Eat well in Louisville with advice from Chowhounds on where to sup and sip. Share your opinions on the local food scene and ask travel questions.
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Louisville KY Restaurant Review: Cuvee Wine Table

by rlcole4346 7 days ago

We had a wonderful time at Cuvee recently. We were meeting our Cincinnati kids in Louisville. So of course we used th...

Stepping Up My Game - Cutlery Advice Appreciated

by ShortOrderDad 7 months ago

Hi all, Looking for advice on knives and sharpening. We've got the typical, nice-looking stuff you get as wedding...


GroundCharles commented 6 months ago

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Breakfast and lunch all day and worth the stop!

by hychka 8 months ago

Toast in Louisville is a great experience. Food is very good and service is above and beyond.

Food centric destination near Owensboro, KY for visitors from NYC

by indiefoodie 11 months ago

Hello, we're thinking of visiting Owensboro, KY to try their much talked about mutton BBQ. We'll have about 4 days so...


gutreactions commented 11 months ago

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Lunch in Louisville or Cincinnati

by topher83187 1 year ago

I am traveling from Buffalo NY to Hattiesburg MS in a few weeks, my plan is to stop for lunch in either Louisville or...

Ham, ham, and more ham

by cajungwailo 1 year ago

Will be in Louisville for several days and want to eat (and take) a lot of ham. Where's the best for eating? Where's ...

LouisvilleFoodie commented 1 year ago

Louisville, KY Trip

by rlcole4346 2 years ago

We always stop in Louisville en route to Cincinnati. In theory, this is to rest my back. In fact, we stop to have a g...

Joanie commented 1 year ago

"Fine" dining in Louisville without the fine dining cost?

by mattlavery 2 years ago

Have an overnight in Louisville in a couple of weeks and plan to meet up with a friend for dinner. Will be staying a...

LouisvilleFoodie commented 2 years ago

Louisville, KY to be devoured by Portland food nerds over a four day period

by thedoj11 2 years ago

The lady and myself will be meeting her Boston chef mother in Lew-a-vul in a couple weeks. I wish I could narrow down...

waitress commented 2 years ago

Weekend in Louisville, any recommendations?

by I love Jersey 8 years ago

Will be spending the weekend in Louisville and would love some places to go from the Hounds! We need breakfast lunch...


I love Jersey commented 8 years ago

Good fried chicken in Louisville

by kimmykins 8 years ago

Hi all: Will be in Louisville tomorrow evening and am looking for some really killer fried chicken. Any suggestions...

Lightsuprooms commented 8 years ago

Bar Advice for Memphis and Louisville

by Max Headroom 9 years ago

Heading out on a road trip with a buddy this weekend and we'll be spending two nights in Memphis and one night in Lou...


tater commented 8 years ago

Picking up son from Ft. Knox - in Louisville 8 hours

by chocchic 8 years ago

We'll be in Louisville on Sat 7/25 from 1 to 9pm. My son loves good food - is fairly adventuresome - but hates long ...

johnb commented 8 years ago

Dinner in Louisville - Suggestions?

by Pylon 8 years ago

Heading there for a couple of days with family. Looking for suggestions on local, preferably not too noisy, nothing t...


aguacate commented 8 years ago

Barbeque between Louisville and Bowling Green KY

by grayco 8 years ago

Planning to travel south on I65 through this area, any suggestions for a great barbeque lunch not too far off the int...


grayco commented 8 years ago

Nashville and Louisville

by suetibu 8 years ago

Hi, Need help for the following: 1) Nashville (wed) - lunch, afternoon, late dinner (concert at Ryman from 7:30) 2)...


tonabang commented 8 years ago

Road TRip: Louisville, KY to Myrtle Beach, SC.....

by HFandRB 8 years ago

We are going to be driving from Louisville, (Actually St Matthews) to Myrtle Beach on Sunday. We will probably make ...


BlueHerons commented 8 years ago