France Trip Report (Paris, Burgundy, Lyon, Provence)

by kalamansi 9 months ago

I didn't ask for help on here with my restaurant choices when planning to eat my way through France, but I definitely combed through all of your recommendations and stalked these boards regularly! ...

Grenoble Lesdiguieres

by sarafinadh 12 months ago

A friend who lived in France for many years has fond memories of visits to Lesdiguieres. Any contemporary comments? We will be in Lyon May 14th thru the 20th and are putting together an Itinerary. ...

France's Best Bistros? Bring Your Appetite to Lyon

by mdstratton100 1 year ago

My perennial daydreams of Paris feature Haussmannian apartment buildings with wrought iron balconies, stolen kisses on Seine bridges, café terraces, spirited discussions with shopkeepers and greenm...

A week in Lyon, FR

by kayreed 1 year ago

Bonjour! DH and I plan to spend a week in November in Lyon. What would you recommend for local, authentic cooking? For instance we love Reynon for take out and the bouchon Cafe Jura for eating in. ...

Eating solo at a Michelin Starred restaurant

by mkmoe 2 years ago

Hello, I am traveling to Lyon, France for business in June, and I was able to secure a reservation for 3 at Paul Bocuse's restaurant. However, the other 2 people are dropping out for different r...

Ingredients-focused food for Adventure in France (humane meat, etc.)

by mschuver 1 year ago

Hi Chowhoundoggies, Long time, first time. I am finally going on my honeymoon a year after eloping to Kauai. We have an ambitious itinerary, as you'll see below, so please weigh in wherever you ...

Lyon - Trip Report

by PhilD 1 year ago

A great trip to Lyon, our first visit and it is a very worthwhile food destination. There aren’t many recent recommendations here so I tended to look further afield for advice and think we did pre...

Lyon help?

by dloons 1 year ago

We've got an upcoming visit to Lyon. never been before. Based on previous posts and advice I've got reservations at La Mere Brazier (Friday night) as well as Auberge de l'Ile Barbe (Saturday lunch)...

Lyon-Dordogne-Paris Trip Report

by dloons 1 year ago

Hello Chowhounders. We’ve just returned from ten days and offer this report in hopes it helps others, as I’ve been helped by you. Lyon: Three lovely days: Dinner day 1: Daniel et Deni...

ISO Starred dining in Lyon and Avignon

by AGM_Cape_Cod 2 years ago

Our neighbors are going to be in those two cities and are interested in recommendations for starred restaurants. If you have recommendations that are not starred but at that level I would apprecia...

Lyon help

by kathrynanne 2 years ago

Hi- I will unfortunately only have one night in Lyon, a city I have not been to yet. Since I will be dining at some big Michelin-starred places in Paris and cities in the south, I thought it was pr...

One Night in Lyon - Top Restaurant Recommendation Please

by brockhill 2 years ago

Just one night in Lyon, a city we have never been to before. Looking for a top restaurant with a first rate wine list. No interest in the 3 star Bocuse as it seems to be stuck in a time warp! Open ...

Restaurant Recommendations: Arcachon, Provence and Bouchons in Lyon

PH Rodgers
by PH Rodgers 2 years ago

We will be traveling through southern France from San Sebastian to Italy, with a two night stop in Arcachon, another two two nights in Les Baux in Provence and then, after ten days in Italy, a nigh...

Paris and Lyon Help

by MJPierce 2 years ago

Hello all. I will be in Paris and Lyon next month and was hoping for a critique of my Paris list and some suggestions for good bouchons in Lyon. Paris: Sun dinner: Clown Bar vs. Semilla Mon l...

Where to spend my extra day? Parma, Bologna, Milan, Turin, Lyon, Bordeaux or San Sebastian

by remdog99 2 years ago

I have 1 extra foodie day to spend in Parma, Bologna, Milan, Turin, Lyon, Bordeaux or San Sebastian (I'll be spending 2 days in each of these places already). From a foodie perspective, and with no...

Lyon for 2 weeks

by spiritcook 2 years ago

My wife and I will be in Lyon for 2 weeks and are excited to try out some of the bouchons. We'd like to have perhaps 1 or 2 expensive meals but mostly we're interested in medium range bouchons wher...

3-4 nights in Lyon

by MrGaglianos 3 years ago

Bonjour! I'll be visiting Lyon for 3-4 nights in June (12th-15th or 16th) for the Euro Cup. I'm a huge foodie, and I've heard Lyon is the food & gastro capital of the world! Just want to know if...

Please help plan food centric vacation to Paris and possibly Lyon

by indiefoodie 4 years ago

Hello, I'm in the initial phases of planning a vacation to France with food being the only priority. I haven't looked into specific restaurants yet. I have a few general questions and I would appre...

Monday night in Lyon

by masha 3 years ago

Can anyone recommend a restaurant for dinner on a Monday night in Lyon -- other than Daniel & Denise, where we've eaten the last 2 times we were in Lyon on a Monday? It is for tomorrow night. And ...

Three days in Lyon: Daniel et Denise (Créqui); En Mets Fait Ce Qu’il Te Plaît; Le Bouchon des Filles; L’Acteur; Kitchen Café; and more

Jake Dear
by Jake Dear 3 years ago

Following up on this post (days-maconnaise-fuisse-day-trip-chapaize-stop-albigny-sur-1029182), and finishing up this long report: We drove after lunch at La Table d’Albigny, www.latabledalbigny.fr...