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Can I freeze this marinade

by melliebay 3 days ago

I made a smoky steak marinade today for carne asada. It easily made enough for several meals for our family of two. I...


melliebay commented 3 days ago

Marinating Bulgogi for 48hrs

by acfrank 2 months ago

Hi all. First time poster here. I had intended to make the recipe below tomorrow, and already have the meat marinatin...


MikeG commented 2 months ago

how long can you marinate chicken?

by foxy fairy 10 years ago

I have a chicken marinating. It has been marinating for more than 24 hours. Ummm, how long would be the longest it ...

hill food commented 3 months ago


by Dolores78 4 months ago

Have angus beef to roast. Poked with knife then mixed oil, spices, meat tenderizer and worchertershire and rubbed on...


BethNH commented 4 months ago

Must I refrigerate in order to marinate?

by NightMan 8 years ago

In the event that I want to marinate something, do I have to put the food item in the 'fride? Let's say that I wan...


Dolores78 commented 4 months ago

Uh oh... did I over marinate?

by ceej2008 5 months ago

I prepared chicken breasts with a Jamaican Jerk Paste (commercially made) and put them in the fridge to marinate. We ...

Motosport commented 5 months ago

Overmarinating - Is there such a thing?

by keslacye 10 years ago

Can you marinate meat for too long? I'm considering marinating a flank steak for grilling tomorrow, but there is a...

ceej2008 commented 5 months ago

Tenderizing meat with Coke???

by Wayne Keyser 11 years ago

I have seen the suggestion that many Asian restaurants tenderize beef by marinating in Coca-Cola. I've had some mir...


ASteffen commented 5 months ago

Freezing/Roasting a Chicken

by insertclevernamehere 5 months ago

So my family looooves this recipe


damiano commented 5 months ago

Is it ok to marinate chicken in tomato paste, olive oil and spices for 2 days?

by Bazzlin 7 months ago

Planned on making an Indian spiced dish tonight that requires marinating the chicken for a few hours. It's just too h...


masha commented 7 months ago

Suggestions for Marinades

by youdoofus 7 months ago

I have been really wanting to use worcestershire sauce in a marinade for quite some time, but im not sure which direc...

MidwesternerTT commented 7 months ago

"Doughy" grilled chicken?

by MIMIMOM 7 months ago

My company had a function yesterday and we served some finger foods. One of the things we made was chicken, bacon a...

hotoynoodle commented 7 months ago

Marinated Portabellos - A good idea?

by Gary Rolin 15 years ago

In my attempts to lose weight while at the same time sacrifcing as little flavor possible, I have recently been inspi...


doriss22 commented 8 months ago

Marinating Chicken After Slow Cooking... Then Freezing

by loveyournoms 10 months ago

In an attempt to lower my lunch budget and generally make meal planning easier, I would like to have frozen portions ...


loveyournoms commented 9 months ago

marinade - What do you do with it after your done with the initial use

by Soup 7 years ago

I been grilling a lot and been marinading my meats in different sauces. One of the most frequent is a vietnamese ins...

Hatchy commented 1 year ago

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Chicken kabob salad

by mk82682 1 year ago

Does anyone know how the Greek pizza shops like Giovanni's roast beef, Anthony's roast beef or omega pizza in Danvers...

Did I marinade my steak and chicken too long?

by briannajane67 1 year ago

Hi! We were planning on grilling yesterday but weren't able to. I had steak and chicken breasts marinating for fajita...


cinisajoy commented 1 year ago

What is a good simple steak marinade?

by GJordan 1 year ago

Hi everyone! I having birthday party next week. Does anyone have a simple and easy steak marinade recipe? (includes ...


valerie commented 1 year ago

Pre-marinade for freezer to sous vide?

by Autumm2 1 year ago

I'm trying to eat healthier (less carbs and processed stuff) but with 2 little ones I have to manage my kitchen time ...


Autumm2 commented 1 year ago

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Chicken breasts pre-brined - marinating

by michaeljc70 1 year ago

I always marinate my chicken breasts (as they are flavorless to me otherwise). I try to buy chicken that has not bee...