Lobster Roll

7 Simple Rules for the Best Lobster Roll You'll Ever Make

No matter how far you are from coastal Maine, follow these seven tips and tricks and you can make the best lobster roll you'll ever eat, wherever you are. The ideal place to enjoy a lobster roll, without...

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Lobster rolls/Lobster dinners

by ekm7348 18 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get a really good, fat lobster roll around the Salem, Swampscott, Marblehead,Ma. area? Also, where is a good place to get a twin(or more ) lobster dinner? I usually b...

Maine Lobster Rolls in Bay Area?

by troutness 18 years ago

Anyone know of anywhere in the Bay Area that serves authentic, Maine-style lobster rolls?

Living on Lobster Rolls--4 stops

by Coyote 18 years ago

Have encountered great yet all quite different lobster rolls in the last week or so. Black Pearl in Wharf area of Newport, RI was quite a lot spicier and in a good way than many of the simpler may...

Lobster Roll Recipe Sought

by James G 18 years ago

I have returned from a holiday trip to Maine with several left over lobsters that I want to turn into lobster rolls. Does anyone have a phenomenal recipe that you'd like to share?

Lobster Rolls and Seafood near Essex, CT?

by Caitlin Wheeler 18 years ago

We'll be in the area this weekend and I would love a real New England seafood fest for lunch. Any suggestions?

McDonald's Lobster Roll

by C. Simon 18 years ago

It had to be tried. The verdict: Hey, it's lobster. From presentation to taste, the whole thing resembles classic cafeteria food. Served in a plastic cafeteria-style container, it has obvio...

Kimball Farm lobster rolls?

by Ezra 18 years ago

I was just doing a little digging over on the New England board, looking for lobster roll information. The name Kimball Farm comes up. They have a website, and as it turns out a few locations, in...

lobster roll

by mona 18 years ago

Is there such a thing as a good lobster roll? Or are they just rolls of flavored mayonaise? Where, in the city (I don't have a car) can I find one? Thanks for your suggestions.

Lobster Roll

by Frozen Logger 18 years ago

Where can I find a real deal New England Lobster Roll in Manhatten?

Lobster roll?

by Brad Kaplan 20 years ago

Was just talking to a friend in New York about Pearl Oyster Bar there, and started craving their lobster roll (which is excellent, served with shoestring fries). Anyone know of a good lobster roll...

Fried Clams, Lobster Roll in Portland

by murray brown 19 years ago

Does anybody have a suggestion for the best informal(shack like) place to get great fried clams in the Portland, Old Orchard Beach Maine Area? Murray Brown,.

The Great Lobster Roll Search

by Joel 20 years ago

I just got back from the pilgrimage to Machias to the Blueberry Festival and besides having blueberries every conceivable way, I tried many different places for the ultimate Lobster Roll. On the ad...

lobster rolls

by pat hammond 21 years ago

Reading Jim's essay on his trip to lower New England got me thinking about my twice yearly visits to Maine via the Bangor airport. There's a restaurant just as you leave the airport and turn le...

Lobster Roll

by Mike Kilgore 19 years ago

Because I am a news junkie I always tape the national Sunday morning news shows, and leave the VCR going for the local ABC news, to see what Elmer Dills is reviewing, (and whatever you think of Elm...

Lobster rolls?

by Kris 19 years ago

I saw a show on the Food Network and they were talking about a place in Maine that had these lobster rolls that looked incredible. I think they said it was basically a POUND of lobster meat on a h...

lobster rolls downtown?

by hungry hippo 19 years ago

Besides Pearl Oyster Bar and Mary's Fish Camp, is there another good option for a lobster roll located below 14th St. (okay -- 42nd St.)?

Best Lobster Roll ever - Confirmed

by Al Fresco 19 years ago

In a lower post, I extolled the virtues of the lobster roll my dining companion received at Kimball Farm in Jaffrey, NH. See [BROKEN LINK REMOVED] Well, this weekend, we returned and I did not he...

Best Lobster Roll ever! (In Jaffrey, NH?!)

by Al Fresco 19 years ago

Saw and tasted an incredible lobster roll this weekend at the Kimball Farm in Jaffrey - For $10, seemingly an average price for lobster rolls, my dining companion received the usual top-split hot d...

Lobster Rolls

by Fusilli 19 years ago

Tried Big Papa in Beverly, as well as the waterfront deli right around the corner from it. Big Papa uses awful bread. Like supermarket italian bread and throws lobster on it asks ya if u want let...

Clams / lobster rolls in Salem, Peabody area?

by lucy 19 years ago

Any suggestions for fried clams and/or lobster rolls in the Salem/Peabody area or en route from the airport? I've noted Dubee's and Bob's from prior posts - are those for fried clams only or do th...

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