Manhattan is home to some of the best food in the world, from haute cuisine at Per Se to cheap street food like soft pretzels and hot dogs, and classic bites like bagels and black-and-white cookies. And Chowhounds have tried it all. Get the best tips on where (and what) to eat, and share your own!

One of NYC’s Best Pastas Doesn’t Come from Italy

If you’re headed to New York in search of the best pasta, you may want to bypass Little Italy and head straight up to Midtown’s Nerai, an upscale Greek restaurant offering one of the most decadent dishes...

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by Alex 21 years ago

Well, I guess the word is finally out on Marumi. Up until Eric Asimov's review in today's NY Times, me and my wife, a bunch of young Japanese, and some NYU students had the place to ourselves (but...

Bring Your Own?

by Jake Klisivitch 21 years ago

Are there any good restaurants our there (Italian or otherwise) that let you bring your own wine? I'm looking more on the Upper West Side, but would love to know about others as well.

Surya - Love Ya!

by amy tarshis 21 years ago

I checked out the new minimalist-chic Indian-French fusion place, Surya, in the West Village (If you've lived in the Village for awhile, you'll recall that this used to be the home of the Manhattan...

Where to eat - only in NYC 3 days - HELP!

by Tori 21 years ago

I'm going to NYC for a brief trip, never been there! I definately qualify as a Chowhound and want every bite I have in the Big Apple to be the best. With all the great restaurants how do you p...


by Susan Sermoneta 22 years ago

Is there life after Sylvia's? I'm going to the Schomburg tomorrow, and I've eaten at Sylvia's too often. Any good alternatives? Do you know anything about Charles Southern Style Kitchen on Eight...

Les Sans Culottes West

by FRED 21 years ago

Has anyone tried this restaurant? I would appreciate any info you have .

sushi mania

by Donn Zaretsky 21 years ago

Has anyone been to Sushi Mania, a new sliver of a sushi bar on 2d Ave near 68th St?

I Shouldn't Have Been Unfaithful To Gus

by amy tarshis 21 years ago

The other night, a friend offered to take me to Uncle What's-His-Name's, a Greek place on Hudson Street in the West Village. Unfortunatly, it was so bad -- every dish a dissapointment. The menu loo...


by sibbell park 21 years ago

Has anyone been to Coco Pazzo Teatro - I have theatre tickets in Sept. and want to go there - need recommendations and info. Thanks. Whats the food like??

Chilean Fare

by J.Aponte 21 years ago

I have heard of a Chilean Restaurant called Pomaire that is located on W.46th. Can anyone give me any insight as to whether this is worth a visit? Thnak You

old homestead

by dave smith 21 years ago

My wife and I took another couple to the Old Homestead last Friday. It was our first opportunity to dine in this old nyc steak house. Everything was very nice. However, I prefer Morton's!!!


by joel tractenberg 21 years ago

On our birthdays my wife and I always take each other out to a top restaurant. Last night it was Lutece. And it was shockingly lousy. The room was depressingly shabby...and empty, too. With no s...

Vietnamese: 7 Courses of Beef?

by David Jacobson 21 years ago

Looking for a vietnamese restaurant in Manhattan that does a special meal called 7 courses of beef. I had it last year at a restaurant in Garden Grove, CA actually named for the dish. Anybody hav...

Seinfeld Corner Restaurant

by Sagoo Aloo 21 years ago

Can anyone help with the address of that coffee house they used to use for filming of Seinfeld ? Image: http://www.delphi.com/RobotWars/topic1/attach/5299/our-robots.gif

Le Zoo & Tartine

by hiro 22 years ago

When lived in NY, I and my wife dined a couple of times at Le zoo and Tartine. We loved and miss very much these places now that we are back in Japan. How are they doing? Anybody tell me! Than...

Katz's is sold

by Frank Language 21 years ago

A little birdie just told me the whole block where Katz's resides (around Ludlow and Orchard in Manhattan) has been sold to Ray's Pizza. No further information is available, but I fear the worst...

Pastry in America

by Susan C 21 years ago

Perhaps the best pastry shop in the U.S. is in Saratoga Springs, NY. Mrs. Londons is located on Broadway Street in downtown Saratoga Springs. They turn out beautiful looking and wonderful tasting...

The Ear Inn

by Jim Leff 21 years ago

No time to write up a "what I had for dinner last night" installment, so I'll give it to you in distilled form: Go to the Ear Inn (on Spring Street) for a Guinness Stout. Go there to hang out late ...

tribeca cafes

by Barry Strugatz 21 years ago

I need a place to have an 11am weekday business meeting in Tribeca. Need relative quiet, privacy, decent coffee, juice. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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