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Marriage Freres recommendations?

by chowchownyc 17 days ago

Hi, I am going to Paris next month and would love some personalized recommendations for Marriage Freres (I have read the general thread on what people like there but one persons awesome is another ...

Best kind of loose leaf tea?

by DormStudent 4 months ago

I have never had loose leaf tea, but recently as a moving gift I was given a diffuser cup. Although I mainly use it to make coffee (since the kitchens machine is broken) I was planning on trying lo...

Best Loose Leaf Green Tea

by BeeRich 12 months ago

Hi folks. Had some excellent Chinese green tea at Wok & Roast and realized the type I'm purchasing is sub-standard. So I wanted to ask to see what I should be buying for that Jasmine aromatics. ...

Cloudland Rice Noodle | Yunnan in Newark

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Finding Xian Taste closed on Boxing Day, I walked a few doors away in the same shopping mall to Cloudland Rice Noodle. Unfortunately, it was closed as well. The only menus posted were for specialty...


by maxmillan 1 year ago

Looking for hops or hop tea in Vancouver BC. Preferably organic/non-sprayed. Not sure of varieties but heard it's an excellent sleep aid. Thank you for any leads.

Vietnamese Tea

by acecil 2 years ago

I really loved the tea that was served like water everywhere in vietnam, but am having trouble finding an online source to order from - does anyone have any suggestions?

Loose leaf tea

by Sadistick 2 years ago

Wanting to delve deeper into the world of loose leaf tea, however not wanting to commit to ordering large amounts online - I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to where one might attain...

Cascara/ coffee cherry tea in Calgary?

by YYC_Patissier 2 years ago

For the last few weeks, I have been loving the Starbucks Cascara latte, which is the dried skin of coffee cherries that is usually thrown away. I have been wondering where I can get some of this on...

A month in Florence, tea shops, groceries and dining out?

by mlgagnon 2 years ago

I will be attending a field school in Florence for the month of May. Followed by 4 days each in Switzerland, Paris, Amsterdam and London. I will have an apartment, and am looking forward to coo...

Where to Buy Mariage Freres Tea

by Wendy_san 10 years ago

Anyone know where on the Peninsula, South Bay, or SF I can buy tins of Mariage Freres tea (specifically the Marco Polo blend)? I used to buy it at Dyptique on Maiden Lane, but that has closed. Also...

Loose linden flower tea?

by hungryann 2 years ago

Where can I find the loose leaf form of this tea and not the flavorless teabags?

TWG Tea Opening on Georgia St

Sam Salmon
by Sam Salmon 2 years ago

High end Tea continues to appear on offer today driving by on Georgia St who did I spot but TWG Tea- it turns out they're opening their first North American store in the old UTM space. Looking @...

Vancouver Tea Festival-Who Knew?

Sam Salmon
by Sam Salmon 2 years ago

Proof positive that I have to get out more the third annual Vancouver Tea Festival is almost upon us! http://www.vancouverteafestival.ca/

Looking for a (perfect) large teapot!

by imanewbie 3 years ago

I'm looking for the perfect teapot for when I entertain. Needs to be for 10 cups at least. I love a glass teapot because of lack of odor retention (and I love seeing the color of tea and expans...

Vancouver Island Grown Tea Now a Reality

Sam Salmon
by Sam Salmon 2 years ago

The subject line tells the tale-Vancouver Island's mild verdant climate has inspired someone to grow Tea-Camellia Sinensis to be exact http://www.teafarm.ca/

Tea Discussions

by jpr54_1 4 years ago

I enjoyed chatting on teamail and tea board on egullet. Are there others on Chowhound who would like to start a discussion on teas? Where are others chatting now? I recently had a great conversa...


by jpr54_1 3 years ago

I have a growing collection of gaiwans I use for oolongs and tea for one for Darjeelings. do you match the type of tea with teaware?

Searching for an authentic chai recipe

by ledziana 3 years ago

I spent about a month in India in January and I drank a lot of chai (as I'm sure anyone who has been to India has) and ever since, I haven't been able to find a comparable cup. I've tried to make i...

Best website to buy tea?

by julep19 9 years ago

Looking to buy some great loose leaf tea online. I've come across several. Wondering if there are any recomendations out there. Thanks