Malibu Cafe

by Elle_n_James 5 years ago

Hello All, Has anyone been to the new Malibu Café at Calamigos Ranch?? I am taking my mom up to Geoffrey's for lunch on Friday and though Malibu Café sounded cute for drinks and hanging out af...

Nobu Malibu

by digital_spoon 5 years ago

Nobu in Malibu remains a spectacular seaside venue. We have dined there weekly since they opened a the little mini-mall in Malibu years ago. The move to Larry Ellison's spectacular restaurant venue...

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Bridal shower - by the beach. Help!

by kgraves 5 years ago

Hello- I am planning to host a tidal shower for my sister in August. 20-25 people for brunch or dinner . We have a decent budget $50-60 per person. I am having trouble finding a nice location for t...

Malibu for dinner and sunset

by mboxermd 6 years ago

We will be starting in Venice for lunch off to Malibu for afternoon touring and sunset dinner. Looking for a low key restaurant with good food, good people watching and great views - all cuisines ...

Sunday Lunch in Malibu

by curiousgeo 6 years ago

Planning on doing a Sunday drive up the coast and possibly having lunch in Malibu. Was thinking of Duke's but they only serve a buffet on Sunday, so hoping for some alternate suggestions. Seafood,...

Weekend lunches in or near Malibu

by hungryann 6 years ago

Hi folks, Coming from Montreal to the Malibu area and looking for lunch spots in Malibu. I enjoy mostly Asian cuisine (especially Thai, Chinese, Japanese) and would love to try good Korean or Bu...

Malibu Coast AVA back in court over planting ban - Decanter

by zin1953 6 years ago

"Malibu Coast growers recently returned to the courtrooms to secure a deal that vineyard applications would at least be dealt with on a case-by-case and must meet strict conditions, rather than be ...

Mr Chows - Malibu Recommended Dishes ??

by rantoit 6 years ago

I will be going to Mr. Chows Malibu this evening, with a party of four for a graduation celebration , and was wondering what the best dishes are to try ! Thanks

Malibu in March

by yyc_mom 6 years ago

Hi, we're coming down to Southern California in late March. There will be 6 of us, kids, parents, grandparents. We all like to eat. We're arriving late on a Thursday and staying near LAX. On ...

Molecular/ Modern Cuisine in LA or Malibu

by hungryabbey 6 years ago

Hi all! Canadian (Toronto) CH here looking for the BEST restaurants (price no object) for high end tasting menu style fare with at least some modernist/ molecular elements. I am looking to possib...

Great Outdoor Breakfast in Beach Areas: South Bay, MDR, SM, Malibu

by eatinginsf 7 years ago

Hoping to enjoy a nice breakfast this weekend at restaurant that has outdoor seating. Anywhere along the coast from Redondo to Malibu would be great. Willing to drive farther if the food and ambian...

Winemakers rally to oppose ban on new vineyards in newly-created Malibu Coast AVA

by zin1953 7 years ago

Apparently you can have your wine, but not your grapes . . . what's the point of having an AVA??? (OK, that's potentially an entirely different discussion . . . )

Malibu in the Mornings

by Dommy 7 years ago

First off, neither Me nor P. are in rehab, nor have we won the lotto... BUT, I'm going be spending some time in Malibu through out next month mostly before noon with an hour or two to kill. I ...

California's Malibu Coast winemakers secure AVA status

by zin1953 7 years ago


Nobu Malibu

by perk 7 years ago

Finally got there for lunch last week. Have to say it's pretty terrific. I used to live at the beach, and the general rule was--locals went to restaurants landside......restaurants on the water wer...

Question about Geoffrey's, Malibu

by Kat 7 years ago

Hello - i am a bit of a mid-century modern fan and am thinking of going to Geoffrey's during an upcoming LA visit to see the design. Not sure if we should eat here, however, as I'm always pretty wa...

Kaishin Malibu

by FallingLeaves 7 years ago

I read that this family restaurant that also has 2 full-time delivery drivers is celebrated its first anniversary this month. Has anyone been?

V's in Malibu.....

by perk 7 years ago

Had another terrific meal at V's in Malibu. A group of us shared a flatbread with shaved brussel sprouts. Really wonderful. I had a half order of pasta with cherry tomatoes....very nice. Another fr...

Nikita Malibu

by flowergirl 7 years ago

Anyone been? I know the view is amazing. Is the food good? Any favorite dishes?