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Sushi on the Run in Los Gatos

by kevin 11 years ago

Went there, it was beyond tinyt, remembered that from a review a few years back. It seems like the restaurant is just one of those newfangled roll factories. I had previously believed that they...

Dio Deka in Los Gatos

by phoenikia 11 years ago

I really enjoyed my meal at Dio Deka last week. We don't have much in terms of contemporary Greek food in Canada, so I was interested to see the approach Dio Deka took. We started with dolmades ...

Los Gatos Rehearsal Dinner and Brunch

by ashulman 12 years ago

I am planning a wedding at Nestldown in Los Gatos, California for April 2009. My partner and I are planning this from NYC and are not familiar with the area at all. We will have about 80 gues...

Saratoga/Los Gatos/Cupertino weekend lunch/brunch suggestions?

by smiles33 12 years ago

Hubby and I are doing a house exchange at the end of summer with my parents for a weekend so we can spend all our money on food. We'll be in Saratoga and would love to explore restaurants in the a...

Cafe Delatti's Frozen Yogurt (Los Gatos)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 years ago

Cafe DeLatti in Los Gatos is decked out in lime and tangerine motifs and sports a couple outdoor umbrella tables. The two sweet flavors - vanilla and chocolate - are prepared with Yo Cream's mix. ...

Nick's on Main in Los Gatos

by rigaboy 12 years ago

Has anybody eaten at the this new restaurant in Los Gatos, Nick's on Main. How is the food?

Recommendations for good Chinese in Los Gatos / Campbell area

by sflegs 12 years ago

Recently relocated to LG/Campbell and am looking for good Chinese food. Would love it if I could find someone who delivers but it seems that this area doesn't have much in the way of restaurants t...

Los Gatos (Lunch) Business Casual

Lori SF
by Lori SF 13 years ago

I need a recommendation for a lunch place nothing upscale, but a good place to have a casual lunch and conversation. It could be in Los Gatos or near by. I have eaten at a few place but I am dra...

Dinner near Los Gatos on Sunday

by extramsg 12 years ago

Will be visiting grandma in Los Gatos on Sunday. If I could get away with it, I'd probably head into Silicon Valley and get me some Indian, but I think we'll need somewhere more "respectable". I'...

Los Gatos/Campbell good and cheap eats??

by sflegs 12 years ago

Recently moved to the South Bay and am looking for places to eat in the Los Gatos/Campbell area that won't break the bank. Seems like everything is a chain or pricey.

Saratoga/Los Gatos

by Geoff 12 years ago

Greetings from a Washington DC 'hound. Just learned that I'm going to be in the neighborhood this weekend, staying at the Inn at Saratoga, and need dinner Friday and Saturday evenings. I'm on a w...

Recommendations please, Saratoga/Los Gatos

by Anton 17 years ago

Visiting Saratoga/Los Gatos in the near future and would like restaurant recommendations. I've heard about Sent Sovi and Cafe Marcella and they sound interesting, any info and/or alternate recomme...

Transylvanian or European Cafe in Los Gatos

by henox 13 years ago

I'm trying to locate a cafe that I think was once called the Transylvanian Cafe and now may be called European Cafe. No surprise that it featured Eastern European dishes. Does anyone have an...

great bear coffee-los gatos

toodie jane
by toodie jane 12 years ago

I was there last week and got a cup for the road. On impulse, I bought some beans too. Now I am obsessed with the house french wp decaf. Anyone know if they ship? couldn't find a website for them. ...

Need sidedish takeout for reunion picnic Willow Glen to Los Gatos

toodie jane
by toodie jane 12 years ago

Help, I've got chow-block! I'll be traveling 4 hours to my high school reunion and need some chowish rec's or suggestions for side dishes. I'll be staying where I won't be able to do any food p...

Los Gatos eats: Fleur de Cocoa, Los Gatos Farmer's Market, Main Street Burger, NapaStyle report w/ pics

by hhc 12 years ago

Fleur de Cocoa, Los Gatos went for mini chocolate almond croissant - delicious & scoop of chocolate ice-cream - very rich & tasty Fri & Sat open until 9pm ------------ then Los Gatos Farme...

Los Gatos

by Gail 13 years ago

In a few weeks, we will be in Los Gatos for a few days. I'd appreciate some restaurant suggestions. We know about Manresa, but are looking for a French bistro type with steak frites or mussels. If ...

Los Gatos

by Gail 13 years ago

Anyone know anything about Dio Deka next to the Los Gatos Hotel? I'd appreciate any comments. Thanks

Los Gatos: Restaurant James Randall - Everything a Restaurant Should Be

by PulledPork 13 years ago

I live in San Francisco and don't get down to the South Bay all that often, but my parents told me about this new spot, Restaurant James Randall, down in Los Gatos and I made the trip down there. ...

Edna Ray Chinese Restaurant in Los Gatos - anyone been?

by 2m8ohed 13 years ago

I've been to tons of great, authentic Chinese restaurants in the South Bay, mostly in Cupertino, Milpitas, SJ and Santa Clara. But I happen to live in up in the Santa Cruz Mtns just south of Los Ga...