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Paris Bistro

by arepo 2 years ago

Tonight I felt like a push me-pull you doll. I found a place in Chestnut Hill that serves some of the best food I've...


arepo commented 2 years ago

Fun NYC restaurants to visit for a group of teens?

by Katrenee 3 years ago

Hi All, So my birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I'll be turning 19. I'm in search for some cool restaurants...


Katrenee commented 3 years ago

Buxton Hall Mixed bag [Asheville, NC]

by mustardgirl 3 years ago

With great anticipation, wife and I went to Buxton Hall on a Wednesday night. The decor is outstanding. In fact the w...


BobBigEater commented 3 years ago

Dirty Habit: wonderful food; won't be back.

by zin1953 3 years ago

So, Dirty Habit moved into what used to be the Fifth Floor. It's small plates, interesting combinations of things, a...


tre2012 commented 3 years ago

Loud and louder restos: Maybe I'm getting old, but...

by annie 6 years ago

are some restaurants just way too noisy nowadays? I was at Lazy Ox and could hardly speak with my dining companion...


VenusCafe commented 3 years ago

What is it about noisy restaurants that.... [moved from General Chowhounding board]

by josephnl 7 years ago

What is it about noisy restaurants that is obviously so appealing to many diners? We went to one of L.A.'s most popu...


VenusCafe commented 3 years ago

Terroni: Loud but Wonderful (long!)

by Will Owen 3 years ago

Under most circumstances, when we approach a restaurant that is almost visibly vibrating from the din inside, we glan...


silverlakebodhisattva commented 3 years ago

Zeppolis, Collingswood: The Whole Truth

by Bashful3 4 years ago

No exaggeration: the best Italian food on this side of the Ocean. And, Sicilian touch, which is even better. We'v...


holycooooow commented 3 years ago

London with six year old

by mlin1 3 years ago

Hello! My husband and I will be visiting London for the first time with our six year old daughter in tow. She travel...


macdog commented 3 years ago

Noisy Restaurants

by DaisyM 7 years ago

Do noisy restaurants bother you? I've gotten to the point that I won't return to a restaurant even if the food is gr...


RosePearl commented 3 years ago

I'm Going Deaf Eating Out in LA

by eatinginsf 4 years ago

Is it just me or are restaurants getting louder? We go out quite a bit to try new places, and I am struck by how loud...


TheCookie commented 4 years ago

Paralia (formerly Trinity Taverna) on the beach - still too loud/bad service?

by KitchenVoodoo 4 years ago

Wondering if anyone out there has been to this place lately - I'm thinking of going with a friend on Saturday afterno...


KitchenVoodoo commented 4 years ago


by pace 4 years ago

There are a number of new/new-ish restaurants we'd like to try, but one in our party has a high frequency hearing los...


pace commented 4 years ago

Cook goes off the list: TOO LOUD

by teezeetoo 4 years ago

I like the space. I like the menu. I could not hear my companions. So "the ladies who lunch" will return to either ...


yarm commented 4 years ago

How loud is Alden and Harlow?

by dlieb 4 years ago

Music from Alden and Harlow has now ruined two Brattle movies for me over the last week. How loud is it in there? Is ...


black_lab commented 4 years ago

Annisa - Yes the place is small and loud, but the food is delicious.

by uhockey 6 years ago …three years ago when I was raving about Nancy Olsen’s bread pudding at Gramercy Ta...


tex.s.toast commented 5 years ago

Are Manhattan foodie-worthy restaurants loud or are those looking for suggestions just have sensitive hearing? Huh?

by RCC 5 years ago

There's just too many posts on ISO suggestions for Manhattan restaurants that are not loud and , for my curiosity, it...


NYJewboy commented 5 years ago

AMSTERDAM - Loud, fun, child-friendly, Sunday night dinner?

by djtooshay 5 years ago

I'm looking for suggestions for an easy, fun, buzzy room where I can go with my brother and his two kids (8, 10) in A...


ThaoM commented 5 years ago

Highland Kitchen 5pm today,Friday: Pre-Loud?

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

so many CHs love this place (though i have a hunch most are 20-30) that i feel we should give it a second shot. wick...


jgg13 commented 5 years ago