Marinara Sauce

Pomodoro vs Marinara: What Is the Difference Between These Two Red Sauces?

Pomodoro vs marinara: Do you have a favorite, or even know the difference between these two tomato sauces? Whether it’s served over a bowl of spaghetti, a pile of ravioli, or a plate of pretty much...

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I miss Calentino's in Costa Mesa! Anywhere else I can buy marinara?

by groover808 14 years ago

This past year Calentino's in Costa Mesa on Harbor and Adams closed. I just discovered this place recently and would buy their sauce by the quart. Is there a good italian deli/restaurant around Cos...

Pomi Marinara sauce?

by Eastsider 15 years ago

Does anyone know where on the Eastside I can find Pomi marinara sauce -- the kind in the vacuum-sealed box? Trader Joe's used to carry it, but no longer it seems ... and Whole Foods seems to only c...

Marinara Sauce and maybe homemade noodles?

by lbs 15 years ago

Hello all - I am running the Chicago marathon on Sunday and I need to carb up. I also found out that my main source of distraction will be at his parents house this weekend. Thus I am on my ow...

Best marinara or meat sauce on the Westside or West Valley?

by loveitall 16 years ago

I'm looking for great places for some good marinara or meat sauce pastas on the Westside or environs. Any help?

homemade marinara

by roy 16 years ago

i've been on the hunt for a restaurant that serves real homemade italian marinara. you know something served in a family owned little place where a great deal of time and pride is put into the qua...

Italian - regluar red (marinara & meat sauces) need your recs.

by joea 16 years ago

I am getting tired of the California 'Northern' Italian dishes served everywhere. Where can I get some nice red-sauce 'GRAVY' in the city or valley?? You know - the kind of restaurant that th...

Baked Marinara Bread

by Jim Leff 16 years ago

This recipe came to me in a dream last night. Any comments or refinements? Would it work? Bake a loaf of bread (semolina?) until a few mins shy of doneness Take out of oven, let cool, remove fr...

Buitoni Marinara Sauce

by rudeboy 16 years ago

I've found that this bottled sauce is very good, especially considering the price. The first time I had it was when I went to a neighbor's for dinner - I thought that she had made it from scratch (...

marinara in manhattan

by redbecca 19 years ago

Who has recommendations for delicious spaghetti w/marinara sauce at a reasonable price in Manhattan, esp. downtown? Redbecca

A simple, satisfying plate of spaghetti marinara in London...

by TMW 19 years ago

Anyone have any recommendation for a simple, satisfying plate of spaghetti marinara in London? Is SPAGHETTI HOUSE endurable? I was once at POLLO in the West End but no amount of salt could give my ...

Your Favorite Marinara/Pomodoro Sauce

by Lindsay B. 19 years ago

What's your favorite recipe for vegetarian(ish) "red sauce"? Do you prefer the long-simmered or the flash-cooked? Fresh tomatoes, or canned? Do you use red wine, white wine, no wine? Does vodka ...

Rao's Marinara Sauce - Wow

by Steve Zang 21 years ago

Decided to make marinara sauce instead of using bottled sauce (an unfortunate combination of lack of time and still developing chowhoundiness) and made some using san marzano tomatoes. I basically...

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