Lobster Roll

7 Simple Rules for the Best Lobster Roll You'll Ever Make

No matter how far you are from coastal Maine, follow these seven tips and tricks and you can make the best lobster roll you'll ever eat, wherever you are. The ideal place to enjoy a lobster roll, without...

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Good Lobster Roll

by dodgerx88 17 years ago

I was in Boston a few weeks ago and had some really good lobster rolls. They're like a crab salad, but with chuncks of lobster instead of the crab, served on a roll with optional lettuce and tomato...

hiking and lobster rolls

by barleywino 17 years ago

Am trying to organize an impromptu chow-hike for this SUnday (weather permitting), to Monadnock or other places (am open to suggestions; see New England board for earlier posts on this). Primary g...

Lobster Rolls

by Pat 17 years ago

My wife and I will be visiting Cape Cod this summer. We would appreciate hearing about favorite places for lobster rolls. Thanks

Also: Maine-style lobster rolls!

by belledame 17 years ago

Finally went to Pearl's for the first time, and was disappointed to find that their famous lobster rolls are the kind with mayo. Thinking about the kind that's just chunks of buttery lobster on a ...

Hiking and lobster rolls!

by Al Fresco 17 years ago

Greetings, fellow chowhounds. Wanted to put out a tip for anyone going to the Monadnock region of SW NH... Great place for good chow...Kimball Farm on Rt. 124 just west of rt. 202 in Jaffrey, NH (...

hot lobster roll recommendations?

by mayo 17 years ago

Hi, any recommendations for lobster rolls with hot lobster meat? I've read the postings for the cold version (and for lobster salad rolls), but couldn't find anything for the hot version. Thanks.

J. Hook lobster rolls

by Paul 17 years ago

Has anybody tried the lobster rolls at J. Hook? The Phoenix said they were $8.00 each. A very good price if they are decent.

more reasonable lobster rolls

by SylvieC 17 years ago

Do people know about Alive and Kicking Lobsters in Cambridge? It's at 269 Putnam Ave., right off River St., on a residential block, in a converted house. They sell some fresh fish and shellfish--an...

Lobster Roll on Cape Cod in March

by Sandi H. 17 years ago

We usually go to Cape Cod in early September, but this year we're heading there during the last week of March. We like Captain Frosty's in Dennis for lobster rolls, and were able to enjoy them when...

lobsters and lobster rolls in CT

by Joy in CT 20 years ago

CT shore does offer some very tasty lobster rolls both hot and cold. I prefer the later. My favorite cold lobster salad roll is Lenny & Joes in Madison. My husband who has sampled many a hot lob...

Lobster Rolls

by Dreamworks 17 years ago

Now, while I understand that the lobster roll is a dish best served in Maine with the salt air hitting you in your face, there is a spot in NYC that does it right. If you don't want to go to City ...

Lobster roll field testing - Four case studies

by Scott F 18 years ago

I have published the data from my lobster roll field tests. -Scott Link: http://www.employees.org/~scottf/maine/food.html

Lobster Roll around 34th Street

by julesj66 18 years ago

Does anyone know the name of that seafood place that was supposed to open around 34th street serving lobster rolls? Is it open yet?!

scott f., who did the lobster roll field study

by lalisa 18 years ago

scott, my darling...loved your fieldwork.i was near portland last week, and we really tried to find the Boothbay Region Lobstermen's Co-op to no avail. not in the phone book, or the online phone bo...

a good lobster roll and other stuff

by StacyS 18 years ago

Recently there was a thread discussing the history of the lobster roll and if any of you are traveling in my local area you may want to try the roll at Rowayton Seafood in Rowayton CT(the high end ...

lobster roll history

by andrew brady 18 years ago

Here's an interesting short story on the history of the Connecticut hot lobster roll. Link: http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?brd=2329&pag=460&dept_ID=484466

cafeteria lobster roll

by Joanie 18 years ago

We had beach day at work so I tried the $4.75 lobster roll (instead of clam strips or bbq chicken). The guy who makes sandwiches always piles them high and didn't skimp with the lobster. Instead ...

Clam & Lobster Roll Hunt in Hyannis Area

by Merry 18 years ago

Hi. Looking for good recommendations for fried clams and actually any good decent food in the Hyannis, Dennis cape area. Kids are involved so kid friendly places would be appreciated. Thanks.

Lobster rolls/Lobster dinners

by ekm7348 18 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get a really good, fat lobster roll around the Salem, Swampscott, Marblehead,Ma. area? Also, where is a good place to get a twin(or more ) lobster dinner? I usually b...

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