

In the event that I want to marinate something, do I have to put the food item in the 'fride? Let's say that I want to marinate a New York Strip. Why can't I just soak the meat in the marinade a...

Uh oh... did I over marinate?

by ceej2008 4 years ago

I prepared chicken breasts with a Jamaican Jerk Paste (commercially made) and put them in the fridge to marinate. We wound up having last minute dinner plans with friends and the chicken is still m...

Overmarinating - Is there such a thing?

by keslacye 14 years ago

Can you marinate meat for too long? I'm considering marinating a flank steak for grilling tomorrow, but there is a chance I won't be able to cook it until Tuesday... Go for it, or Wait?

Tenderizing meat with Coke???

by Wayne Keyser 15 years ago

I have seen the suggestion that many Asian restaurants tenderize beef by marinating in Coca-Cola. I've had some miraculously tender bulgogi and "beef with broccoli", so tender I just can't pictur...

Freezing/Roasting a Chicken

by insertclevernamehere 4 years ago

So my family looooves this recipe http://www.huffingtonpost.com/teri-turner/heroin-chicken-warning-extremely-addictive_b_7880468.html but of course it is way better after marinating a few days, whi...

Is it ok to marinate chicken in tomato paste, olive oil and spices for 2 days?

by Bazzlin 4 years ago

Planned on making an Indian spiced dish tonight that requires marinating the chicken for a few hours. It's just too hot today for that sort of meal! Tomorrow will be just as bad. (Should have thoug...

Suggestions for Marinades

by youdoofus 4 years ago

I have been really wanting to use worcestershire sauce in a marinade for quite some time, but im not sure which direction to go. Im thinking of a beef marinade that i can then cook on a propane gri...

"Doughy" grilled chicken?

by MIMIMOM 4 years ago

My company had a function yesterday and we served some finger foods. One of the things we made was chicken, bacon and pineapple kabobs. The marinade was just some pineapple juice, soy sauce, oli...

Marinated Portabellos - A good idea?

by Gary Rolin 19 years ago

In my attempts to lose weight while at the same time sacrifcing as little flavor possible, I have recently been inspired to explore the world of Portabello Mushrooms. I ran across a recipe for "G...

Marinating Chicken After Slow Cooking... Then Freezing

by loveyournoms 4 years ago

In an attempt to lower my lunch budget and generally make meal planning easier, I would like to have frozen portions of shredded chicken that has been marinated in various ways. My plan is to get a...

Chicken kabob salad

by mk82682 5 years ago

Does anyone know how the Greek pizza shops like Giovanni's roast beef, Anthony's roast beef or omega pizza in Danvers or any other restaurant like this, make their house dressing for their kabob sa...

Did I marinade my steak and chicken too long?

by briannajane67 5 years ago

Hi! We were planning on grilling yesterday but weren't able to. I had steak and chicken breasts marinating for fajitas. They had soy sauce, oil, juice of 2 limes, brown sugar, garlic, and seasonin...

What is a good simple steak marinade?

by GJordan 5 years ago

Hi everyone! I having birthday party next week. Does anyone have a simple and easy steak marinade recipe? (includes common ingredients) Thank for suggestion.

Pre-marinade for freezer to sous vide?

by Autumm2 5 years ago

I'm trying to eat healthier (less carbs and processed stuff) but with 2 little ones I have to manage my kitchen time carefully. I buy most of my meat in bulk at costco, and then food saver it down...

Chicken breasts pre-brined - marinating

by michaeljc70 5 years ago

I always marinate my chicken breasts (as they are flavorless to me otherwise). I try to buy chicken that has not been injected with a salt solution. Sometimes though, there is a great price on th...

chicken confusion

by raberbm 5 years ago

I have heard that chicken should never be marinated more than 1-2 hours if the marinade includes an acidic ingredient, such as vinegar, wine or lemon/lime juice/orange juice, as the acidic ingredie...

Brine vs. Marinade for grilled chicken

by jerry200 12 years ago

I'm somewhat new to cooking, but I've got a fancy new outdoor grill and I'm trying to educate myself. Last night I grilled chicken breasts that I brined according to a simple recipe I found (1/2...

Brining Question

by rriley99 5 years ago

Howdy guys, I stumbled upon a recipe where you brine a 3# pork loin in 2.5gal of brine for about 5 days in the fridge. Now I've got a mini fridge from my college days that I use for things like t...

Can I marinate chicken breast in a buttermilk and garlic/herb/olive oil marinade at the same time?

by nycguy20011 5 years ago

Can I marinate chicken breast in a buttermilk and garlic/herb/olive oil marinade at the same time? Or is it best to marinate it separately the buttermilk marinade and garlic/herb/olive oil maranade...