Los Altos


Dittmers (Los Altos)

by FattyDumplin 5 years ago

I continue to love this place. The sausages are top notch. And their prime meats are truly prime, unlike WF or Costco, without breaking the bank. I am about to eat a just off the grill prime sir...

Buffalo gelato in Los Altos

by ssfire 2 years ago

A new cafe opened in Los Altos: Morsey's Farmhouse Kitchen, taking the place of the former Main Street Cafe. It's right across the street from Red Berry Coffee. They have pastries and higher-end ca...

Noodle Talk | Hunan in Los Altos

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

The second location of Noodle Talk opened a month ago in Los Altos. My brother tried it last month with a friend and was surprised to discover that it is not yet serving any noodles! His server exp...

South Bay Cafes?

by psb 6 years ago

Hi, can anybody recommend a cafe in the South Bay. Desired Parameters: --I mean a non-Starbucks where I can work on my laptop or read papers for 2 hours. I have my own wireless, but it would be...

Manresa Bread - Los Altos

by marilees 4 years ago

I walked by today, and it still seems like it's in the works at 271 State Street, Los Altos. Supposedly, it should be opening the first half of 2016: http://www.paloaltoonline.com/blogs/p/2015/...

Red Berry Coffee Bar | Los Altos

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Saturday morning I chose my coffee stop more carefully . . . this time heading to downtown Los Altos to try Red Berry Coffee Bar. It features beans from a variety of third wave roasters.

Amber India | Los Altos

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Amber India recently relocated a couple blocks up El Camino Real to Los Altos. I stopped by for the buffet lunch last friday. I had been to this venue before when it was a Persian restaurant and ni...

Ambience Restaurant, Los Altos

by Ronald Wong 7 years ago

For his birthday, my son and his wife had dinner at Ambiance in Los Altos, It's a transplanted restaurant from the Sacramento area and had been acclaimed for its food and service. They said they...

Cetrella - Los Altos

by mdg 5 years ago

Cetrella has opened a second branch in downtown Los Altos and our first dinner there tonight was greatly enjoyable. For appetizers we had the heirloom tomatoes with watermelon and cucumber, and...

Charley Noodle & Grill: Hawaiian-style ramen in Los Altos

by eatzalot 5 years ago

This inexpensive restaurant is a few months old (on site of the former Los Altos branch of Muracci's Japanese Curry & Grill). According to Sheila Himmel's local professional review linked below, p...

New bakery in Los Altos: Voyageur du Temps

by ssfire 6 years ago

A new bakery opened up in Los Altos: Voyageur du Temps, next to Draeger's. They offer high-end artisanal pastries. The owner and chefs are from Japan, I tried the plain croissant: https://w...

Muracci's - 2nd location now in Los Altos & open Sat + dinners.

by hhc 10 years ago

Muracci's 2 now open in Downtown Los Altos Call:650-917-1101 *Hours:Mon.-Sat.11:30-2:30,5:30-9:00 Any reports? Website: http://www.muraccis.com/

Voyageur du temps (Los Altos)

by FattyDumplin 6 years ago

I am seriously addicted to this place. French bakery run by a Japanese dude, Nobu, who is the most humble person ever and I can only wish him great success... You ever go to a bakery and see th...

Smitten Ice Cream now open at Whole Foods Los Altos

by hhc 6 years ago

Smitten Ice Cream is now open at the Whole Foods Los Altos for South Bay folks. Smitten Ice Cream inside Whole Foods Los Altos 4800 El Camino Real, Los Altos

SuDam let down... (Mountainvew/Los Altos)

by laterible 7 years ago

I thought i would try out SuDam Korean in anticipation of taking my relatives there and was pretty disappointed. From the non-existent ambiance to the overpriced bland (tofu mushroom) greasy (seafo...

Ambience Restaurant Los Altos

by takuhead 7 years ago

Anyone know anything about this new restaurant? Looks super pricey but the tasting menu sounds really interesting http://www.ambiencefinedininglosaltos.com/index.html

Los Altos Bar and Grill

by Bria Silbert 7 years ago

I don't see anything written about this place on Chowhound. I gather that it's like Gulfstream and Houston's. Is it "nice" enough for a birthday dinner? Any standouts on the menu? Not worth the...

Visiting from Boston: Los Altos area questions

by lossless 7 years ago

Hi, former San Mateo resident coming back for a few days. Staying in Sunnyvale / Los Altos area. Please help. 1. My father is also visiting, and loves Szechuan. Suggestions? Would prefer to driv...

Muracci's Japanese Curry & Grill in Los Altos

by stravaigint 7 years ago

I searched for this place and got two pages of hits...most of which turned out to be because it's listed in Melanie's personal ramen ranking :) So I think it's okay to start a new thread. Lunch...