Where to Go for Hand-Sliced Lox in San Francisco

Smoked fish isn't difficult to find in San Francisco—as long as you're willing to settle for prepackaged stuff hanging in the refrigerated section of supermarkets. But if you want beautifully translucent...



Bagels and Lox/Nova--Boston/Brookline

by calisson 1 year ago

My daughter in law is giving birth to twins this coming Weds. (!!), and she has requested that we bring her a bagel and lox (or nova) sandwich in the hospital. If I want to pick up a finished sandw...

Texture Problem with Homemade Pickled Lox

by helou 2 years ago

I got a wonderful recipe from someone online for making my own pickled lox. It involves salt/sugar curing salmon, and then letting it pickle in brine for 3 days. The recipe was excellent, and t...

Lox... without bagels

by swfood 2 years ago

Looking for some alternative brunch "vehicles" for lox. We are having some people over, on Sunday and our plan was to initially pick bagels up that morning. With the impending snowstorm (we are in ...

Where can I get the best bagels & lox for the Holidays?

by gutreactions 3 years ago

Who carries the best lox & bagels for the coming Holidays? Do I have to split stores? What are your favorites?

LOX in San Diego

by hungrylawyer 13 years ago

A few weeks ago, there were some posts about bagels that rightfully bemoaned the sorry state of that staple, not just in our town but also on the whole West Coast. To me, however, the true tragedy ...

Zabar's advice needed

by Blumie 3 years ago

Driving to Cape Cod on Wednesday morning, and would like to bring a Zabar's care package: lox, sable, herring, bagels, etc. I have a cooler and ice pack ready for the trip. How important do folks...

bagels, lox, etc

by stuart954 3 years ago

visiting my cousin in houston and promised id bring bagels lox, whitefish salad etc etc where is the best place to go, thanks

Smoked fish and bagels in SoHo

by Rheta 4 years ago

Can someone advise me where to get great lox and bagels near the SoHo grand hotel? Thanks!

Best place in Boca to purchase 'Appetizing' (Lox and fish)

by LETTUCEINLOVE 4 years ago

With break-the-fast around the corner, and just because this is literally my favorite stranded on a desert island meal, can I get some feedback to where people like to get high end, hand-cut smoked...

In search of incredible lox?

by jen_l 4 years ago

Where can I find the best lox in the Los Angeles/Hollywood/Pasadena area? I am looking to purchase some for a brunch at my home... I saw an old post on this subject, but most suggested Barney Gr...

Big Platter 'o LOX? -- quantity as well as quality

by litchick 4 years ago

Hi hounds, I'm looking for a big platter of lox for a party this coming Sunday, and I'm hoping for good bang for the buck. Quantity as well as quality. Obviously something like The Butcherie wil...

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