Marinara Sauce

Pomodoro vs Marinara: What Is the Difference Between These Two Red Sauces?

Pomodoro vs marinara: Do you have a favorite, or even know the difference between these two tomato sauces? Whether it’s served over a bowl of spaghetti, a pile of ravioli, or a plate of pretty much...

Golden Grain Marinara Sauce

by sexychef 12 years ago

I have heard so much raves about this marinara sauce made by a company called Golden Grain. I just have to know where i can purchase it. I live in south texas area however the attorney I work wit...

Mozzarella sticks with raspberry sauce - just upstate NY???

by unfrostedpoptart 12 years ago

Hi all. Question, especially for upstate-NY folks. When I lived in Albany/Troy I used to love getting fried Mozzarella sticks, with most bars/restaurants offering a choice of marinara sauce or r...

Jarred Sauce Storage Question

by MamaManda23 1 year ago

Hi all, I was wondering about jarred sauce. I have a few jars of Rao’s marinara sauce. They have not been stored in a pantry. They have been on an open shelf in my front room. The room does her a l...

Mount Hamilton Grand View Restaurant produce boxes & meal kit delivery, San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Mount Hamilton Grand View Restaurant is offering fresh vegetable and herb boxes from its own garden. The vegetable boxes, as well as butcher boxes for grilling, pasta meal kits or just the Grand Vi...

Trying to make Rao's marinara sauce, close but seem to be missing something.

by ryanlm 9 years ago

This should be easy as it’s just a handful of ingredients, but, I can't seem to get close to what comes out of the jar. Well, it's kind of close, but it's missing something. I believe the jarred ...

When to Add Fresh Basil To Marinara Sauce?

by zackly 4 years ago

I've got a batch (4X 28oz. cans) of marinara sauce on the stove and I've got some nice basil growing on my patio. I've always added the fresh basil to the sauce when I turn the flame off but only b...

Jan's almost Golden Grains Marinara Sauce.

by Jasatt 9 years ago

I had some posters asking me for my recipe that is close to Golden Grain Marinara Sauce. Now when I make it, I make a large batch that I can can and keep for months. So the portions are large. But...

America's Test Kitchen's Marinara

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 3 years ago

I made the marinara sauce from America's Test Kitchen: Even More Italian Classics. It's also available here: https://www.geniuskitchen.com/amp/recipe/marinara-sauce-americas-test-kitchen-512453 ...

Baking Soda In Marinara Sauce? Yea or Nay?

by DayLateDollarShort 4 years ago

I'm in a terrible quandary. Please Help!!! Some chefs swear by adding a "pinch" of baking soda to their marinara sauce (and other tomato based pasta sauces). Others detest the idea. I have ...

Mary's Pizza Shack Copy Cat Recipe

by Rebeckie 10 years ago

Does anyone have or have knowledge of someone who knows a copy cat recipe for Mary's Pizza Shack marinara sauce? Hmmm??

Can't remember which Trader Joe's marinara sauce is the one most liked?

by Hopefulone 6 years ago

Usually make my own sauce, but need to provide a lasagna on short notice. Remember one type of Trader Joe's marinara sauce being favored over the others. Suggestions? TIA

Rao's Marinara.... I don't get it? tell me why you love it/what am I missing

by DuchessNukem 9 years ago

Well after reading about how swell this is, I finally reached up to that top shelf in the store and shelled out 10 bucks for a bottle of sauce (my frugal mother is somewhere out in the Ether clutch...

Marinara/Red sauce/Tomato Sauce/Gravy Help?

by Nanners84 9 years ago

So making the perfect marinara sauce has been a recent quest of mine, so I was hoping some chowhounders could help me out. I should preface the rest of my post with saying that I know the "perfect...

Is it possible to cook a marinara sauce too long?

by BabyLitigator 14 years ago

Quick question. I made a large batch of marinara sauce yesterday for serving today, and I will have a couple of hours where I can stick it on the back burner (it was in pretty good shape last nigh...

What is your favorite tomato/marinara sauce in a jar?

by michael23 15 years ago

If you're not making it from scratch, and whether or not you add something to it, what is the best brand (and flavor/style) of sauce in a jar?

Best marinara sauce in a jar?

by josephnl 9 years ago

OK, I know how easy it is to make excellent marinara sauce from scratch...but sometimes, I'm either too rushed or too lazy to do so. So far, I guess I've decided that amognst the widely available ...

Do I have to peel and seed tomatoes to make marinara sauce from scratch?

by momskitchen 11 years ago

I've got a ton of tomatoes left over from canning....I can't stand thte thought of peeling and seeding them to make a pasta sauce. Do I have to?