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Thanksgiving Day

by Whamsey 1 year ago

We are coming to town on Thanksgiving Day and are wondering if there are bars/restaurants open on the Holiday. Not n...

Looking for some ethnic restaurants

by L2soon 2 years ago

Looking for restaurants in Chicagoland area or anywhere within a day trip (up to 6 hours by car(includes Milwaukee, M...


ferret commented 2 years ago

Moscatos similar to Michele Chiarlo Nivole

by dntml 6 years ago

MY fiance's favorite wine is the Michele Chiarlo Nivole Moscato. She recently moved to my hometown of Madison, WI and...


Midlife commented 2 years ago

Dinner in Madison, Wisconsin

by Mirabelle 2 years ago

I'll be in Madison Wisconsin for a couple of days, staying in the downtown area. I'd like some recommendations for a ...


TheBookPolice commented 2 years ago

Sausage casings and pork fat in Madison, WI?

by mscommunikate 8 years ago

I want to make sausage. I live on the Isthmus. My local markets -- Willy Street Co-op and Jenny St Market -- do not c...


tommybman commented 2 years ago

Questions about Madison, L'Etoile

by TrishUntrapped 3 years ago

The last time I visited Madison, I visited my mother and treated her to some fun dining experiences such as Pig In A ...


BreakingNaan commented 2 years ago

Where to Eat/Go in Verona and Madison, Wisconsin?

by Morgz45 3 years ago

Hello, I am traveling for training for work October 5th - 9th (with colleagues) and 19th - 23rd (without colleague...


BreakingNaan commented 2 years ago

Madison: Both foodies, one veg & GF - any recs?

by lindsaybrice 3 years ago

I'm vegetarian and (mostly) gluten free. My partner has no dietary restrictions. We're both foodies who love farm t...


BreakingNaan commented 2 years ago

Madison, WI - non-dairy with sticky rice eats?

by bloodboy 4 years ago

I'm from Hawaii and I'll be here for the summer at the university. I have eaten at a number of different restaurants ...


madsdadus commented 3 years ago

Madison Wisconsin -- Need a place for a private party

by beerbudgetchampagnetaste 7 years ago

I will host a dinner for 20-30 people next Spring in Madison. Good food is a must. A private room would be great, b...


MrsJBJ commented 3 years ago

168 Asian Mart ( Madison Heights)

by moose734 3 years ago

Apologies if this has been posted before, I didn't recall seeing it on the board. So, I'm on my regular semi annual ...


VTB commented 3 years ago

Nice Modern Creamery, Madison Hts. [DTW]

by VTB 3 years ago

My diet and pocketbook won't let me eat "Nicecream" every week, but I wish it were so. Inside the Biggby's Coffee sh...


berkleybabe commented 3 years ago

Stops between Chicago and Madison?

by girlgonebrooklyn 3 years ago

Hi all! I am going to a wedding in Madison, Wisconsin, and it turns out to be much cheaper to fly to Chicago and driv...


SLOLindsay commented 3 years ago

Restaurant Week in Madison, WI

by bte576 3 years ago

I will be in Madison in a few weeks and I see that our first night will fall during "Restaurant Week" and I'm curious...


bte576 commented 3 years ago

Madison Report: A Pig In A Fur Coat, Brasserie V, Monty's, Gail Ambrosius

by TrishUntrapped 4 years ago

Enjoyed some lovely food on my recent trip thanks to advice I got here. Thank you! I'll start off with the one mis...


mskilgore commented 3 years ago

Last Minute Birthday Dinner - Madison

by ephemeralness 4 years ago

I'm in Madison for a conference tonight, which happens to fall on my birthday. We've already been to some great place...


TheBookPolice commented 4 years ago

lard, tallow, good extensive butchers in Madison, Wisconsin?

by bloodboy 4 years ago

http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/981092 ^ I posted the thread above after I found some nontraditional meats like o...


bloodboy commented 4 years ago

parrot cove - Madison heights, MI re: specifically prime rib

by donbui82 7 years ago

I've always been intrigued by this place. Its located in the middle of mostly industrial buildings. The restuarant ...


rainsux commented 4 years ago

Madison (UW) close to campus not miss?

by exvaxman 4 years ago

I'm going there for a campus tour with my teenager "soon". The only place I have as a "really have to" is the St. Vi...


tardigrade commented 4 years ago