A Boozy Mango Margarita Sorbet That’s Better Than the Cocktail

Summer is truly just around the corner, which means one thing is certain: Ice cream weather is upon us. And while you could settle down with a mere pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream, there’s one...

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Call it something else, but please don't call it a margarita.

by James Cristinian 7 years ago

I just read on the same Manhattan board a cucumber margarita and a peach with Thai basil. I drove by a popular Houston Mexican place today that had a watermelon version on the billboard. That's t...

Fresh Margarita mix, ideas?

by chefboyardee 7 years ago

Hi any suggestions for fresh margarita mix. I had something while in California from perricone farms, their agave sour mix, which was the closest to fresh squeezed that I have had. Everything else...

Ultimate Margarita Blind Taste Quest Phase 5: Key Limes or "Regular" Limes?

by TombstoneShadow 8 years ago

Continuing on in my quest for the Ultimate Margarita (for my palate of course), today I blind tasted two drinks using the tequila, triple sec, and ratios established in prior phases, and experiment...

Favorite Margarita Mix Recipe?

by eating out 17 years ago

Hello all, Now that summer is just about here in Boston, I'm ready to lounge by the pool and drink some margarita's! I'm sick of buying the mix at the store (though I like the one at Williams So...

The Perfect Margarita?

by Sam B 15 years ago

Around my house, Friday night is marked by a quick run to the Taco Wagon, and shaking up a couple of perfect Margaritas. After many years of experimenting, several years ago we arrived at the ver...

Large margarita

by thecreepingkid 8 years ago

I'm going to Houston next week for work. Specifically, northwest Houston, near Sam Houston Parkway & I-10 (sorry if these are embarrasingly wrong, I don't know the local names). I'd like to find so...

Best Margaritas + best mex food + cool scene?

by annegentry 8 years ago

looking for location to have a little food, many margaritas, for a birthday, with a medium sized group - suggestions?

Trial of Solerno Blood Orange liqueur as Margarita additive...

by TombstoneShadow 8 years ago

As per prior thread on Alt Orange liqueurs, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/920418 .... results follow for an Impromptu non-blind tasting of Solerno blood orange liqueur, straight and in a bas...

Margaritas: alt orange liqueurs, anyone try these in a marg?

by TombstoneShadow 8 years ago

Has anyone tried any of the following relatively obscure orange liqueurs either straight, or preferably in a margarita? What were your impressions? Harlequin Clement (from martinique?) Solerno...

Perfect Margarita Tequila Blind Tasting Summer Finals Rd. 1

by TombstoneShadow 8 years ago

2013 Margarita Blind Tasting Summer Finals Round 1 Four tequila's made the Summer Finals: 7 Leguas, Corzo, Milagro, and Patron. Honorable mention to El Tesoro for an always-intriguing unique pe...

Beyond Margaritas

by EvergreenDan 8 years ago

I was at Five Horses Tavern (Davis Sq, Somerville, MA) last night and had their Sent From Above -- essentially a Margarita made with Aperol for the orange liqueur. I liked it a lot, but thought it ...

Margarita Tequila Semi-Finals Round 1: Blind Tasting Results.

by TombstoneShadow 8 years ago

Aug. 23, 2013: Blind tasting of 5 silver tequilas: Avion, Don Julio, Milagro, Patron, and Tres Generaciones. Each margarita was mixed 40% tequila, 60% base mix. Base mix established per prior...

Ultimate Margarita Blind Tasting Quest Phase 6.

by TombstoneShadow 8 years ago

21-Aug-13 All drinks approx. 1.5 - 1 teq to TS, with 1 part lime j. (.5 key, .5 sweet), and slightly less than 1 part agave Only diff are the 3 TS…. Gran Gala, DeK O3, and a 50-50 mix DeK...

Seeking My Go-To Margarita Tequila

by TombstoneShadow 8 years ago

In prior threads I've compared blind tasting results for various orange liqueurs, and various preliminary margarita recipe combinations. Those threads became a bit bogged down in philosophy and ...

Seeking the basis of an "Ultimate Margarita"

by TombstoneShadow 8 years ago

So I began this search with two blind tastings of Triple Sec (/ orange liqueur), which frankly is more important to the quality of the margarita than the tequila is: http://chowhound.chow.com/to...

Ultimate Margarita Blind Taste Quest Phase 4: best Tequila to Triple Sec Ratio

by TombstoneShadow 8 years ago

So now, having in prior blind tastings established my palate preference for both blanco tequila (Patron Silver) and orange liqueur (DeKuyper O3), it's time to experiment with various ratios of thes...

Margaritas: Triple-Sec Blind Taste-Off. Cointreau v. Grand Marnier v. DeKuyper

by TombstoneShadow 8 years ago

So school is starting in a couple weeks, and a long fun Summer is winding down :( What better to do that search for the world's best margarita ingredients, at least per my palate. So tonite I...

A different Margarita mix

by Pwelsh4 9 years ago

So I've been looking for a good margarita mix and noticed that its all basically lime juice mixed with simple syrup aka a sweet and sour mix. That's all fine and dandy but I want to mix it up. The ...

Good Margaritas and Mexican food... Mission District? [San Francisco]

by scotcheroo 13 years ago

Hello - I'll be traveling to San Fransico from the east coast for the first time next weekend. As we have very limited Mexican/latin options here in DC, I would love to eat some great mexican f...

Best Margaritas....

by cookfood 8 years ago

A colleague of mine is graduating with her 2nd Masters this summer, and is eager to celebrate with her drink of choice-Margaritas. Im on the task of suggesting a place with excellent margaritas (im...