18 Seafood Recipes for the BBQ to Help You Conquer Your Fish Grilling Fears

It's high time to learn how to grill fish and seafood—and our best recipes for grilled fish, shrimp, and more will get you where you need to go. Grilling season is synonymous with summer, but really...

A dozen canned mackerel ...

by RHplus 2 months ago

So, more than a dozen canned mackerel arrived today. What to do with these? Any recipe recommendations for canned (tinned) mackerel for picky children?

Menu help please: cornbread with fish (grilled mackerel)?

by hjvc 6 months ago

I am planning a meal with grilled mackerel, but not sure of what to serve it with. I have ratatouille ready, and was thinking of cornbread too, but not sure how that would go. Would rice be a bette...

In Southern Taiwan, a Portuguese name for Spanish mackerel

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . He began to suspect that the name tutuo is derived from Portuguese fish names such as bonito (a tribe of fishes related to mackerel and tuna) or dorado (a freshwater fish not to be confused...

A Deep Dive into the San Diego Fishing Industry

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

A long read but a fascinating one that covers the history of San Diego's fish industry, the tensions of development, and promising work to revitalize a fishing community that makes local, sustainab...

Where to get fresh mackerel?

by lulydonikian 4 years ago

I live in Pembroke Pines, Florida, I am trying to buy real fresh mackerel, does anyone knows where, I will go anywhere from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale. Thanks,

ISO: Smoked Mackerel

by trombasteve 5 years ago

Hi all, My wife is longing for smoked mackerel, and I didn't grow eating much seafood, and don't know where to look to find good smoked mackerel at a reasonable price. Can anyone suggest a favou...

Style of Fillet knife

by DavidPonting 8 years ago

Having for the first time in a very long time bitten the bullet and bought a whole fish to gut and fillet myself (mackerel, to be precise), I found that the knives I had were drastically inadequate...

Fish Cakes – TJ's Canned Smoked Mackerel

Will Owen
by Will Owen 6 years ago

Trader Joe's recently-introduced canned smoked mackerel looked interesting, so I got a can and started thinking about what to do with it. Seafood cakes of any kind have always been high on my list,...

Smoked mackerel in GVRD?? also good seafood market in 'burbs? (Surrey, Burnaby, Langley, etc)?

by puretopaz 6 years ago

Hello Vancouver hounds! I am coming home to Vancouver for the summer from Montreal, and one thing that I am really going to miss is smoked mackerel here. I eat them pretty much every week. They a...

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