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Recipes you can prepare ahead of time just make life easier. Ask Chowhounds for recommendations on the best kinds of make-ahead dishes, from cakes to casseroles.

This Fiery 15-Minute Thai Curry Stir-Fry Is All We Want to Eat for Dinner

If you're looking for an easy dinner that's full of flavor, this Thai curry stir fry recipe (kua kling) from Jitlada is just the thing. It's super spicy, comes together in 15 minutes, and welcomes any...

Dairy-free Carb-ish (rice, pasta, grain) dish for a buffet?

by mickeygee 1 year ago

Having about 20-25 people for a party, and looking for a dish that can work as a substantial main/side for my vegetarian friends - so rice, pasta, grain. But I also want it to be dairy free (all my...

Make ahead falafel dough?

by zackly 1 year ago

Can I make falafel dough ahead of time and store in the refrigerator even though it contains leavening in the form of baking powder? I have the time now but I'm planning a last minute labor intensi...

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Need help with menu ideas for a large party

by Captain_Ironphoenix 1 year ago

Hello all, I've lurked around here for some time, but this is my first post. I'm currently trying to narrow down menu ideas for a party I am hosting this September. Details are still being naile...

Can I bake gingerbread house pieces ahead of time?

by Nyleve 2 years ago

I want to make a gingerbread house for my grandkids. I've made many of them over the years but for this one, I'd like to bake the pieces ahead of time and assemble it just before they arrive (in ab...

Pre-make Christmas dinner ideas?

by valmomofboys 3 years ago

Any ideas how to assemble a christmas dinner for 8? I need to prepare 2-3 days in advance, and drive it 7 hours in ice chests. Should only need to heat or bake on Christmas. Any tips or recommendat...

Tried and true make-ahead breakfast for a crowd

by Kdsantoro 2 years ago

Hello all, Just found out that I'm expecting 9-12 people over Christmas/New Years. We're already a family of 5 (yes, several people will be sleeping on the floor!) Does anyone have ideas of ...

Canadian Thanksgiving

by highlyunlikely 2 years ago

We are hosting Thanksgiving this weekend and I haven't cooked a Thanksgiving dinner for years and years so have been combing the CH boards and recipe sites for tips. There will only be six of us, ...

Baptism party menu

by vanessa7 2 years ago

I'm hosting a party for my niece's baptism and I wanted to review my menu. It's a brunch and I'm planning on serving: Apricot glazed ham, biscuits, honey Spinach quiche Fruit salad Deviled eg...

Need cheap bulk meal ideas

by psytato 2 years ago

I’m a broke college graduate and I’m in the process of saving money to be able to move long distance so I can apply for jobs in my field. I’d like ideas on how to cheaply make large batches of food...

Sushi rice question

by Hello Kitty 2 years ago

I make my own sushi every once in a while, and I make it as soon as the rice cools. But I need to make some California rolls for a teacher dinner, but I work all day. Can I make my sushi rice in th...

How much of this ham recipe can I make ahead of time?

by Thanks4Food 8 years ago

I'm going to be making Tyler Florence's Tangerine-Glazed Easter Ham recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/tangerine-glazed-easter-ham-with-baby-carrots-recipe/index.html I li...

Passover advance prep

by margiern 2 years ago

Has anyone frozen chopped liver successfully? I am attempting to freeze dishes in advance for seder. All suggestions for traditional holiday dishes that can be prepared and frozen would be so appre...

Can I make pretzel bites a day in advance and still have them be great?

by goldcoastchow 2 years ago

I am making pretzel bites for the super bowl and would love to make them today, but still have them taste fresh and delicious tomorrow night. Can I make these today and just serve tomorrow? or any...

Vegan Wellington Recipe

by WaxyK 3 years ago

I am planning a holiday dinner for friends and beef tenderloin is the main. I need a vegan main to go along side it. In my research for ideas online I discovered vegan wellingtons that I think fit...

Instant pot Aura pro 8 qt

by lsnmcg 2 years ago

So chowers, I received an Instant Pot Aura Pro 8 qt for Christmas. Anyone have any good recipes? It's NOT a pressure cooker and, to me, looks like a really pricey slow cooker. Can you share some...

Making scalloped potatoes ahead of time

by csabos 3 years ago

Hi, I use a recipe where you mix butter and flour, then add milk, salt and cayenne pepper, then add the cheese until it’s melted. I put that sauce on some sliced potatoes and bake them for an hour....

Bake-ahead question: how to store to keep cake moist, sugar top crisp?

by hippopotame 3 years ago

I've made this almond flour cake a few times; it calls for a layer of sugar in the bottom of the pan so when turned out, the cake has a nice, crisp sugar top. Previously I've been able to serve ...

Holidays: what are your go-to brunch recipes that serve a crowd?

by hippopotame 3 years ago

Hosting family for the first time this December. Most restaurants here are closed on the 24th, 25th so that means...lots of cooking! We'll probably set up a help-yourself cold breakfast spread, but...

Fall Lunch Ideas

by islandmermaid 3 years ago

Continuing our September discussion, let's share what we're preparing and packing for lunches during the work week. Recipes and photos encouraged. :)

Reheating Brussels Sprouts?

by rp17 5 years ago

I'm bringing Brussels sprouts to my boyfriend's family's Christmas dinner. I typically make my sprouts by cooking in a hot pan with oil and butter until browned and crispy. Because I'll need enou...