Marinara Sauce

Pomodoro vs Marinara: What Is the Difference Between These Two Red Sauces?

Pomodoro vs marinara: Do you have a favorite, or even know the difference between these two tomato sauces? Whether it’s served over a bowl of spaghetti, a pile of ravioli, or a plate of pretty much...

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Where to Buy Marinara Sauce in Little Italy (Manhattan)

by sumit 12 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good place to buy great pasta sauce in Little Italy? I live close by and imagine the fresh sauces I could get there would be much better than the Ragu-type, grocery store sa...

My favorite marinara sauce recipe

by Soop 12 years ago

Just a link to the marinara sauce recipe I use. I made it this weekend, and although it's fairly simple, it makes a superb rich tomatoey sauce. http://kalynskitchen.blogspot.com/2006/08/sausage...

turning marinara to pink sauce?

foxy fairy
by foxy fairy 12 years ago

Hounds! I have some of Mario's marinara sauce leftover from another project-- it's a chunkier basic tomato sauce with some onion, thyme, and shredded carrot. I would like to transform it into a...

authentic Italian red/marinara sauce?

by AkL 13 years ago

Just wondering what people do to make their own pasta sauce. Our family is having a Tastebud Dispute and its now escalated (downgraded?) into What Is Authentic in Italy. So I ask... sugar...

What is marinara sauce?

by Nunzio 13 years ago

Every recipe I see is garlic tomatoes and basil. But when I go to great Italian restaurants it always tastes better than that. What is the secret ingredient(s)?

Marinara/Tomato Sauce help

by Obessed 13 years ago

I make my own sauce 99% of the time using San Marzano tomatoes (sometimes crushed, sometimes whole but I puree them in a food professor), garlic, olive oil, basil, parsley. My sauce usually comes...

Best marinara sauce above 72nd st

by dadad 13 years ago

east or west side works. good potato gnocci would also be nice.

Homemade Marinara Sauce Problem

Kate is always hungry
by Kate is always hungry 13 years ago

My brother made his usual delicious marinara sauce for dinner tonight. He used a whole head of garlic, chopped onion, black pepper, and red pepper flakes. There was no taste but the tomatoes!?! ...

Looking for an authentic, home-made marinara

by yanks26dmb 13 years ago

...you know the kind.... mabye from someones old Italian Nonna?? I've got a decent one down..but its missing something and I can't figure out quite what...any help!! Thanks!

Homemade Marinara Sauce

by LoriB00 13 years ago

I'm looking for a authentic recipe for marinara sauce. It can be made with canned tomatoes or fresh tomatoes, which ever works best in the recipe. I'm also interested in canning it and being able...

Difference btwn marinara/bolognese/meat sauce

by danhole 14 years ago

I am trying new restaurants in an attempt to get my picky DH to broaden his/our horizons. He likes good old meat sauce. Think about your American mama making her sauce with ground beef and tomato p...

Cento versus Rao marinara sauce

by Learning2cook 14 years ago

I'm in college, so making my own marinara is not an option. I have heard good things about both of these brands, but I would love to hear which you all think is the better of the two. Thanks!

Help with my homemade marinara sauce...

by shu.girl 14 years ago

Hi, I usually make my own marinara sauce with canned San Marzano tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery and fresh basil. But everytime I make it and refridgerate it, it is so watery. I have been having ...

My parmesan rind melted in the marinara--normal or not?

by diablo 14 years ago

I put the rind in about an hour ago and now it seems to be melting into a big parm blob. Is this what is supposed to happen or should I quick fish it out? For some reason I thought it would just ...

Mayor's Own Marinara (RI) - still available?

by JaneRI 14 years ago

I can't find it anywhere....has it ceased to exist or am I having bad luck? I wanted it as part of a RI gift basket for an out of town friend.

Your favorite canned marinara for lasagna?

by noya 14 years ago

I've been using Barilla for a while--it's great. No ingredients I can't pronounce, and well-flavored. BUT...need something to alternate with it...any recs? TIA!

Wanted: simple marinara sauce

by Tom Hall 14 years ago

Anyone have a quick and easy recipe? Nothing too complex and not a pseudo-Bolognese or red gravy kind of deal, please.

help! dutch oven marinara recipe

by warrenr 14 years ago

anyone remember an article about slow cooking marinara maybe a month ago? it included a recipe, and was by a woman, if that helps. it may have been a blog, by someone who doesn't normally write ab...