Eat well in Louisville with advice from Chowhounds on where to sup and sip. Share your opinions on the local food scene and ask travel questions.

The Best Food Secrets at Summer's Most Popular Music Festivals

Music festival food has come a long way since the first few, like 1967’s Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain where the only thing anyone ate was LSD dropped on the crowd by the Grateful Dead’s “personal...

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Bar Advice for Memphis and Louisville

by Max Headroom 13 years ago

Heading out on a road trip with a buddy this weekend and we'll be spending two nights in Memphis and one night in Louisville and I'm hoping some of y'all would be so kind as to steer us in the dire...

Picking up son from Ft. Knox - in Louisville 8 hours

by chocchic 12 years ago

We'll be in Louisville on Sat 7/25 from 1 to 9pm. My son loves good food - is fairly adventuresome - but hates long waits for table or service and not big on stuffy places. I saw mention of Argen...

Dinner in Louisville - Suggestions?

by Pylon 12 years ago

Heading there for a couple of days with family. Looking for suggestions on local, preferably not too noisy, nothing too upscale. Vegetarian friendly would be great, but not a requirement. Youngest ...

Barbeque between Louisville and Bowling Green KY

by grayco 12 years ago

Planning to travel south on I65 through this area, any suggestions for a great barbeque lunch not too far off the interstate? Thanks!

Nashville and Louisville

by suetibu 12 years ago

Hi, Need help for the following: 1) Nashville (wed) - lunch, afternoon, late dinner (concert at Ryman from 7:30) 2) Louisville (thurs) - lunch This is our first time in the South (we have been...

Road TRip: Louisville, KY to Myrtle Beach, SC.....

by HFandRB 12 years ago

We are going to be driving from Louisville, (Actually St Matthews) to Myrtle Beach on Sunday. We will probably make this same trip a couple of more times ( both ways) in the coming weeks. Can any...

Good Eats Along I-65 Between Louisville and Nashville, TN?

by jimmycaps 12 years ago

Any good places to stop between Louisville and Nashville for lunch tomorrow? All types of food appreciated.

Louisville Liquor Stores

by MarcInSunnysideGardens 12 years ago

I'm from New York City, where all but a few liquor stores do a poor job of importing the best Kentucky bourbon, and those that carry a bit of the best stuff charge way too much for it. Meaning a ve...

Need help in Louisville

by firestalker 14 years ago

Hello Foodies, I will be in Louisville this weekend for the Kentucky Orchid Society Orchid Show and am not finding a lot of reviews on restaurants or other good eats. I have put Havana Rumba on...

Looking for Vietnamese food in Louisville

by mamasquirrel 12 years ago

I'll be in Louisville, KY next weekend and am hoping for some good, authentic Vietnamese food. I'm planning to go to Basa for higher-end, fusion type food, but can anyone recommend a smaller, more ...

Road trip Atlanta to Nashville - via Baltimore and Louisville !

by willowan 12 years ago

Hey there Southern hounders, wonder if you can help. I am travelling around the area on a baseball watching road trip in late June & early July. We will be spending - 3 nights ( Fri Sat Su...

meal delivery in louisville?

by sloped 12 years ago

I would like to send a meal to a bereaved family in Louisville (Shelbyville, actually). Any suggestions of local places that would put together and deliver a complete meal?

Louisville and bourbon country on the cheap

by funklight 12 years ago

A coupe of friends and I are planning a week long trip to Louisville, KY this March. None of us have ever been there before, but we all share a great affinity for bourbon, and we'd like to check o...

Downtown Louisville Dinner Suggestions

by meinNYC 12 years ago

Trying to avoid renting a car, so try to suggest only downtown locations. Been to English Grill and Vinecenzo in the past. Need upscale, with a kitchen that knows their ingredients. One of the dine...

Best Place to taste Bourbon in Louisville?

by Cebollita 13 years ago

Looking to taste real Kentucky bourbon while in Louisville. Interested in finding a place that has a nice selection of bourbons that give the uninitiated (me) a tour of Bourbon County. Ideas?

Two nights, Louisville, KY. Two Great Mexican Food Joints?

by Cebollita 13 years ago

I live for Mexican food. Two best restaurants to get it in Louisville, KY? I'm staying at 401 south 2nd street. Near downtown. Your advice is appreciated.....

Louisville,ky-Reservations I have so far...

by nemis 13 years ago

Hello there, Going to Louisville for the first time for 4 days. I have reservations at : The Oakroom Proof on Main 610 Magnolia Bourbon Bistro is there a must stop I should eat at??? Coul...

Day Trip to Louisville

by gbailey75 13 years ago

My teen-agers are on fall break later this week, and we thought about taking in the Speed Museum and maybe the Derby Museum as a day trip to Louisville. Looking for any/all recommendations for lunc...

Louisville Eats, Where to Go

by Tampamike 13 years ago

We are coming up from Tampa for the USF/Louisville game next weekend and would appreciate some Chowhound help in where we should go for good local food or places we should not miss.

Louisville - Lunch at Avalon

by bonmann 13 years ago

I am an Indianapolis resident that was passing through Louisville today. Based on recommendations found on this board, I stopped for lunch at Avalon in Louisville. As thanks for the recommendatio...