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cook's illustrated lemon bars

by gourmanda 4 years ago

Can someone paraphrase the recipe from 1998? I gave away my issue & don't have time to go to the local library.

How do you organize your recipes?

by twodales 13 years ago

I have many recipes: from books, magazines, friends and of my own creation. Some are handwritten, some printed on computers, some photocopied, some are still in books or magazines. It's becoming ...

Anyone Tried ATK's Chimney Steak Recipe?

by kaleokahu 4 years ago

So out of boredom, I picked up the August 2015 Cooks Illustrated. It has a prep for the "Ultimate Chargrilled Steak". Tried it tonight. Basically, the prep is to skewer up the salted steaks, a...

SJMercuryNews:'Sunset Magazine to move to Oakland's Jack London Square'

by zippo 4 years ago

"The relocation of the magazine to the East Bay is a recognition of the emergence of Oakland as a destination for food lovers and entertainment seekers." If the link below the photo to the SJ Me...

Kosher McDonalds in NY Magazine

by PotatoPuff 4 years ago

This week's NY Magazine featured a special section on hamburgers, including McDonald's hamburgers in Israel and what they mean to Jews who keep kosher in the USA. Unfortunately that article was no...

Jeffrey Steingarten in Vogue: The Fat Duck

by applehome 13 years ago

This month's Vogue has Steingarten reviewing Heston Blumenthal and The Fat Duck, his Michelin 3-star restaurant in England. It's a terrific article - Steingarten is at his best here. He's really ...

Consumer Reports: 60 Percent of Frozen Shrimp Contaminated With Bacteria

by smaki 4 years ago

"Raw, wild-caught shrimp from U.S., Argentina had lowest bacteria levels of all samples tested By Cathy Siegner | April 24, 2015 A new Consumer Reports (CR) study released Friday found that 60 ...

Lost! Szekely Goulash Recipe

by Neurofabulous 7 years ago

Hi there, I'm hoping someone has the Szekely Goulash Recipe that first appeared in Bon Appetit's January 1979 issue, and was reprinted in teh June 2006 issue. It was a favorite and I can't locat...

The blood tastes like steak

by Puffin3 4 years ago

A very entertaining article written by A.A. Gill. Next time you're in a steakhouse you may remember this:http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2013/05/aa-gill-bull-blood-steak

The Crazy Farang

by Joel 4 years ago

not Thai food, but "the food of Thailand"

Favorite issue of a food mag

by Camana 4 years ago

On another thread, a few of us agreed that Saveur #150 featuring 150 classic dishes was one of our favorite issues of the magazine. It has some really good recipes, but also great stories behind ea...

Saveur's new look

The Librarian
by The Librarian 5 years ago

I've been subscribing to Saveur for years. I rarely make anything from it, but I always feel better-informed after I read it. I just finished the November issue, and it looks and feels very differe...

I love the old Gourmet magazines ....

by MMRuth 14 years ago

In trying to find some recipes for a little dinner tomorrow night, I pulled out my file of June & July Gourmets - back to 1990 or so. I just have to say - I love the "old" magazine. Found so many...

Cooks illustrated question

by Betty 11 years ago

It took me a couple of years to get my magazine subscription canceled, It took about that long to get out of their book club I didn't know I'd signed up for, their website says I have successfully ...

The Beginner’s Field Guide to Dim Sum

by wienermobile 5 years ago

Fun article from a link on Evan Kleiman's Facebook page….http://luckypeach.com/the-beginners-field-guide-to-dim-sum/

Jewish Christmas

by Pookipichu 5 years ago

"Jewish Christmas" aka spending Christmas at a Chinese restaurant or with Chinese people on Christmas, finally being canonized in an article. I'm spending Christmas with Jewish friends, who else i...

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